Second Infantry Regiment

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Pete! How are you? You handsome devil! ;-) Goodaim, you too! Great to see you back among us.


Along with Pete, I'm still waiting for the convoy to come by. Come on fellas, come and get me! :-) I'll throw in my $1.33. Maybe I'll get wild and even double that! ;-)



Counting down til school's out and my new floors! :-)


john peterson
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lorrie great to find you here too looks like clear sailing ahead hope this doesn't kill the other board!! many good friends here too!! give um hell pump some warm air my way and keep yer self lookin good!! one of these days ya know!!!   PETE

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lets try this again, pete, i think there is planty posters to keep both boards going.hello to all. ray hahn.

john peterson
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ray hang in there were prayin for ya bro!!! LTTL   PETE

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Goodaim,  I'm thinkin Rock still owes you the money regardless of his debt to society/ex-wives/IRS or anyone else he owes.. I'd say gold bullion passed hand to hand in DC should be the proper way to erase this encumbrance.... ?
Don't let him get away with the "let me buy you a drink" deal.... "Nope, sorry, I already have a drink... Where's the bullion..?"
Lorrie, You watch out now.... Pete is a smooth talker...
Sgt Rock
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RogerK...Now, wait a minute here, Pal!  I ain't the one that's been keepin' a harem out in the hinter-land of Deseret fer nigh on thirdy years, fer cryin' out loud!    It's Ol' Man Goodaim what owes the Czar what's the Czar's.  Whaddya tryin' to do?  Get Big Vinnie and 'The Fish' down on this sorry grunt's a**?  Huh?    Holy Cow, Man!  Last time them guys wuz here, I hadda answer to Mamma fer all the plants they went and piddled on; killed 'em deader'n toast!  Lemmee tell ya, Mamma wuz majorly PO'd!  I mean, them goons (er uh,  I mean 'gents') just can't hold their water!    

Sgt Dan
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What kinda plants were they,,house or garden,,,

Charlie Moy
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Hey youse guys...


That ain't the way I heard it Rock.


Grapevine says they got your SPECIAL plants all wet and wilted,and they were hard to light...lol


OOOPS ,Who said that.


Ok Goodaim...we finally found a place where you are allowed to post,so lets get with it!






Sgt Rock
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Yah, yah, yah...Okay, so they wuz 'san simeon' or 'much ma can' plants or whatever!  I dunno; all I knows is Mamma wuz really BIG TIME PO'd when Goodaim & Uncle Anthony's 'gents' piddled on the produce! Mamma sez that crop wuz worth one helluva lot more'n I owed their goons, Big Vinnie & 'The Fish'.  I tell ya, it wuz a REAL BAD ONE around here fer quite a spell!  Geeze!  All I remember 'bout them bushes wuz they kinda reminded me of all those purdy ferns that wuz growin' everywhere ya went over in the 'Nam; except'n that these one's had big nasty smellin', sticky seed pods hangin' on the end o' every friggin' branch, I kid you NOT!  I mean, it usta make me dinky dau dizzy just walkin' around that big ol' patch o' brush, fer cryin' out loud! 


Ya know, it wuz sort of a good thing that Big Vinnie and 'The Fish' did their dirty deed on Mamma cash crop: it wuz startin' to block my fire lanes and I wuz just about to fix that with my trusty blade.  Boy Howdy!!!  I done bit the bullet on that deal!  Fer once, I got away with blaming it on the 'Family'!     

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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I believe those sappy pods at the end of the branches are known as Doctor's pot.....  Only a doc can afford it.....


I only know of this from a friend who may or may not be in that business...


Sgt Dan
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Well now Rock see'n that its mothers day you can go to the closest store and replace all those wilted plants,,,you'll just have to take a loss on the good ones,,,maybe your friends will share,,,lets hear it out there for all those hard working Moms,,,where would we be without them,,

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Happy Mothers day to all of the Moms out there.... Especially the Moms of our soldiers and Lorrie...


Walking into his favorite Irish bar, Mike said to the bartender,

"Pour me a stiff one.  I just had another fight with the little woman."

"Oh yeah?" said Paddy "And how did this one end?"

"When it was over," Mike replied, "she came to me on her hands and knees."

"Really? Now that's a switch!  What did she say?"

She said, "Come out from under that bed, you little chickens**t."

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Thank you Roger. It's been nice day here so far. Did something I haven't done in 20 years. I went to church. I was really nervous but the people there were very nice. Just going to be chilling out for the rest of the day.



P.S. Loved the joke Roger.

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Just got out of the prison hospital. Since the last time I saw you guys I've dropped a few pounds (solitary will do that to you) and decided it was time for the kid to get back on the WPP softball team.


First thing I noticed when I got up to bat was that the Ump was taking no bribes ( offered him twenty to say the first pitch hit me). My 2nd thought was damn that ball has gotten to be the size of a pea since I last played (I think it was just my OLD eyes playing tricks on me).


Got a hit first time up and started for first like I was built for speed, but somehow my feet didn't get the message from my brain and decided that at my age it was better to walk then run (always trust what your feet say and not your brain).


Any way got up four times and made five outs (explanation will follow). Best part was my two grandkids were there to watch old "Bear" make it in the record books. I asked them after the game what they thought and they both replied "you suck", but its OK because your old.


