Second Infantry Regiment

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mike ogden
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  Michael first i'd like to Welcome You Home Brother and Welcome to this great web site, I also served with the 1/2 HHC Recon & C Co.  Black Scarves from June 1968 thru Feb. 1969, I look forward to talking and sharing with you, i'm sure you'll find other brothers here that you served with also, if I or anyone here can be of any assistance to you please feel free to ask, some might try and sell you things here!!! 

Michael Fredson
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This is from Spec. 4 Michael Fredson to my Solider Brothers,

Were you there in the move to Dau Tieng in 1969?  It was a big move from the An Loc area, which we knew very well.  At Dau Tieng we worked the Black Virgin Mountain.  I lost two friends on the road around Black Virgin Mountain, Spec. 4 Bradbury and Spec. 4 Whorl.  Staff Sgt. Rankin was our Platoon Sgt. then.  In fact, Staff Sgt. Rankin saved Capt. Tom Kelly's life at Loc Nihn.  Before the Dau Ting move our base camp was at Lai Khe.  Those were the days, I was only 18 then.  Remember working the Thunders 2, 3, & 4?  And yes I was at Bandit Hill the night before it got overrun. 

Remember the barber at Bandit Hill?  They found him dead in the wire the next morning.  When you get this write me back.  I will send pictures soon. 

I ETS from Fort Riley, Kansas, in April 1970.

Mke Fredson
mike ogden
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  Michael when did you arrive in 1/2? Reason I ask is we more than likely were in alot of the same battles together, I remember one firefight we were in was on a hill in Loc Nihn Prov., it all started in the morning, I was third man back, pace counter, from point man, Casey, and we had only gotten out about 300 meters that morning when we got ambushed by a force of 1000 NVA, when all was done we had 7 kia's and got a nva kia of 117, I received a Army Commadation w/oak leaf cluster that day for engaging enemy while my guy's pulled back, my memory bank won't bring up the name of this hill but I remember there was a magazine artical with pictures in honor of this paticular battle, the day before this took place we were in another firefight where we lost our platoon leader Lt. A.C.Green, 39 nva kia and was also in Loc Nihn Prov..   40 years have passed and my memory's not the greatest, recently I was granted disability through the V.A. for PTSD, God Bless!
                                           mike ogden
                                           1/2 HHC Recon Platoon 
                                           Black Scarf Bn.
                                           Big Red One '68'-'69'
Michael Fredson
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I was in the 2nd of the 2nd, Company C,  Mechanized 2nd Infintry, 1st. Infintry Division, Base Camp Lai Khe, commanded by Cpt. Kelly, and I was lucky because of him. We worked the Thunder's 2,3,and 4.  An Loc, Quain Loi, and the Iron Triangle.    Attached are pictures of Dai Tieng, second day of the battle machine guns 2nd Platoon took, one of in tower with friend, and one of me fixing the track. 

Mike Fredson

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: Ammo_From_Loc_Nihn_1968_Nov0001.jpg, Views: 1036, Size: 298.03 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Mike_and_Friend_In_vietnam_19680001.jpg, Views: 223, Size: 188.06 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Mike_fixing_track0001.jpg, Views: 212, Size: 206.88 KB 

Michael Fredson
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Here is a picture of my Bronze Star with V device, taken from Nov. 28, 1968, Thanksgiving.  Given for the 2nd day of battle at Loc Nihn.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: Bronze_Medal_Loc_Nihn_vietnam_nov_19680002.jpg, Views: 125, Size: 209.26 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Bronze_Medal_Loc_Nihn_Vietnam_#20001.jpg, Views: 137, Size: 266.93 KB 

mike ogden
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   Ooops, I need new specticles, I thought you were in 1/2, maybe it's the V.A. meds?
  I also received the "BRONZE STAR W/V DEVICE" for saving my platoon leaders life, thank you for your patrotism!
                                                          mike ogden
                                                          1/2 BRO '68'-'69'
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  Thanks for the pics, while I was with A Co, we worked mostly out of Thunder IV, and a little out of III, mostly sweeping the rubber plantation. I received my 2d Purple heart and was medivac'd back to the states prior to Black Virgin Mountain, but there are a lot of guys on this site that were there, with Sgt Bondsteel of A Co who won the Medal of Honor on Black Virgin Mountain.
Donovan Kolness
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Greeting Gentlemen...

I noticed some dates have been posted incorrectly regarding when James Bondsteel earned his Medal Of Honor. Fortunately for Jim Bondsteel he was on R&R during the July 12, 1969 ambush of Alpha 2/2 on Black Virgin Mountain, and actually won his Medal Of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Anloc on May 24, 1969. This battle started on May 23 and ended on May 25, 1969.

Take care and God Bless You All...

