Second Infantry Regiment

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  I know I've probably asked you this in the past, was Lt Evans 3rd plt ldr?, I was trying to remember when I move from mortars to 3rd plt
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  I've probably asked you this before, but was Lt Evans the 3rd plt ldr???, I was just trying to recall when I moved from mortars to 3rd plt, seems around that time.
Donovan Kolness
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Good morning Broz...

LT. Evans was the 1st platoon leader.

Take care Bro...
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RE, POST #50   yes i do remember all of the guys you mentioned , i remember moose he was my driver he was from green bay he he was always braggin about the packers, frash he always so cool  in battle ,  garcia ,  tuddy the doc we had he was from compton cal, we had alot in common coning from the the same area of town  what was his name?  i remember he was a black guy i have a pic of him holding a rpg launcher?   lookin forward to  the reunion in may to see ya all.     thanks guys
                             ron jackson
Thomas C Fohl
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I was with Charlie Company 2/2 4th platoon What I remember was the morning of the 27 we had incoming  mortars.  We had a company of  AR VANS on our left and right flanks we got on line and started going down a hill I was track commander at the time and I said to the guys Dam they sure are calling the artillery in close!  Wrong it was artillery from the NVA.  The next think I saw the track in front of me get hit.  Never saw so much enemy fire.  We went back up the hill we came from but the two company's of ARVANS disappeared so we were one company against battalion of NVA or outnumber 5 to one.  Kelly called in air support and the jets came in and bombed the hell out of the opposite hill.  I think it took us two more times to get to the top of the other hill.  There was a village there and a  lieutenant burn down a Hut.  I may be wrong but I think some TV filmed the burning. I had the 50 caliber that day and burned up the barrel.  No Thanksgiving Dinner until the 29th.  I don't know what outfit he commanded  but G Patton son came to our rescue plus allot of our own artillery.  Note I also remember Patton after the battle was over and things calming down having a bunch of dead gooks put around his track and  spent 50 shells all over(this was staged)  he took a picture and said this was his Christmas Card that year. A Medivac Helicopter came in but we had to knock down some rubber trees to make room (they were the best pilots) and some guy threw a gas grenade instead of the correct smoked the crazy things that happen in war.  I hope this helps you out.  This is the best of my memory it has been along time ago but I think it is all correct.  They are having a reunion of the 2/2nd at Pig ion Forge this May. I will send you the information hope to see you there

Tom Fohl

Terry Sage
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 I was with the recon platoon and we arrived in Loc Ninh on the 28th from thunder 4 and 1 section joined the assault on the 29th with the other section in reserve helping to secure the dust off LZ. As I recall only B company wasn't there as they hadn't come up to thunder 4 area yet. I think the 11ACR covered thunder 4 while we were all at Loc Ninh.
Michael Williams
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I just wanted to share that because of this and other posts on the board, I was able to "find" my track's driver and gunner and have a healing and insightful conversation with both. I was TC on 314 with C company at this battle.  Between Ssgt. Howard Rankin, David DeBaun, and Alvin Maciag my life was spared at least twice during this conflict.  This is the kind of stuff you hear about later on that still wakes you up in the night.  Rankin, Debaun and Maciag were all badly injured at a later date (December '68?) and medivacced to Japan then home for Maciag and Debaun. I was able to finally meet DeBaun yesterday and talk for several hours. Maciag called me later in the same day to answer several messages I had left with his son. Who would've believed that 3 old guys would tie up again in one 24-hour period 43 years later....   I haven't been able to find out long-term information on Rankin.  If anyone has fresh info on Howard F Rankin, please contact me through these boards.  Thanks for being here and Welcome Home!  Michael J Williams,   Mansfield TX

Rodger Carroll
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Hey to all of you Brothers. I have only been aware of this site for a couple of weeks now but I am finding it very interesting to read all of your stories. I have found one friend of mine from Nam and we only new each other for a couple of weeks in the rear before we were assigned to our units. He went to A/2/2 and I went to B/2/2. You guys probably know him, he is Donovan Kolness. I find it amazing that I was able to find him on this site. Even though we only new each other for a short while I always wondered what and how he was doing. I'm not sure why I never tried to look him up before but I think it was because I didn't even know his last name. I just saw a Donovan on this site and sent him a post and we have been emailing each other and swharing our lives since Nam. It's funny cause you all know him as "Spike" and I only know him as Donovan. Too funny! For what it's worth, I think this site is "AWESOME"!
I have noticed that there are not any Bravo Company people on here except for Curtis Parker. I was with B/2/2, Track 234 from 10/68 to 1/12/69 when I was WIA and sent home. I have even been told by someone on this site that my purple heart date should of been 1/11/69. I am not sure because I didn't know what day it was when I woke up in the hospital. If any of you know of any Bravo guys, my email is wing4rod@gmail.com
I have about thirty photos that I am going to try and get Tom Copeland to post for me ASAP.
Take care and God bless you guys.
Rodger Carroll
Track 234

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Rodger,  Welcome home, this is a great site, there are a few guys from B 2/2 on the site, folks get quite for a while then they jump back in again, we are having the 2 Regiment reunion, this May in Pigeon Forge, Tenn, there will be about a dozen guys from B Co there, plus all your new friends from 2/2 A/C/HHC and the 1/2 Black Scarfs.  It's a good time you should try to make it

Steve Brozyna
A 2/2 68-69
Mike Hillier
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My dad was at Loc Ninh with Co A 1ST BATT 18th infantry Lima platoon...he has been asking me to try and find out about some of the guys he knew since he is not to computer literate...just wondering if anyone knew him or of him....his name is also Mike Hillier (from MI)....i know these are posts that are a couple years old but hopefully people still come on here...thanks[B][/B]
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Mike Hillier,

You want to visit the 18th Infantry website, http://www.18inf.org/ and contact them both by email and by phone.