I think I'll stay with pressing license plates.



PS its great to see Pete and all you other Yaks dropping by.

PSS fourth time up I hit into a double play.

Sgt Dan
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Gee Goodaim,,your gonna have to take it easy,,,listen to your feet,,how old are the g-kids now,,,as long as their out of the diapers,,,no more of that,,

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geeze dan don't ya know that g kids in diapers is the only way ta have em!! ya can still catch em when ya need ta and ya don't have ta worry about them gittin smart on ya and runnin away from ya!!life literlly stinks at that age but ya can still scare the begeezus out of em and ya don't have ta do more than feed em sugar to get em goin neither!! ps always good ta buy em real loud stuff for xmas too!! take my word as of last week i had 12 and one in the oven agin!!!  LTTL  PETE

Sgt Rock
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Slap! Slap!!!  Thanx fer that! Boy Howdee!  Whew! I wuz just sittin' on this here old-growth stump, lazily day-dreamin' about poor ol' Goodaim striking out over and over and over... Geeze!  The guy's an ace bocce ball player and the Deseret Detention Detatchment dip-wads have got him on the penile team; er, just you wadeaminit!  Maybe I really meant the penitentiary [okay, smart ass!...you try to spell this 'un off'n the top o' yer head!] softball team?!?  Gimmee a goddam break!  That's "bad-ass punishment" or whatever they call it now days.  Fact is that it ain't legal, fer cryin' out loud!  Yeah, we got the Family's legal beagles workin' on this 'un as we speak; so don't none of youse guys go off'n the handle and rush the D.D.D.D. (uh, er, wuz that too many 'D's? Or not enough?).  


Soooo, can't we just git along?  Ya know, just lock & load and then sorta chill fer awhile?  Huh?


Remember, it really ain't that simple, fer instance: if'n yer standing in line at the DMV fer a new license plate, this whole deal is enough to really PISSYOUOFF!  Hey!!! Inmate Goodaim!  Get this little ol' lady her new license plate, right NOW!       



Sgt Dan
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Hey Goodaim,,when they let you out for the reunion who's gonna make the license plates,,,are you taking Momma or is the Duck your escort,,,I was kinda hoping Marshall would show up by now,,where is that boy,,,I know you read this every day so lets hear it from you,,,

The Saint
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Sgt Dan Marshall's still greasing the M-13. I guess that he wont be making the reunion in DC. I will be there with the Boss. I heard that Mr. Goodaim is coming to the reunion.....Boy they will send some black GM SUV's to look for him at the reunion and that is no rescue Vehicle either. By the way the cigars are on the make with special leaves, NO it's not what you'll think!!!!!. We dont cultivate that rope-making plant that you'll have a lot of in the Northwest. Gumba where is the merchandise? Take care and be careful out there. The Saint...

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Where is Goodaim.... stop ... Is he in Utah ... stop... He is freakin over due here... stop...

Set-rep is needed... stop... or just break wind twice... No, wait one... stop...











Sgt Dan
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Goodaim is busy now,,,something to do with hats and t-shirts,,,hes got his nose to the grind stone,,hee-hee,,,probably won't see him till the reunion,,maybe not even then if he golfs every day with the Duck,,what a guy,,,

john h johnston
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whos goodaim?   i remember that suspended guy. lolololol   i stumbled back in here.   glad to be back.   i finally figured out the big red one message board again.   gettin feeble minded in my old age lololol.     johnny johnston

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Ho, Ho Merry to all you old farts.  The dude is out of the klink and getting ready to raise the recon ranch to new heights In Phoenix this summer.  It was a long stay this go around but I managed to lose 100 lbs in preperation for a arm wrestling match with the badest of the bad the second Inf has ever known. None other than that smooth walking sweet talking pal of mine Juan Santiago.  What you say Juan if I win can I kiss my Cousin  Carm????


My main man the Duck came up for a three day vist back in Sept. I managed to bribe a guard (a republican no doubt) to get tee times at three or four of the local Fed. golf courses and a great time was had by all.  The last night he was here I invited Saby and his wife up and we all enjoyed a 5 course meal provided by the federal government with dancing afterwords. ( my toes still hurt from Duck stepping on them)


If you should see me in Phoenix walking with my hand on Roger K's wallet don't be alarmed (rumor has it he fell into some money and I want it).


To all you warriors my this be the best Christmas ever and a great New year.

Looking forward to barrowing money from each and every one of you in Poenix.




P.S. Yo Banner, I got some new red tennies and am looking forward to dancing  with you and your no sock look..



Sgt Rock
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Now that's one pretty 'good riff' fer an ol' FWPP internmentor, or whaddever vernacular yer called by.  Yeah, we always suspected that you wuz gonna show up at the Phoenix Hoe-Down, so here's a real good tip fer the rest o' the Laddies: Y'all leave yer wallets with me at the 18th Infantry Reg't C.P.  Me and Jake, Jerry, Chris, Mark, Mike  and the rest o' the Vanguards will take real good care or yer spendables!  Like, who can you really trust on this deal?  Huh?  After all, we wuz there for you in that dust-up in early July, '67, right? 


Oh!  By the way, y'all wanna leave me with yer PIN number, too!  Just in case yer incarcerated by the local constabulary and I gotta post bail, if'n ya know what I mean?     

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