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
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   Thanks for the memory jolt, I remembered it was May, just forgot the location, sorry.
mike ogden
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                                                        Mike Ogden
                                                        1/2 Recon 29er
                                                        Black Scarves
                                                        Big Red One '68'-'69'
Michael Fredson
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Hello My Solider Brothers,

Here are more pictures from 3 Corp. Area 1968 and 1969.  Mike,

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: Dau_Tieng0001.jpg, Views: 183, Size: 63.15 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Lai_Kahe0001.jpg, Views: 219, Size: 139.40 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Lai_Kahe_10001.jpg, Views: 233, Size: 98.50 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Tommy_Swaub_Dai_Tieng_Thunder_IV_June_19690001.jpg, Views: 206, Size: 129.29 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: MPC_and_Cambodian_Money_taken_from_their_pay_master0001.jpg, Views: 150, Size: 612.26 KB 

John Kerins
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Originally Posted by Michael Fredson

And yes I was at Bandit Hill the night before it got overrun. 

Remember the barber at Bandit Hill?  They found him dead in the wire the next morning.  When you get this write me back.  I will send pictures soon. 

Mike, I was at Bandit Hill in Oct 68 when we just about got overrun. But that time  there was only about only about 45-50 guys from Bravo there, that was it. (The other half of the company was out on an ambush.)

Was there a latter time that Bandit Hill was hit hard again?

Little story. A few years back I was at West Point with Effee Lowrey for a football game. I met the dean, a BG Kaufman. He wore an 11th ACR combat patch and the Vietnam ribbons. So I asked him if he had ever heard of Bandit Hill. He remembered it and said he was there when Black Horse took it over from the First. I told him I was one of the guys who dug that camp and was there the day we turned it over to the 11th.

Last year in Pigeon Forge, I mentioned that to Bob Fulps and he realized he had been Capt Kaufman's 1stSGT in the 6th ACR at Fort Mead. As it turns out I was serving with the 6th ACR at about the same time.

Small world.
Michael Fredson
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I am Spec. 4 Michael Fredson.  I was at Fort Meade, Md. with the 6th ACR, head in headquarters troop, from late 1967 till July 1968, before I went to Vietnam.  I went up to the riots in 1968 when Martin Luther King was killed.  My Platoon Sgt. was Bellows. I was at Bandit Hill in Oct. 1968, with Charlie Company 2nd of the 2nd, in early Oct.  The night before it got partially overrun, that barber gave me a haircut outside of the wire in his chair. We pulled out the next day and were setting ambushes along the road by Bandit Hill for sappers laying mines. We blew a bush on them and killed several. That is when I got my first two kills.  I am sixty years old now and my memory fades.  If you can help me with any details please write. 

Spec. 4 Michael Fredson
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    Michael,  Welcome home, I'm sure your going to get your memory jostled by the guys on this site, some of them remember almost everything.  Once again welcome home, be safe

     Steve Brozyna
     A 2/2  68-69
Pete Walsh
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I know this is an old post but I just came across it. I was C 24 Delta at Loc Ninh.
As I recall Charley Co was at Thunder IV late in the afternoon of Nov. 27th when we were RRFed to Loc Ninh. We relieved a unit of Blackhorse north of the town at sunset. We moved into the rubber and joined an ARVN unit in the dark. After breakfast Thanksgiving morning we fired up the tracks and were immediately mortared. All missed by 100 yards. We mounted up and went after the mortars and ran into the bunker complex on the rise to our left. Spent the rest of the day shooting. E-mail me if your C 2/2 and you read this. walshpt@qwest.net

Roger Beeman
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Pete, I was with Blackhorse at that time and was probably at Loc Ninh. Was this a night firefight. I remember PUFF out there most of the night on one occasion. I was not involved in that fight but spent all night at the perimeter at ready. This was Nov or Dec 67.

Ron Fichtner
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     I remember the 29th of November 1968.  I was with Alpha Co and we went in to assist Charlie Co who had been in a huge battle in the rubber plantion the day before.  I can remember being in sort of an L shape line with most of the action going on to our left.  I can remember hearing the shooting going on all day and I had only seen one NVA soldier the whole time.  I can remember falling back to call in more air strikes.  It was the first time I saw the jets drop bombs that close to us.  When I saw the rocket fired from the spotter plane, I thought there is no way they are going to drop bombs that close to us.  It sure made me glad they were on our side because they did a fantastic job.  The day turned really bad when I saw Sgt. John Ray Willliams get shot by a sniper who was in a tree behind us.  Pop as we called him didn't seem to be hurt all that bad when he was medevaced out, but  he was a real hero because he kept telling the medical people to take care of others who were hurt more than he was.  What nobody realized was that he was bleeding internally and he died on the table.  We never were able to confirm that report for sure, but it was just the kind of guy he was to do something like that.  I think of him every Thanksgiving and every Memorial day.  Sorry to get so detailed about a fallen brother, but I needed to talk about it.  My memory about many of the things I read about from the rest of you guys is not very clear, but I really enjoy your stories and especially the pictures.  God Bless all of you and have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  

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Please, don't apologize for talking about it, even in detail.

