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Luther Patton
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Dear Brother's,

To all of you who knew  LT. A.C. Green Platoon Leader for November Platoon, during Operation Shenandoah Two; I was his RTO. Afterwards he was appointed Platoon Leader for the Recon. 29er Platoon. By Major Mark Lowery. Major Lowery all so gave him command of November Platoon, Delta Company.
A.C. is in very poor health and it is failing rapidly, heart, kidneys, and other issues. I was told that he his on his last patrol.

For those of us that served under LT. Green know the kind of leader, and fine human being he is. He truly cared for his troops under is leadership. A brave man he truly is.
He lives in Colorado. Corky Mckorkndale is with him as I write this. They knew each other in the Nam and after they returned to The World remained close friends.   LT. Green was seriously wounded at the Battle of Loc Ninh, and for his actions was awarded the Distinguish Service Cross. It was at this battle that General Ware and all of the other's on board the helicopter were K.I.A as we all are aware of.

Please keep LT. Green and his family in your prayer's.

Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon
Recon. 29er Platoon
Eddie Oliver
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Thanks for the information.  Sorry to hear this. Will be keeping him and all involved in my thoughts and prayers.

Co C 1/2 6-68-3-68
Luther Patton
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I received an up-date on A.C. Green from Corky, and he said that A.C. did a 180 turnaround and is doing much better. Corky said to keep the prayer's coming for A.C.

Thanks everyone.

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Pass along my best wishes to A.C. I was with the 2/2 and didn't serve with him. But I met him several times, hell of a nice guy. Some guys were taking about him and a retired Col from the artillery overheard his name. The fellow butted in with, "A.C. Green! Bravest dammed soldier I ever met."

I look forward to see A.C. and his Tiparillo.

Prayer and best wishes BRO!
Luther Patton
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With great sadness I write this, A.C. Green passed away peacefully at 11:00 P.M.

Tuesday afternoon. 

His ashes will be taken to Arlington National Cemetery to be interred.

"Upon this earth we dance not long, but when we leave remains our song."

Yes he was John.

May He Rest in Peace

Please keep A.C. family in your prayer's.

L. Patton
Larry G
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Rest in peace LTC (ret) A C Green.
Skip Brayer
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I was a sgt in Delta Company, we crossed  paths many times with A.C.  I currently live in Colorado and have spoken to AC a few years ago.
A. C. Green was as close to John Wayne as possible.

I want to say my regrets.

Sec Inf Reg Assoc
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sorry to hear about LT (29er) green iserved wiyh him in vietnam brave man and a true leader RIP
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