Second Infantry Regiment

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Terry Sage
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Mike, I still have a picture getting a hair cut next to my track (213) by that barber at Bandit Hill .
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Originally Posted by mike ogden
  Michael when did you arrive in 1/2? Reason I ask is we more than likely were in alot of the same battles together, I remember one firefight we were in was on a hill in Loc Nihn Prov., it all started in the morning, I was third man back, pace counter, from point man, Casey, and we had only gotten out about 300 meters that morning when we got ambushed by a force of 1000 NVA, when all was done we had 7 kia's and got a nva kia of 117, I received a Army Commadation w/oak leaf cluster that day for engaging enemy while my guy's pulled back, my memory bank won't bring up the name of this hill but I remember there was a magazine artical with pictures in honor of this paticular battle, the day before this took place we were in another firefight where we lost our platoon leader Lt. A.C.Green, 39 nva kia and was also in Loc Nihn Prov..   40 years have passed and my memory's not the greatest, recently I was granted disability through the V.A. for PTSD, God Bless!
                                           mike ogden
                                           1/2 HHC Recon Platoon 
                                           Black Scarf Bn.
                                           Big Red One '68'-'69'
Luther Patton
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Mike as you already know that I had already came back to The World.  But often wondered was anyone killed from Recon. 29er Platoon during this Battle at Loc Nihn. I know Lt. Green was wounded and so was a guy by the name of Poncho.  Did Casey make it? I know Sam Miller made it. Nickname (Tomato Head).  I know Sam made it because after out got out of the Army I was here in Tulsa, looking for a job and right out of the clear blue sky I ran into Sam and he told me about the Battle some what, and that LT. Green was seriously wounded. I never saw Sam again.
Please let me know.
Black Scarf Battalion
Delta Company, RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon, RTO, Point man
Nam June 67' June 68' 
curtis parker
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I was not at the battle on 27-28 November 1968, but I want to rake this opportunity to say hello to my old Platoon Leader Richard E. Brown "Daring Bravo Bandit 36" from August-November 1968 (Bandit Hill) who recommended me for the Silver Star Medal. During that battle I was back in Lai Khe just coming out of the field from Bandit Hill that 1Lt Brown had arranged for me being that I was the last of the longest guys still in the field...OOOOOH What A Happy Day THAT WAS "Good Friday". 1LT Brown was also supposed to leave the field "Bandit Hill" with that day to go to the 4.2 Platoon, but that was cancelled.....1LT Gary Tucker replaced 1LT Brown as B36......1LT Brown knows how to call in for indirect fire support within danger close range, I know that for a personnal fact....really danger close in rubber trees...like very very close strapnel flying over your head from the incoming rounds until our butt holes puckered as we lay in the irrigation ditches in the rubber trees! Hi Richard long time not heard from...good that you are still around...hand salute to you!

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Israel Duran
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Gentlemen and buddies, how great it is to find a site where other members of the 2nd/2nd have been communicating about events that unfolded in 68/69. I was the platoon medic with the 1st platoon of Charlie company and I do recall some of the events that took place Nov. 27/28 of 1968. I do recall at least two days of heavy fighting when we (alpha and Charlie) fought our way through a heavily fortified NVA bunker complex located on the high ground of the rubber plantation at Loc Ninh. I recall the first day, early that morning, when we were bombarded with rockets and mortars and captain Kelly gave the order to move out of the area to avoid casualties. But, as soon as we began our move to the higher ground the NVA opened up with everything they had. That first day we battled it out for the better part of the day through the early evening before we broke off contact for the day. We then moved about a half mile away from the battleground where a hot thanksgiving meal was awaiting us (very sad thanksgiving day). The next morning,I recall, we saddled up to return to the battle area where we encountered the bodies of many NVA soldiers that had been partially buried during the previous night. However, as we continued to move through the area the NVA opened fire and another full day of fighting ensued.

