Second Infantry Regiment

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Whats everyone waiting for,,,we can have our very own Goodaim site again,,the cost is just a buck 33 and you get a membership card,,,should be a hell of a time in DC,,,send me your money soon,,I'll see that it gets in the right pocket,,I mean place,,here's a good place to tell ole Goodaim what we think of him,,,hi lumpy I saw your post,,,You too Duck,

The saint
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Whasss- up Gumba just saying Hello. Welcome to the board ...Now that I said that. WHERE IS MY GARMENT ?   YOU KNOW HATS AND ALL THE REST>>>>> Well its looks like the old gang is back again. The Boss said hello, we were on a 3 weeks trip to Texas AZ,NM, and all the states on between have lot of fun with friends, went to Tombstone and had a shoot out with the guys (Shoot the Bull you know at the OK Coral). Well take care and be careful out there. The Saint (JS) B co 2/2 64 thru 67.

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 Sure is nice to shake the name “Suspended”!  See where my two pals and paid members of the 2nd Inf. Reg. Association, Sir Charles of News Joyrsery and Sgt. Dan has dropped on by where they belong. But a few words of caution on Charlie’s cousin I hired last August to help me with Uncle Anthony’s Estate. He arrives just in time to hear old unc’s last request’s with me. Uncle Anthony calls us to his bedside and says “Goodaimo youa not the sharpest knife in the ankle strap, so I leavea you my  pearl handled 38 pistolie.


 I look at Charlie’s cousin and say I don’t want the gun. He checks out Uncle Anthony and spots his Rolex, whispers to me to go for the watch instead.


Bad Move


I tell uncle Anthony I’d rather have his Rolex and badda bing he starts bustin my baseballs.  Goodaimo that’s a why you a never goin be the boss. One a day you gona to be rich and a have a big a house and a beautiful wife. You a gona come a home and a find her in a bed with another pizon, what a you gona say!!!!  Hay, my Rolex says your times is a up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go Figure!


Its great to see all the responses to this massage board in the few days its been up, so thanks to all of you that had anything to do with getting it up and running.


Vietnam Vets like to use the phrase “welcome home “, thank you 2nd Inf Reg. for giving us such a GOOD ONE.





Sgt Dan
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Hi all,,you better be good Goodaim,,I don't wanna see any broken arms or legs on you,,just the people you deal with,,is your new house all squared away now,,oh oh the Saint sounds upset,,,I'm sure you'll make it right,,are you still the supply sarge,,oh yeah are you flying or driving to DC,,I gotta fly,you know what that means,,airports and security,,not my favorite way to go,,,if'n you know what I mean,,
Sgt Rock
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SGT DAN sez to Goodaim,  "is your new house all squared away now,,," 

Like he kin git the knees and elbows pushed back into his concrete patio 'fore that soup sets up?  Gimmee a break!  Uh, er, on second thought, I guess I doan need no brakes.   Thank you alla same!

Gumba...keep the Rolex AND the pistol; ya might get a job moon-lighting as a track 'starter' official, next time the Olympics comes your way. 


One more thing: which one 'o you honyocks wuz it that sent 'Mamma' that recipe fer 'Ham & Limas'?  Huh?           

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Good to see all of the misfits back together again... Thank You, to those who put this board together...  Well, back to the house work!!

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Lumpy, as long as you are doing house work, you might as well come do mine. :-)



Sgt Dan
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Lumpy,,,are you wearing the french maid outfit

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Well..... Maybe.....   Lorrie, thanx for the offer... But.

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Lumpy..... ?  I thought you were hiring a 'midget' french maid.... Or is that a  ... Maybe a rummor I heard on the internet...



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Roger, yup....midget works for nothing, and short hours..... 
The Saint
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Lumpy, how you doing? Welcome to the board. Well hope that all the hot spots in that river be full this summer, but be careful when you wear that TUTU around your place. and stay away from the pool, your boss will be there with the old broom to keep you straight Heee!!!Heee!!!. Take care and be careful out there. The Saint. B 2/2 64 thru 67.
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 Saint, one thing I have learned to do is wear mirrored sunglass'. I still have a big ole hand print up side my head from last summer.. 

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 Visit My Mail Stamp! Lumpy I am glad you are learning. Let me know when you are coming to Florida we will bar-b-cue a Gator and play some bocci Ball. Take care and be careful out there. The Saint.

