Second Infantry Regiment

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Kurt Vanalstine
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Hey fellow Black Scarves.  I just found this site.  My name is Kurt Vanalstine aka Van.  I was in November - Delta - 1/2 from June '68 to '69.  I carried radio for Lt Gaarder (KIA) and Capt Long.  Also carried the Gun for awhile.  I'd like to hear from fellow Black Scarves.  Does anyone remember Dracs Hill?  Nasty little action that happened up around Loc Ninh.  I think it was in October or November of 68.  I wish someone had more pictures of the guys from my era.  I was going to have my old kodakrome pictures put on disc and was told that it wasn't possible.  Haven't tried scanning yet though.  Was hoping to be able to work from the negatives and get better results.


I realize I'm rambling, but I hope one of my old buddies will see this.  How about Mike Beck aka Babysan, or Phillip Wheat, or Tom West, or Charlie Grinner, or.......... anyone.

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Van,  We were there my Dracula friend... I arrived at Loc Ninh on the 8th or 9th of Sept '68.... Bravo 1/2.


There are a few Delta guys from our time frame at the 1st Inf Division web site message board.... Check it out... http://www.1stid.org/


Welcome home BROther

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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PS... I was November Bravo Kilo at the end of my tour.... Keep your short whip down buddy and hope they don't see ya....

Kurt Vanalstine
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Hey Roger K


Welcome home to you to BROther.


Yeh, we were all there at the same time several times.  I think I was there 4 times altogether.


When I first got in country I remember everyone talking about Bravo NDP.  From what I remember you guys had an NDP somewhere that you manned most of the time while Alpha, Charlie, and Delta did sweeps around the area.  We were in Quon Loi at the time and operated out of Dian a lot, too.  Whenever we were at Loc Ninh we were attached to the 11th ACR - Blackhorse.


Great to hear from you.

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Funny you should mention that friend.... I've also heard that Bravo Company had a special place in the Battalion CO's heart.... He apparently liked us to keep him safe from harm... Wouldn't know myself... I was busy wiping the sweat from my eyes with that Black Scarf....... Hell, I have no idea who the CO was at the time.... Gotta love the red mud at Quan Loi, very nice right... ?

Kurt Vanalstine
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Hey dude, I thought I was sunburned for the first six months.  I think everything was red.  You'd go in to take a shower when you got back in and the suds were red.  You had to soap up 2 or 3 times just to get rid of some of that stuff.


I think the Commander was a LTC Fitzpatrick.  He was actually a pretty neat guy.  He went to the field with us more than once.  In fact he got dusted off at Loc Ninh once.  Nothing serious.  Small schrapnel stuff.  He was back the next day.  One thing for sure.  When the sxxt started he came down out of the sky and was on the ground with everyone else.


This is neat.  I spelled out a naughty word and was told I had to change it.  That's neat.  I imagine it would be easy to get carried away.  Plus if some of our grandkids see this stuff, and I hope they do, it needs to be clean.

Kurt Vanalstine
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Were you on the radio when everyone went to sleep on a Battalion minus op and the Col wanted every operator to get Article 15's.

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Nope... I do think I recall hearing about everyone taking a nap though...


Yes, I do recall the LTC now that you mentioned his name... He was a good man and spent a good bit of time in the bush... We also had a LTC Holt... Where are you ?... I'm in the beautiful and expensive state of California.

Kurt Vanalstine
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Hey Roger.  I just got back from the BRO site you told me about.  I'm in the lovely state of Kansas.  Hutchinson to be exact.  Just about right in the middle of the state.  When Nebraska doesn't suck or Oklahoma doesn't blow it's pretty nice.  Getting ready to go to the Ozarks on a fishing trip with about 10 buddies.  Been doing it for about 8 years now.  Great time.  Lots of war stories told.  Lots of lies too.


I say you were close to the Sequoia(sp) Nat'l Forest.  Is that right?  Where is that?  The only time I was in California for any length of time was when I was at Fort Ord in '67.  Wish I'd have had enough sense to grab some of those Monterrey Pops posters that were everywhere back then.  I could make some money with them now.  Hey, that's the story of my life.

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Yeah Van... I live in the Sequoia Nat. Forest... Glad you made it to the BRO site... You may find some ole Delta buddies there... Did all of my stateside time at Ft Ord... Gettin late... Time for the Sopranos soon... I heard a rumor that this is Tony's last night...

Luther Patton
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Hey Kurk, Welcome Home Brother. I was one of the new Boys of Delta Company we were the troop build up of 1967. Me and a few others that I trained with at Tiger Land Ft. Polk La. landed in Delta Company 1/2 Black Scarf's July 67. I humped the radio for about 7 months, then joined up with The Recon. 29er HHC 1/2 humped the Prick 25 another month or two then wanted to pull point, had no trouble getting that job at all. 

I live in Jenks, Oklahoma just about 10 miles South of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been through Hutchision, Kansas a few times. Do you know a Bob Potter that lived there??

I have alot of things that I brought home from the Nam, especially letters that still has the red dirt from Quan Loi and Song Be on them!

Welcome to the Ramrods message board!

Luther Patton NOLI ME TANGERE! 

Kurt Vanalstine
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Welcome back.  Sorry, the name doesn't ring a bell.  I was born and raised here but work took me out of state for several years so I've missed or lost a lot of contacts.


My Nam orders assigned me to Recon but the clerk said that Lt.Green didn't want cherries in Recon.  He didn't want to have to babysit them or have them get someone else waisted.  Good thinking.  That's how I ended up in Delta.  Great bunch of guys.  All nuts.  Wish I wasn't getting so old so I could remember more of them.

doc jack
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welcome home,  i was a medic for delta company, lima platoon and later the Senior medic for delta company under capt. ingram and capt. long.  i was wounded at loc ninh.  i served from march '68 thru '69.   i have a few email address i can pass ago to you, jack durst, michael mcdermott, gene daniels.

i was at the 1/2 reunion in tenn. a few months ago, plan to be at the reunion in Phoenix, AZ this summer.


send me your email address.

doc jack


Kurt Vanalstine
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Welcome home Doc.  I can place the name but barely.  38 years is a long time.  We had a policy of only using first names or nick names.  Guys shied away from last names.  Made things harder when you lost someone.


Capt Ingrahm was CO when I got there in June of '68.  I carried the radio for Capt Long.  Got off line in Jan '69 after I got hit.  I got mine going back into a bomb strike area trying to get Lt Gaarder out.  He ended up on The Wall.  Great guy, it was too bad.


I remember a couple of the names you mentioned.  Unfortunately I never was able to stay in contact with anyone and until recently had given up on trying to find a website where I might find guys that were there with me.  You were and I appreciate the reply.


Do you remember the engagement at Loc Ninh called Drac's Hill?  Recon had popped a bush and Delta stayed behind to watch the bodies.  When Delta headed out to meet the rest of the Battalion at the RON we went across a hilltop, or rather tried to, that turned out to be an NVA basecamp.  It was a little tense for a couple of hours.  We had to go back to the area about 4 times because we had some MIA's. 


I'll respond to you at your personal email also.  Good to hear from you.

Eddie Oliver
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Welcome home. I was with Co C from 6-68--3-69 and then transfered to 5th Div. I can,t remember many names and  can remember a few faces. The only names I think I remember are Sinclair *Slick* Dennery, Chuck Jones & Jerry Bennent.

Kurt Vanalstine
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Hey Eddie, welcome home.


It's great to be able to start making contact with guys that were where I was when I was there.

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