Can someone provide me with the dates and area where the 1st Cav's rat patrol unit was hit. I was the first medic at the scene when a Sargent from that unit came to me in tears pleading with me to go with him to check the condition of the men left in the jeeps. Because this unit was ambushed very severely, those that could, pulled back to await our (2nd/2nd) mechanized armor. The Sargent and I moved down the road through the burnt out wreckage of possibly six or so jeeps where we encountered the burnt bodies of numerous American soldiers holding their positions as they were before they burned alive. As I think about it now it was scary because we were alone at the front of that jeep convoy, a distance of possibly 2 city blocks.

Izzy (Doc) Duran
Terry Sage
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Izzy, they were ambushed in the rubber plantation northwest of thunder 4. I think it was in December of 68. I was with the recon platton and we were sent out to their rescue. I was the TC on the lead track and your right those guys got roughed up pretty good and were in panic mode. The story I heard is a VC jumped out ahead of them and fired at them and they ran right up the road after him. Bad move! By the time we got there CHarlie had slithered off .
Ben Wagner
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Hello Black Scarves
I'm Ben Wagner. I was with the 1st/2nd 1968 - 1969. I was Drac 6K, B6K and 29K, with HHC/HHC, B Co and Recon with Lt Green, Sam from OK, Casey from S ILL, and I'm forgetting names. Sgt Randy Jackson B Co from Jacksonville, FL, HHC/HHC Col Fritzpatrick, Col Schlaminski, Col ?, oops. Jim Downey of Detroit, Major Avant of NC, And many many more. I was at An Loc, Quan Loi, LocNihn, Lai Khe, Tay Nihn, Song Be, Fire Base Julie in the Parrots Beak when we replaced Col Roger's men (Co C), where we had Cpt Kacashima a very terrible leader, we also were at Ben Cat, Bu Dop and ? . We ran med caps, S & D, cordon villages, crossed a river near an ARVN compound where we rode a Big Boy tank and the bridge broke throwing me into the river and a night patrol that put us into a mine field. Sorry to babble. It just all came to me. I now live outside Kalamazoo, MI.
I also was brigade TOC Operations Sgt.
Welcome back to the world. God be with those who did not make. Our heroes.
Ben Wagner
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Hello Larry,
You old TFS Rebel. Lansing, IL
I'm glad you're still around. I still look forward to seeing you sometime.
Ben Wagner
1st/2nd 1968 - 1969
Formerly of Hammond, IN
John Kotowicz
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    Michael Fredson
        I was in C 2/2 and was in the same platoon as Bradury and Whorl then they moved me to the 1st platoon track 1. I was in the big move.
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Reply to Izzy.  That 1st Cav unit you refer to was the 1st Sqdn. or 1st Bn. of the 9th Cav.  Like you said they were part of the 1st Cav.  They were coming out of Quan Loi when they got hit.  I was shocked to find AK47 / SKS brass right next to the vehicles.  That was ugly.  Sorry I do not know the date.
Curtis Parker
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Hi Guys maybe this will help you.  The book titled A Distant Challenge(The US Infantry in Vietnam, 1967-1972, foreworded by Gen. William C. Westmoreland, pages 161-163 reads that in late November (27-29) 1968 near the Cambodian Border in the Loc Nihn Rubber Plantation the 2/12th (two companies Troop C and Troop B) had moved north from An Loc, the Bihn Long Province capital to Loc Ninh. The 2/12th ahd engaged the 3d Battalion, 141st NVA Regiment, 7th NVA Division along Highway 13. The 11th ACR "Blackhorse" Troopers supported the 2/12th. Policing the battlefield US troops had killed 58 NVA, captured several 57mm recoilles rifles, a 60mm mortar, numerous RPG rounds, 22 AK47's and five light machineguns. The US force suffered 15 wounded.  The action was successful in locating and destroying the lead elements of the 7th NVA Division in their attempt to infiltrate in MR 3. This contact, and subsequent engagements during the next few days of November, resulted in the decrimation of the 141st NVA Regiment and thwarted the 7th NVA Division's drive toward Saigon.

I hope that this throws some light on the units that participated during the battle. Sorry, the 2nd Infantry Regiment i9s not mentioned during this period.