Good luck.
Mike Hillier
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Thanks for the info BCC
Ben Wagner
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Welcome back to the World.
Can the 1/2 Black Scarves guys participate here?

 I wish everyone made it back.  You all did a good job. I was at Loc Ninh a few times. We were there when Gen Keith Ware was shot down. He was a Medal of Honor recepient during WWII.  I was with HHC, HHC 1/2 Black Scarves communications, then B. Co 1/2 Black Scarves, with Lt. Green's (29r) Recon unit, Sam Miller (OK), Casey(So. IL). and so many others. Lt Col. Schlaminsky and Major Lacaprica were my first batallion commander and xo. Then LTC Fitzpatrick (MI) and Major Avant (NC). Then LTC Castle and who? I was B Co radio operator who replaced Sgt Randy Jackson (FL) . B6K. Then I became Batallion radio operator Drac 6K.

I was in the November battle at Loc Ninh. I always thought this really terrible battle in Nov 1968 was called the battle of hill 168. Am I wrong? This battle lasted 4 days and 3 nights. We were so low on ammo that the order was given to "fix bayonets". We started with 240 men and came back with 82. We had an enemy body count of 315. I believe my memory is correct. 

I was at An Loc, Quan Loi, the Parrots Beak north of Loc Ninh on the Cambodian border, Bu Dop, Ben Cat, Rang Rang, Tay Ninh, Lai Khe, Song Be (Nui Ba Ra and Nui Ba Din) and many others. I was also TOC Sgt with Duane Dace (Plymouth,IL), Sgt Ted Hargrove (Hammond, IND). Many thanks to the 2/2 for their mech units and Bravo Co artillery 18th Inf.

Do you all remember the 1st Infantry Div motto? "No mission to difficult. No sacrafice to great. Duty First." Danger Forward.

Can you believe it was 42 years ago?
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all.

Luther Patton
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Hi Ben, Welcome Home!
I was one of the Boys Of Delta Company, November Platoon, Black Scarf Battalion 1/2 Platoon RTO.
Arrived Viet Nam VIA USNS Geiger out of Port Tacoma, Washington arrived Viet Nam July 22, 1967. Phuc Vinh.
After The Battle Of Hill 172... 44 years ago this coming Dec. 8th, 1967, I  joined up with Recon. 29er Platoon one of the best Recon units. I joined Recon. 29er on or around Dec. 10th at Bu Dop.  I was the RTO for LT. Ramer, then Squad RTO, dumped the Prick 25 became the Point Man for Recon. after our Point Man Flash Man and The Duck were wounded on the same day.
Im so proud to be a Black Scarf, I served with lots of other good men From The Black Scarfs  1/2.
I was LT. Greens RTO during Operation Shenadoah Two, an outstanding officer! After I had joined Recon 29er, LT. Green became our Platoon Leader for Recon. 29er.
I had returned back to The World when The Battle Of Loc Ninh took place! I had heard that it was a pretty nasty battle.  LT. Green was awarded the Distinguish Service Cross for his actions.  He was wounded in the shoulder area I believe. Most of The Recon. Brother's of 29er met at The Reunion in Reno i think it was in 2002 or 2003!!!? Was so glad to see everyone including LT. Green. I could be wrong but I think he made LT. COL.
Like I said before, Welcome Home Ben. And to the board.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
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 Luther little short on words this time around/ 44 yrs ago long time GI/ pretty wild in Bu Dop/ merry xmas to all you folks/ keep on rollin luther/goodaim where are you?
          the Duck
richard garcia
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I was with A Co 2/2 ;1st squad ;1st platoon driver of 111 at Loc Ninh
I drove point on morning of 11-29-68 with Ed Gann on .50 and lt Evans Platoon Leader

Does anybody have :
1. copy of any type of orders for awards with Joe Vizaya on it?
2. Does anybody remember 12-30-68? I need details for a DA 638

Rich Garcia
9037 Kingelsy Dr
reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
(614) 804-2870

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??????   DA368????
Ray Williams
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DA638. Form is a Recommendation for Award.    Ray Williams ,(PSNCO) HHC 2/2 Aug 68 - Aug 69
Pete Farnham
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Hi guys, I was fire team leader, squad leader and platoon sgt and ldr (for two weeks when the LT was on R&R) during my year in Delta Company, 1st of the 2nd. Still have my black scarf. I was in Lima platoon. Got to Nam October 3, 1968, derosed home October 4, 1969. Spent time in Quan Loi, Lai Khe, back to Quan Loi, then the last several months in country we were in Dau Tieng, in Tay Ninh Province near the Michelin Rubber Plantation. 16 guys I know on the wall. I live in the DC area (Alexandria) so if any of you are in town sometime, gimme a shout.
Eddie Oliver
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Welcome on Pete and welcome to the site. I was with Co C 1/2 from 6-68 thu 3-69 and up north to the 5th Div. until I was hurt (not wounded that time) and sent to Japan hospital. I live just south of you on Gaston Lake which is on The VA. NC. border. If you are every down this way give me a shout. God bless.

