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Bill Sly
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To those people that are attending the reunion of the battle at Nui Ba Den, July 12 1969, the Hotel information is as follows:

Courtyard Marriott
Washington DC/ Foggy Bottom
515 20th Street NW
Washington DC. 20006


Any questions can be asked and answered here.
Bill Sly
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Request Senior discount 62+
Bill Sly
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Wully called me today and he has called the families of the men killed on July,12,1969.
He doesn't have a full set of numbers yet, but it seems that a number of families will be sending representatives to meet with us on July,12,2019 at One o'clock. We will meet at the wall.
Bill Sly
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July,12,1969 reunion
Some one told me that they registered at the Courtyard Marriott, but they were given a price above $250.00. When he told them he was part of the Bill Sly group, the price dropped.
Bill Sly
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I have found a web site that can sell us Vietnam Veteran Nui Ba Den tee shirts. Go to the website: store.wanderingisite.com
Bill Sly
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As of right now we will be meeting at the wall at 1:00 on July 12,2019
We have not firmed up the afternoon meeting but I will post it as soon as we do.
Dinner will be at Charles Flickner's home, fout miles from the wall at the address:
3416 N Glebe Rd.
Arlington,VA 22207
William M Sly
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If anyone wants to contact me reguarding the reunion there are three ways to do it.                   
1. Go the bottom of this page and check Reply. Type your message and go to the bottom of the page and click the box that says:"I am not a robot".

2. Email me at bsbillsly@gmail.com, if the phone goes to messenger, please leave one with your email address.

3. Call me at 847-987-2409
Bill Sly
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After the presentation at the wall is complete and we have taken our pictures, we will be moving to the United States Institute of Peace Building. This is north of Constitution Avenue and west of 23rd St NW. We have that reserved untill 4:30 but we have no agenda set up. we will have a room with air conditioners and chairs This will be free time to either meet new members of our group or go to other planned family events.

After the meeting we are invited to the Charlie and Christine Flickner's home for dinner. There will probably be more that one setting for dinner so no exact time is expected.

While at the wall, there will be maps and directions to all of the locations.

The particulars for the Peace Building are

United States Institute of Peace
2301 Constitution St NW
Phone 202-457-1700
Bill Sly
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The rooms we will be meeting at in the U S Institute of Pease are rooms B314/215

sherry carolan
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dear mr sly,
i am the sister of robert sires kia july 12 1969. i spoke with my brother, william sires jr re the gathering at the wall in july 12. bobs widow and i will be attending also. can you give me an idea of what to expect at this gathering? also, your book is very dear to our family....thank you........sherry
Bill Sly
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Sherry, Please read topics 1 through 8. If it doesn't answer your questions call me at 
Bill Sly
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Sunday July 14,2019

We  have just returned from two days of honoring our fallen from July 12,1969. The two groups that participated were Soldiers that were in the battle and families of the fallen. Most of us arrived at the Marriott/Foggy Bottom on the night of the 11th and we took over an area on the courtyard by moving tables and chairs in a circle and we talked until past midnight.  The next morning we ate breakfast and talked. Shortly after noon on the 12th we walked to the wall in Washington DC. We  took pictures and we had a time to remember at exactly 1:00. to the minute that the battalion stated the first RPG hit out troops.

In order to avoid blocking up the entire area we moved to the statue of the three soldiers. We then walked about 2 blocks to a Government building that Charlie Flickner was able to secure for us. We had about a two hour presentation that involved all of the Alpha and Charlie Commpany's soldiers plus discussions with the families.

We then went to Charlie and Christine's home for a quiet dinner and more talking. As people came back to the hotel we reclaimed our spot and we talked until we were talked out. 
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