Curtis Parker
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Loc Ninh Update: In November 1968 after the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) moved from Military Region 1 to 3, it immediately began operations in the rubber plantations in the Quan Loi-An Loc-Loc Ninh area. The 2d Battalion, 12th Cavalry received opcon of B and later C Troop, 1st Squardron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment for these operations.  The commander of the 2/12th Cavalry was Lieutinant Colonel James W. Dingeman.  My personnal note...it may be very hard to find out any information that should be recorded to comfirm of any 2d/2d Infantry involvement with the 11th Armored Cavalry  Regiment during the 27-29 November 1968 involvement in the operation (Battle) in Loc Ninh because the Battle of Bandit Hill that occurred in mid October 1968 is not recorded with the 2d/2d Infantry Battalion duty logs nor with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment duty logs during that time period I know this for a fact because I have made request through military official historical offices sometime ago in regards the Battle of Bandit Hill......Like the Battle of Bandit Hill, if you were not there and or assigned to the Daring Bravo Bandits and or the family, friends of those who were killed and wounded there The Battle of Bandit Hill is not officially recorded for history...Right John Kerin and Richard E. Brown.....mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

Hi Richard E. Brown (Daring Bravo 36),I haven't heard from you in awhile..Happy New Year and hope you are well and doing fine. 1LT Richard E. Brown (Daring Bravo Bandit 36) it would have been very hard for you after all these many years to have resubmitted the (Your) recommendation for the Silver Star Medal for me for the Battle of Bandit Hill without any official records and or documents of the Battle.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
DC 71
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I was a platoon leader during several Loc Ninh actions in 1968.
Looking for Dracula 1/2 vets in 68-69 to send information on reunions.
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Originally Posted by Ben Wagner
Hello Black Scarves
I'm Ben Wagner. I was with the 1st/2nd 1968 - 1969. I was Drac 6K, B6K and 29K, with HHC/HHC, B Co and Recon with Lt Green, Sam from OK, Casey from S ILL, and I'm forgetting names. Sgt Randy Jackson B Co from Jacksonville, FL, HHC/HHC Col Fritzpatrick, Col Schlaminski, Col ?, oops. Jim Downey of Detroit, Major Avant of NC, And many many more. I was at An Loc, Quan Loi, LocNihn, Lai Khe, Tay Nihn, Song Be, Fire Base Julie in the Parrots Beak when we replaced Col Roger's men (Co C), where we had Cpt Kacashima a very terrible leader, we also were at Ben Cat, Bu Dop and ? . We ran med caps, S & D, cordon villages, crossed a river near an ARVN compound where we rode a Big Boy tank and the bridge broke throwing me into the river and a night patrol that put us into a mine field. Sorry to babble. It just all came to me. I now live outside Kalamazoo, MI.
I also was brigade TOC Operations Sgt.
Welcome back to the world. God be with those who did not make. Our heroes.
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For the record, Cpt NAKASHIMA was a good officer and you obviosly weren't aware of what happened. Sharpshooters not needed.
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I was brand new in country on the 27th thru 29th of Nov 1968 at Loc Ninh. And I always remembered that fight lasting 4 days not 3 days. I was assigned to ALPHA CO 2/2 Mech 1st INF DIV then. And I had never seen anything like that shooting match  before or ever afterwards. Really I never heard of any fight in Viet Nam that compared to the one we had on the 27th thru 29th of Nov 1968 at Loc Ninh. The Guys in my Platoon and my Platoon SGT E-7 Sanches flat out kept me alive. And I owe each and every one of them a debt I will never be able to repay. I don`t think a day has gone by since then that I didn't  think about Loc Ninh and the fight we had in the Rubber Plantation. And I dream about it most every night also. Really just thinking about Loc Ninh still scares me. I am very proud to say I had a very small part of that fight. And I am also very proud to just have been allowed to serve with all you guys. I miss your company, You were all very special to me. And I will never forget wearing Our Country's Colors together. I hope You all had great lives. 

Jim Bane
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It only took me 50 years to stumble across this site.  I am Lt. Bane, Daring Charley 36, later 46, working under Cpt. Knawling and later Cpt Kelly.  I arrived in country Aug. 68 and departed in Aug. 69.  In the field for eight months and later worked under Major Mead as Asst. S-3.  

Good to see some familiar names here.  Seems like it was only yesterday.