Sgt Dan
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Hey Saint,,,how you doing,,,that boy of yours in the sand box yet,,hows your Dad,,Lumpy does that mean your looking when you shouldn't be,,,bad boy,,,,has anyone heard from Marshall lately,need a sit rep,,,

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 Visit My Mail Stamp!Sgt Dan good to hear from you. Marshall knows about the board he said that as soon as he finish greesing the M-13 he get into the board. The old man doing good for a 92yrs young guy, my son left today for the sand box, I spend couple of days with him. Boy they should like my family. my brother came back then my nephew and two cousins one in Afghanistan and the other one in northen Iraq, now my Son, He is with the Air Force and he will be at Balard  about 60 miles north of Bagdad, maybe they send for me too Hee!!Heee!!. Take care and be careful out there. The Saint.  

Sgt Dan
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Well keep us posted on your boy Saint,,,I had a boy in the first gulf war,,,it was short and intense he said,,,good to hear about Marshall,,I figured he was working on that,,,wonder if he's taking it to DC,,only 2 1/2 months to go,,,hey Goodaim get in here and start yaking or are you out of town





Sgt Rock
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Oh, Goodaim!!!  Goodaim??!!?  Where art thou, Brother? 


Betts; C 2/18Inf, '66-'67

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Last I heard he was mowin the grass on Goodaim Mountain with a brand new mower... That was a couple of days ago... May be still mowin....? Hard to mow when it's snowin....


I think he is layin back to see you and I make fools of our selves on this new board and then ole Lar will pounce on us....

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Goodaim, come out, come out where ever you are! Roger, you and Rock would never make fools of yourselfs! Totally unthinkable!




P.S. psst! Roger your lampshade's crooked!

Sgt Dan
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Hey Goodaim,,,don't tell us you been working,,,so you must be playing Golf,,is that what you and Duck are gonna do in DC,,you never answered my question on weather your flying or driving there,,,,get with the program here Bubba,,,,

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Sgt. Dan, you know better than to use my name in the same sentence with that swear word WORK.  Wow, at the rate the Duck is raisin his end of the doubloon's, it looks like we might be travailing to D.C. by shoe leather. 


The Duck and his son (Duck Jr) patched up a little family dispute thats been on going for a few years and he found out he was Grandpa Duck. Don't know what the deal is but he spends all the winnings for our plane tickets on his new Grand baby Duck Darling (girl).  But I have all the confidence in the word he'll come through (as always) and we'll be flying to D.C.


Great to hear from all you guys and you Lorrie Darling (Lonesome Dove). Now about these so called garments I owe some of you! John Kerins will post some pictures of shirts, hats, scarfs and anything else you guys want to "BUY" (buy being the key word here) sometime next week (somebody remind me by Friday to take them and email them to him).


I notice a little lack of participation hear by one Mr. Marshall (the track guy) Prange???  Totally unacceptable and if he does'nt get in here I say we repo his track and raffle it off in D.C.


Rock good to see you around and how about that twenty you owe me (and don't be giving me any of that smoked salmon's on it way shit) I want my wampum?


Sleep tight all you little Prince and Princesses of the 2nd Inf Reg.




Sgt Dan
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Wow,,,bout time,,so the Duck is changing diapers,,heh heh,,,Marshall must be having trouble with his track,,,haven't heard from that guy in a long time,,,must be busy,,only 2 1/2 months to go,,if he starts now he could drive his track there and display it with Luthers chopper,,they could give rides for big bucks,,,get your tickets now,,,come on Marshall whats up,,,,

john peterson
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well it looks like the crowd is starting to come on board !! goodaim ya still got a handle on eddies robes?? never saw the camper come by to pick me up for the trip to lorries!! and still have ta dig out my bocce balls so i covered on that phase too!! what a site!!!  PETE lttl

Sgt Rock
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Geeze, Goodaim...I'm real sorry 'bout yer not gettin' that twenty bucks I owed ya.  I mailed it over 3 months ago but then I got this here letter from the IRS:


Dear sir: This is to inform you that the Internal Revenue Service, with the co-operation of the U.S.P.S., has intercepted your payment of twenty dollars (US) to one "Lar Goodaim".  The sum of $20.00 has been garnisheed in order to partially satisfy a cumulative outstanding debt of $2,348,501.33 (US) in child-support and alimony arrears arising from the claims of 9 children and 3 former spouses.


Sincerely, Dewey Gettumn Howe (Agent-in-Charge) 

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