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We received some very sad news regarding one of our Reunions most popular attendees.


Jack is the World War II veteran who held court at our last few reunions. Before his death a few years ago Shorty, Jack's squad leader in Europe, and Jack captivated all us 'kids' with tales of the Ramrods' heroics and high jinks

75 years ago.


But now Jack's son Bob, has informed us as follows:


I wanted to let you know that Harry “Jack” Paylor is hospitalized as of this week at Ben Atchley Veterans Home with "end of life" care. He has congestive heart failure along with other health complications. It is very difficult with the new guidelines and not being able to see my Dad. He always looked forward to these reunions and never wanted to miss. As things change I will try to keep you updated. Please continue to use my wifes email for contact with us.
All the best,
Bob Paylor

I asked if we may send cards ane good wishes to Jack. And Bob replied:


Thank you John, I think Dad would enjoy it and hopefully he will wake up enough to know how much others care for him

That's very kind.



Please  send cards to

Jack Paylor

Rm B-231

Ben Atchley Veterans Home

1 Veterans Drive

Knoxville, TN 37931


I will keep you informed as best I can,


John Kerins

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