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Curtis Parker
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I remember that there was to explosions of the Lai Khe ammo dump.one two days before Xmas in Dec 1967 when I was in the Jungle refresher school in Lai Khe and one in March 1968 when B2/2 Inf occupied Thunder 1. THANKS FOR MENTIONING Austin Moon "Daring 19" who passed away 2 years ago this January, we were very good friends.

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SGM, when I was in Nam in Oct, I took a look at the area where the ammo dump was. There is beautiful homes in there now, and across from them there is brick factories.
I am going back in couple of years.
Curtis Parker
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Juan they should have made a garbage dump out of the ammo dump area.  I remeber that day 22/23 December 1967 very well when that ammo dump blew up, I was just busting the bush as the point man practing how to do a "Clover Leaf" at the Jungle Course at Lai Khe when that sucker blew...I and other GI's had to low crawl about 75 meters to an irrigation ditch for safety and cover. The ammo dump kept exploding for the day which canceled the night patrol we were to have went on.....Merry Xmas and welcome to the NAM..Happy Birthday Juan....Have A Nice Day...

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We stop in the area. The houses are very western looking. Also they have lot of banana plants in the back of them.
Thank you for the B-Day wishes, like wise you have one coming--have a good time a t the hop-strasse. Juan.
Donald Boat
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I was just accross the airstrip with D bat 8/6th arty the 8" bat i was the medic  for that bat. I arrived in Nam May 67 and left Lai Khe Mar 68 with wounds from a rocket attack 23Mar . I rember the ammo dump blowing up in Dec 67 we had to clear the Bat area we moved the guns and all down to the west edge of Lai Khe it was a very interesting time they put us in an apc and someone had to move the 548 ammo carrier so I got out and moved with the rest of the Bat boy was the 1st sgt mad he told I was not to take chances like that I was the only medic he had .well I've taken enough of this time if anyone rembers me give me an email so we can chat welcom home to all  Doc Boat 
Bob Dickens
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I remember the ammo dump going up in 67. I was a medic with B Med. I remember Brig. General Eigenberger (sic) came down to see what happened. I was with a group that went into the dump in an APC. I could feel the schrapnel hitting the sides of the APC. We went in looking for casualties. Didn't find any though.

Jack Curry
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Surfing today and saw the Lai Khe Ammo Dump discussion about this event in DEC67. I was with 1ID Graves Registration in the 1st S&T BN. I was at the ice plant when the explosions started. I ran out of the rubber and looked south. Explosions were lifting other munitions 50 feet or higher where they would explode and carry other rounds and debris higher still.
Toward evening we were ordered to bring our old ambulance to the area where two US casualties had been recovered:a 1SG and a 1LT if I remember correctly. We also removed two female Vietnamese civilian workers. We arranged air transportation to the mortuary at Tan Son Nhut near Saigon for our dead. Some locals from the Lai Khe village came to our area in the S&T part of the base camp to claim there dead.
A longtime friend of mine was with the 11th ACR (Blackhorse) passing near Lai Khe on an operation. He has passed now but told me several times over the years that they stopped their APC's and watched the fireworks display that day.
A long time ago but it will always be there in our memories until the last of us dies.
Have a good day, everyday. Jack Curry US56585543/Retired Mortician
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Jack, Bob and Donald, we have a reunion at Pigeon Forge, TN in May 16-19 2013 if you want info on it please let me know. When I was in Vietnam last Oct 2011, I went by the place where the ammo dump was. The area looks like a resort area now. Beautiful home have been buid in the spot.
Take care.

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Regarding the aerial view of lai khe, I took the photo.
If you will kindly go to the following url, you will see that the photo is originally posted and labled "Lai Khe from the air."
I have no problem with you using the photo on your site, but I would request that you give me credit for taking it in the first place. (this photo taken by Don "Doc" Reynolds 1967)


please go to the following url to read my story.


Allow me to wish you a belated welcome home. I hope to hear from you soon, and you would rather speak on the phone, call me @ 253-272-3369

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I read the post from Don two days ago, and sat back, awaiting the website powers that be to respond.  Copyright is extremely importan=t on the internet, and you are not asking anything unreasonable.  proper credit is your due.  There have been similar problems in the past, and those were handled by eliminating the photo, instead of giving the credit.

