Second Infantry Regiment

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Mike Canty
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Thanks Larry for the email on the new Ramrods Message Board. If anyone is looking for the 3-volumes of the Yearbooks published during Vietnam go to http://used.addall.com and use Keyword "First Infantry Division" which will get you to about 190 different titles which include Vol 1,2 & 3. You Can narrow the search by using "First Infantry Division Vietnam Yearbook" which will take you right to Vol. 2 which is the hard one to find, it's selling for $247.39.

You boys hoist one down for me when you hit D.C. I'm not going to be able to make it this year.

Thanks for setting up the message board. Mike
Sgt Rock
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No Kiddin'!!!  Geeze!  I just bought a vol.2 fer...wellll now, just wayda'minute! I ain't tellin' (fer bargainin' purposes, natch!).  Tell ya the truth: there weren't nothin' much in there about the last half o' my tour except history, anyway; put in yer bids, Laddies!  Of course, the S&H will hafta include the $1.33 fer postin' this here up.


Ron Betts; C 2/18th Inf.; 11/66-11/67


ps: maybe I'll bring it to the reunion and GIVE it to anybody that's got his pitcher in it, except occifers ('cause there's one helluva lot of their pix in this 'un!). 

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 I have volume 2 for sale.

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What do the different volumes cover? I know my dad had one of those but I don't know which one. It disappeared years ago.



Sgt Rock
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Lorrie...The "First Infantry Division in Vietnam" volumes were kinda like 'annuals': Vol. 1 covered the 'Big Red One' activities from the summer of '65, covering the division's shipping out from Ft. Riley, Kansas; then it chronicalled all the crap that happened from then up to about May, 1967, just after operations Junction City II & Birmingham.  Vol. 2 went on from there about latter '67 through '68, including the 'Tet Offensive' counter operations; then Vol. 3 probably covered the division's final months and the rotation back to Ft. Riley (though I'm guessing 'cause I've never seen Vol. 3).


Now, your having read all this valuable information automatically requires that you post up yer credit card number and expiration date.  Modest fees + S&H of $1.33 will be charged to your card.  Xin loi, sucker! 


ex-Sgt Ron Betts; C 2/18th Inf; 11/66-11/67 RVN      

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Rock, going to pull out and play the old sympathy card. Have a couple of sick kids and one with a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks that I have to prepare for. Surely that will knock off some of that debt.



Sgt Rock
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Oh yeah, we love all yer kids, fer sure...but now I suppose yer gonna play the 'boo-hoo, I cain't pay up' card.  Geeze!  I thought I'd already taught y'all better'n than that when yer dealin' with a buncha ol' infantry grunts, fer cryin' out loud!  Ya just gotta "Read 'em & weep," Lassie!    Now back ta bidness: where's that credit card number?  Huh? 



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Rock, I'll look for my credit card number right away I promise. I'll make sure and get to you on Feb 30th.



Mike Canty
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I watched the 3-volume set sell on ebay last year for $851.09. I know the guy that was selling them and he said he asked the lady that bought them why she wanted them and she said it was a gift for her boss. Now that is a nice employee, I wonder if she got a raise?

Jerry Bivins
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Are these the same books as "First Infantry Division_Unit Historys", or is this a different set of books on the 1st Inf Div.?

Tom Copeland
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Originally Posted by Lumpy

 I have volume 2 for sale.

Just thought I should say a big thanks to Lumpy for parting with his Volume 2.  Best $62.00 I have spent in many years.  This book covers a big chunk of my time in Vietnam and I have enjoyed it immensely.  Brought back a lot of things I had forgotten and put many more thoughts in perspective.


Thanks Lumpy.  I am forever indebted.



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