Second Infantry Regiment

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Rick Chesson
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A recon team from Bravo Troop 1st/9thCav started the fight on 27 Nov 1968.  We were working a Montagnard village at the northeast corner of the rubber plantation. Our team flew over this village often because one young montagnard in her twenties had 38DD boobs, getting a picture was difficult as the villagers would quickly hide her every time we flew over. The guess was she must have had a Legionnaire father since no other female montagnard ever looked like her.  That is why we called this fight 27 Nov 68 Battle of the Boobs.

This morning our scout found about ten plus military age males in the village. No weapons were seen, but with military hair cuts and khaki pants, they diffidently were not montagnard. Cpt Albright flying the Loach flew around the village, he was like a sheep dog keeping everyone in the village.  We did not keep an eye on the rubber trees, as we waited for our Blues (rifle platoon) to be inserted to grab the guys in the village.  As our lift helicopters approached the village we sighted 50 plus NVA in the trees prepping  for our Blues.  We aborted the insertion and then all hell broke loose.  A troop from the 11th ACR was near to the Loc Ninh SF camp, they came north to engage, about the time first contact was made we estimated the NVA had a regimental size unit that was preparing to attack Loc Ninh. Our troop Cobras and ARA flew several support mission to the battle that day.  I was not assigned missions to the battle the next two days, but flew followup recons chasing down survivors heading back to Cambodia.  Post op brief told us that 258 NVA bodies had been found for the three days. Until this forum, I did not know the 2nd was involved, you help save the day.
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Izzy,  do you remember any of these medics from Charlie Co. ?  Dave Shannon, Dale Connely and John Ashton. All three were at a 50 year reunion of the Loc Ninh battle .  I just spent a few days with John Ashton.  Let me know if you want to get in touch with any of them.  Genek
Terry Sage
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Genes,  I helped carry a medic, who just had his arm blown off to the med track on 1/12/69 and his name was Shannon. Do you know if this is the Dale Shannon you mentioned? I often wondered how he fared. I was with HHC recon platoon at the time. He and another medic Doc Fernandez were working on James Rush who was wounded when my track was hit by an RPG. A round of some kind hit the tree they were under wounding Shannon and killing Rush.

    Terry Sage.  2/2 68-69
                       B co. & HHC recon
Larry G
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Terry I have a Dave Shannon on my list of 2/2 soldiers. He was a Medic, wounded in January 1969. The list shows that he was residing in Washington.

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