This is a no brainer.  Give the man the proper copyright credit on his photo, or take it down.  And to guys who post other folks pictures, make sure you have permission and post the credit with the photo.  This is the law.
Harold Bernie
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Originally Posted by Steve DeLacy
Mahlon, I agree with you.  On the 22 of December, B-Co. was out in the field. We drew straws to see who would go in to Lai Khe for the Bob Hope Christmas.  Those of us that didn't go, ended up doing road security for those that went.  One of the guys took my movie camera, so I at least have home movies of Bob Hope and Raquel Welch.
As for when the ammo dumt blew, we were back in Lai Khe on a short stand down.  I was in the Day Room picking through the pocket books trying to find a few good books to stash away for when we headed back out to the field.  We all ran outside when we heard the explosion, and shortly after we were in the tracks headed up hwy 13 towards the ammo dump.

Steve DeLacy (Track 221)
David a. wilkins
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D.Co 2/28 black lions 1st ID.. I WAS THERE When the ammo dump was hit. I was waiting for a Chinook to catch up to my unit. I had sliced my finger open getting ready to move out with my unit to the bush and had to go get it stitched up. We were stand there when it first started. A price sharp Al hit my helmet and knocked me on my ass. A soldier next to me received a nasty wound to his arm. We got him to a passing jeep then headed to the neatest bunker we could find which wasn't far from the 105 rounds exploding. We hit the bunker and while in the bunker I can remember sharp Al tearing off chunks of sandbags over our heads. Don't remember how many were in the bunker with me but quite a few. I remember hearing someone praying. After awhile a 113 I guess from 2/2 BACKED INTO THE FOR ING PORT OF THE BUNKER SO WE COULD CLIQ OUT and into the 113. We were taken outside the wire toward ben cat . I remember laying there all nite till daylight. Then tried to make it back to units ao. I was reported as Mia for one day. That memory will be with me forever. Left out a lot . Thanks for letting get this out of my system never told the whole story before. Welcome home brothers and sisters. Black lions.
Jerry Alexander
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Originally Posted by Ron Fichtner
     Welcome to the site.  I was with A2/2 mortar platoon Apr 68 to Apr 69.
                                                    Ron Fichtner
Ron..OP9...fire mission.
Dennis Blanton
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There was apparently 2 ammo dump explosions at lai khe. I was in nam from 5/69-5/70 with div. arty. with the radar ground surv. platoon. 2 of us were manning our tower on the perimeter near the garbage dump. had'nt been in country long,so i'm thinking about july when the dump exploded. started in mid morning and lasted thru the day.didn't even know it was there.hidden in rubber trees behind us.we rode it out in the tower. when it would slow up, we'd try to get down but it would start again. shrapnel pelted the 80' metal tower but itmade it. the explosion cleared everything around us and left craters. guys in bunkers were on the perimeter.dont  know if any casualties.there was a big investigation. don't   know if thay found out. i always thought hand flares started it . guys in the bunkers were popping them off. any feed back appreciated.

Bill Kennedy
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Originally Posted by Tom Copeland

This has been discussed on the Division message board in the past but I recently ran across some photos and finally remembered what they were.


Some time in mid to late December 1967 the ammo dump near the South gate in Lai Khe blew up.  I am not sure of the exact date and would like to know if anyone has accurate details on the date and reason for the explosion.


The photos are attached.  Click on the images for a larger view.



Bill Kennedy
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I was with Charlie Co. 2/2 at the time the ammo dump went up. We took our apc to the ammo dump to get the guys out.
Curtis Parker
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I was one of those Guys that you helped Out...I crawled my ass off to get cover to that irritation durch that day 22 Dec 1967 as I have previously stated in other Threads...Noli Me Tangere..

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 INF, 3rd Plt,Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Tom vegas kid
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Originally Posted by harold defibaugh
i am going on the rolling thunder trip this month also. it will be my first trip to the wall. we will be meeting the group coming from the west in okla. i will make the trip to a reunion one day. wanted to go last year, but i was unable to attend because of personal matters. i was with b 1/2 from dec67-dec68. wasn't at lai khe when the ammo dump blew, but there later when a mess hall was blown up in 68.

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2 dec67-dec-68
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Do you have any pictures of the recon platoon or remember the names on the tracks and machine gun shields???
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