1. It is upsetting to see Gen. Westmoreland's inaccuracy of Nov. 27, 28 & 29.  Not sure how things like that happen but Murphy lives. Those dates were ONLY about the 2/2, Alpha and Charley companies plus Bn. HQ unit and guessing also the scout platoon who escorted LTC. Greer to the battle area.

2.  On day 1, Charley company was called in to reinforce some ARVNs late in the day of Nov. 27.  We arrived after dark.  Perhaps the 11 Cav. was involved that day and moved out but they were not there for any of the battle days.   The ARVNs remained with us that night.

3.  Little did we know that we had set up our RON within about 300 yds of a dug in NVA company that was probably an outpost of the main regiment dug in further to the north.

4.  I recall walking around early in the morning getting ready to eat some breakfast when suddenly, thumps started sounding.   I didn't know the sound but the ARVNs did and started pointing to the sky.  

5.  We quickly mounted up and started moving in the direction of the thumps.  Within a few minutes we started taking incoming.  I recall that I was mounted on my APC as was communicating with Cpt. Kelly when I heard a clank just below where I was sitting.  I looked down and it was a dud RPG round.  Off I went.

6.  Cpt. Kelly put the ARVNS in rear security and hoped they wouldn't run off. The fight lasted all day.  No friendly KIAs but we did take on wounded.   My platoon was assigned to make a clearing for the medivacs.

7.  The rubber trees were so large that the APCs could not knock them over but did get them leaning enough to allow a chopper to hoover and lower a wench.  All wounded were safely removed.

8.  That night when we pulled back.  Alpha Co. and the Bn. Cmdr. joined us......think it was LTC Greer.  The next day was day 3 and we reengaged and fought all day, taking 7 KIAs, two from Charley and five from Alpha.

9.  If I recall correctly the two line companies rotated 90 degrees so the bunker complex was directly to our front.  24 APCs and troops directly attacking.  I can recall seeing NVA soldiers jumping out of their bunkers and running.  When they got hit they would fly through the air. That was the biggest body count day.  We pulled back again that night.

10.  The fourth day we returned and what was left of the NVA regiment had fled back into Cambodia.

11. Some of the soldiers in my platoon to this day hold a reunion in St. Louis on the anniversary date of the Loc Ninh Battle.

12   Not sure what the historians have against the Big Red One but we were not mentioned in Ken Burns The Vietnam War.  I don't know this to be a fact but believe we had one of the highest body count ratios of any unit in the war.  Guessing something like 40 KIAs to a single loss.
Jim Bane
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I didn't know the name of the location but now know it was Bandit Hill.   Charley Company had rotated back to Thunder 4 for a few days.  One day my platoon was ordered to report to Bandit Hill for reinforcement.

That night there was movement all during the night to the front.  We were told not to engage.  The next day I was ordered back to Thunder 4 and that night Bandit Hill was attacked.   I recall the story about the barber in the wire the next morning after the attack as told by some fellow soldiers.

Another time my platoon was ordered to reinforce a Delta Group (if I remember the name correctly).   They were a group of jeeps who drove around the roads.

Little did they know but they stopped for lunch in an area of active VC bunkers.  Delta was easily ambushed and by the time we arrived the fighting had broken off. Still to our front were the backs of bunkers and I had soldiers come from behind and through grenades into the bunkers.  

We got secondary explosions a a few bunkers still had live VC in them but not for long.   As we were assessing the situation and established OPs we started taking incoming mortar fire but never could locate from where.

Later another group arrived that was over the Delta Jeep group and we returned to Thunder 4.   It appears this jeep group were too visible and did not have enough firepower with only M-60s.
Jim Bane
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Someone asked about our being moved to Dau Tieng.  I am thinking it was June of 69 and we were attached to the 25th Infantry Div.  At that time I was a short timer had been assigned to Bn. HQ.  

Alpha Co. was assigned to do a BDA on the Black Virgin Mtn.  Our Bn. Cmdr Newell had a big argument with the 25th full bird colonel who have the order.  Newell argued that this was not a job for mechanized soldiers and suggested the colonel use some of the 25ths foot soldiers.  

The argument became heated and LTC Newell told the colonel you will have to give me a direct order before I will ask my company to do the BDA.  The colonel gave the direct order.