That's how the healing starts.
John Kerins
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Originally Posted by Ron Fichtner
... but I needed to talk about it.  

These are the right bunch of guys to talk to about it. It's an important part of why this message board exists. So say whatever you want, whenever you want.
Take care Ron.

And remember despite a lot of things back then, we all have a lot to thankful for this Thanksgiving Day!

Roger Beeman
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Ron, it is good to talk about those things that have an impact on our lives. I really appreciate the recollections of the guys and it often brings to mind some things I have forgotten for one reason or another. This site is truly a healing treatment for us all and a place where commonality is key. God Bless you brother and never hesitate to express your feelings and thoughts. We are here for you and you are here for us. Have a great Thanksgiving, God Bless.

HHC 2/2 VTR 95  67/68
Curtis Parker
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Hey Roger you think like me and a lot other of us brothers.  This site is truly a healing site where you can express your thoughts and feelings and even get some good feed back whether humorous or down right serious to the point...this is home away from home of a different kind..freedom of speech and expression, informative, historic, sympathetic, rational, friendly, and nostalgic....a quadrom leap from the past to the present and wonderful knowing just how much each of us has grown and matured in each and every way sharing still many of the same values as we did when we were Soldiers Once and Young Brother's In Arms but now still brother's in post Vietnam War peace.  And my hat goes off to those you are still able to support American Soldiers especially those from the 2nd Infantry Regiment going into harms way today..NOLI ME TANGERE!

mike ogden
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  Curtis I hope you don't mind me saying it but I appreciate your positive and encouraging demeanor here on our 2nd regiment website and your right this is a place for healing and finding old buddies you may of lost touch with through all these years or so ago and to know their still alive and doing well is very rewarding, as of late the VA has sent me to a psych to be evaluated as part of my claim for an increase in my disability for PTSD. Am waiting to hear back from them, I did contact the DAV and they said it looks like everything is going along in the norm. When I was in VN at one point a nva rocket landed just in front of me while I was laying in the prone position, well I was very fortuneate because all I got out of it was some shrapnel in my head. It's funny but I never did get sent out on dust off, I did'nt want to leave my guy's so I toughed it out and picked what pieces of shrapnel I could. Well now I been having headaches now for about five years and seems to be getting worse, think tomorrow i'll call our VA clinic and see if they would examine me, i'm sure it's something minor, interesting that after all these years and now I think I might be having symtems!!! God only knows!!!
              mike ogden 1/2 Black Scarves BRO '68'-'69'
                                NOLI ME TANGERE!!!
Ron Jackson (jack)
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hey guys this is one of my first posts here , I'm the FNG  here, i was in 1st platoon A co 2/2 may 68 to may 69, on track 111, and 113 , seeing your old post about some of the battles we were in , brings back memories, good and bad, i recall the  battle of thanksgiving 68  , they fed us turkey and all then shipped us out right after the meal, it was like our last supper,   i think that was the worst battle  that i saw during my tour in country.  One of the drivers of our tracks  was kia  he was right next to me   RICKY GREEN. He was one of my friends, there that was hard to  view that,  i do remember we lost our LT he was wounded and dusted off. Our guns 50s were melting down we were pouring motor oil on the barrels,and rounds were cooking off early, in the 50s  i dont remember how many hours we spent there but it seemed like days.   
                            jack    A2/2 68  69
Luther Patton
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Welcome Home Ron. And welcome to the board!
 I know how hard it is when you lose a good friend as you did in the Nam.  I lost two on November 29th 1967, one on December 8th 1967,  one on Dec. 22, 1967, April 1st and April 21st 1968!
I will never forget them, but i will carry on in life for them, and I  will until the day I die! 
Keep your chin up Brother, and keep on marching!  And i will do the same!
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon RTO
Recon. Platoon 29er RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68'
Donovan Kolness
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Ron (Jack) Jackson...

Do you remember the 1-2 squad leader who went by the knick-name of Turk? Or A guy called "Frash", or "Popcorn" in the 1-3 squad, or "Moose" in the 1-1 squad? Or, how about Richard Garcia or Eddy Gann?

The LT. who was wounded on November 29, 1968 was LT. Hugh Evans. I was a M-60 gunner that day and was dusted off on the same chopper as LT. Evans.

That was a bad day!

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2  1-2 squad
Oct. 68 - Oct. 69
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