Second Infantry Regiment

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George Ackerman
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I ran across this article from the Stars and Stripes that appeared a few days after June 6, 1969. The end of May and early June really tested us as soldiers. I never discuss these times with people, because who would believe what we went through. These were the times that made us brothers.

B 2/2
8/68 - 8/69

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These are the 6 men from the 2/2 killed in the 4 day battle.

Adams was with Company C, the other 5 were Company B.

Friday, June 6, 1969
LARRY H BARBEE, 1LT, Age 23, Harrold, SD
WILLIE L JOE, SP4, Age 20, Bishopville, SC
PETER A LEHMAN, SSG, Age 22, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
JAMES L TODTENBIER, SGT, Age 21, Covington, KY
Monday, June 9, 1969
LEON H ADAMS, SP4, Age 19, El Monte, CA
PAUL R EDMOND, PFC, Age 19, New Brighton, MN

Bill Sly
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Now we have a problem that is the exact opposite. On July 12 13,1969, we had 11 men killed in Alpha and Charlie companies and there is not a single word that explains it. It disappeared from History. Including the history if the 2/2.
Stephen R Fee
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Leon Adams was hit by an RPG while driving the 1/4 Track, he volunteered to drive even though he had just a few days left in country and was scheduled to leave the field that morning. C Company went to help the 11th ACR that had been pinned down in the Michelin near An Loc. 
Levi Gault
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If one is going to bring up a number of killed from the 2d Battalion on a particular day what about the 7 that were killed on 29 November 1968 or the 41 that were killed on 5 December 1965 or the 9 killed on 12 November 1965? How about the 6 killed on 14 March 1966, 5 killed on 11 August 1966, 7 killed on 6 February 1967 or the 7 killed on 3 December 1967.

John Jones
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I was wounded when our track got hit by an RPG on June 6,1969 with the 2/2 mechanized infantry and air evacuated with others.
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