The rest is history and believe Donovan Kolness was a A company driver that day.  I was monitoring the radio and it was terrible.  We were losing soldiers left and right like a turkey shoot for the VC snipers up the mtn. The CO and thinking two Lts. plus 14 others.

When what was left of Alpha Co. returned to Dau Tieng we learned they were missing on soldier.  Major McDermott, S-3, and I did an investigation by interviewing all the remaining Alpha Co. soldiers and determined one dead soldier had fallen off the trim vane.

Six of us, including the two pilots, boarded a chopper and flew out to Nui Ba Den circling for 15 minutes while looking down at the ground.  Finally, one of the pilots spotting the impression of a body in the tall grass.  We returned to Dau Tieng and a ground unit recovered the body.

Our General was so angry with the 25th Division that he detached us and we returned to our normal AO.   It was the worst day for the 2/2 during my one year in country.

Someone also mentioned they were in Lt. James Clark's platoon.  At one time he was C 26 when I was C 36.  A really good soldier and his men said he was very brave during the Loc Ninh battle.  We became close but unfortunately he became a KIA while reinforcing the units in the Battle of An Loc on May 23 and 24, 1969.  

That was the battle from which James Bondsteel was awarded the MOH four years later.  After his military career he moved to Alaska and died soon thereafter when a logging trailer became unhitched and crashed into his SUV.  Sad ending for a hero.

Great to visit this site and share some stories.  God bless you all.

Curtis Parker
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I am being very respectful but are You sure that you was at Bandit Hill with the Daring Bravo Bandits that day and night during the Battle..what part of the NDP did your Platoon occupy...The only unit that occupied Bandit Hill in Oct 1968 was B 2/2 Inf and a few Arvn interpeters..

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf,3rd Plt, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
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I think Jim is speaking of another engagement at Bandit Hill. The first one, 13 Oct 68 you're only Bravo company was there. In fact only two platoons when the attack happened. But Bandit Hill was an NDP for quite some time, even after the division had gone home. So Charlie Co may well have had contact there sometime after Oct 68. I know the 11ACR were in there for some time.

If Charlie Co had been called in to reinforce us I doubt Cpt Hansen would have divided the company by that mounted 2 platoon AP sent out 13 Oct.

And Jim

It's amazing you haven't been on this site before. When it was first set up we posted a few pictures from you. PHOTO MEMORIBILA  C/2/2. Glad you found us

Mike Kennedy
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Well Lt. Bane, it's taken me over 50 years to find this blog. I remember this period of Nov. 27-29 very well. I was Daring Charlie 41 and we were in a FSB around An Loc on Wed., the 27th. We were supposed to be standing down for our big dinner the next day. In the early afternoon may guys were gathering around the 46 track listening to radio traffic around Loc Ninh. I'll never forget getting orders to load up and head to Loc Ninh. It was late in the day and as we moved up HWY 13 the bush seemed to just close in on us. No Rome plows had ever been up there. 
 We arrived in the dark and the ARVNs were out of food and ammo and were asking for anything we had.
Very uneasy night.
That mortar barrage the next morning was something else, also. When the NVA started launching their mortars, they were so close we thought these were friendly fire going out. Then the ARVNs started running for cover and we knew this was the real deal. As you stated, Lt., we immediately moved out and had only gone a short distance when we made contact on the left side of our column.
Never will forget that battle and I've often wondered how many battles were fought around that God-awful stretch of turf.
On a side note...got married on Nov. 29, 1969 a year to the day of that battle. Must be something karmalic there but I don't what it would be. May the good Lord was paying me back for that experience.
Wonderful lady and we're working on our 50th anniv. date coming up.
Richard Parker
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Originally Posted by Larry G
Thanks again for the input!

With "genek's info I see that there is the 1st Cav, 11th ACR question again!  I am getting that the 2/2 was OPCON'ed to the 1st Cav but was the 11th ACR also involved as stated by "genek"?

I just want to be sure the info is as accurate as possible.

Larry G
SGT. Vicente”DOC” Evans
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Looking for Medics whom had served with me 1968-69 Vietnam , Loc-Ninh
Vicente “DOC” Evans
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