Eddie (Andy) Oliver
John Kerins
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Pete welcome to the group!

I was 2/2 but we are all 2d Inf. So welcome brother.

FYI there is a truly great Back Scarf who also lives in Alexandria, MG Rick Anson (Retired) who was Bn Cmdr back around 70' I believe. He is also past Hon Col of the 2d Association.

Great guy, who has a few run ins with med issues lately. I know he love to hear from a neighbor and fellow Black Scarf.

(And you may get a kick, as I do, of calling a MG 'Rick'.)
Stephen Bell
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I was serving with C C 2/2 at Loc Ninh and later at An Loc 1 and An Loc 2 in 69.
Tom Kelly was the CO. I had just returned to the unit after a month in Japan when the 1st squad APC was blasted and the driver KIA. I was the new LT's RTO.  We also lost a few WIAs and KIA at Lon Ninh during a sweep on a NVA bunker line. I recall the mild surprise we had discovering we were pounding the NVA for a change.  They were fierce fighters.
  Last year a buddy from our unit was living in Vietnam. Through his wife he was able to meet the commanding officer of that NVA unit. The old gentleman politely told my friend that they feared the 2/2 more than any regiment in the US Army. They were shocked that when the fighting started they had the upper hand BUT then the 2/2 GIs turned on them, formed a skirmish line and charged their positions trapping them in their bunkers. I don't remember the enemy KIA numbers at Loc Ninh but it was close to 75 durning just one firefight at An Loc. The 8 inchers pounded them hard and their was lots of evidence indicating casualties in the hundreds? At An Loc the NVA tried to withdraw after again taking heavy losses. Air support came in and pounded them. Up to and including a B52 run. One of the guys in the 11 ACR who swept the area a week later was appalled by the carnage.
   The 11 ACR operated frequently on our flanks. We had a pretty lively firefight with them on one occasion. Their problem was they had no dismounted troops to frag the bunkers they over ran with their tracks. We only had about 5 or 6 trooper on our tracks. But we only had the .50 and one M60 while the 11 ACR only had 4 guys and 3 machine guns. Our grunts (2)?would tag along and frag the heck out of the bunkers that we overran. All the enemy bodies recovered were NVA. We tossed a lot of grenades. We also fire over 2K rounds of .50 and almost the same of 7.62. Multiple barrels blown out on both guns. And I remember not getting much sleep for about three days. Day time S&Ds and night time Ambush patrol every day for about a week? 
  The only 1st CAV unit we worked around was a Rat Patrol unit. They had 3 or 4 guys in a bunch of jeeps armed with M60s. The were very mobil but they got shot up pretty bad too. After losing about half their jeeps in an ambush near An Loc I never saw them in the field again.
George A. Pavlidis
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Was on Mac-V recon team 70 advising 5th Arvn's when C -co 2/2nd showed up, RON 27 nov., and engaged the 141st NVA on
28 Nov '68 in what would become 5th battle of Loc Ninh. On initial assault, I rode atop Capt. Kelly's command track, and observed his heroism on several occations. 78 NVA were KIA, approx. 22 GI's were WIA and I later learned that 1 GI later succumbed to his wounds. I later served with 1st Div units 6/15 & 8/6 arty. & derosed 9 / 69
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In reference to Stephen Bell post #72...that 1st Cav. unit was a company of 1/9.  They operated out of Quan Loi and I was on 333 track when they sent us out to help them. We arrived too late.  I remember how spooky it was to walk up to the lead jeeps and old weapons carriers and see AK and SKS brass in the vehicles and on the ground next to them.  They really got hurt on that one.
Tom O'Neill. 6 ACR
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Originally Posted by Michael Fredson
This is from Spec. 4 Michael Fredson to my Solider Brothers,

Were you there in the move to Dau Tieng in 1969?  It was a big move from the An Loc area, which we knew very well.  At Dau Tieng we worked the Black Virgin Mountain.  I lost two friends on the road around Black Virgin Mountain, Spec. 4 Bradbury and Spec. 4 Whorl.  Staff Sgt. Rankin was our Platoon Sgt. then.  In fact, Staff Sgt. Rankin saved Capt. Tom Kelly's life at Loc Nihn.  Before the Dau Ting move our base camp was at Lai Khe.  Those were the days, I was only 18 then.  Remember working the Thunders 2, 3, & 4?  And yes I was at Bandit Hill the night before it got overrun. 

Remember the barber at Bandit Hill?  They found him dead in the wire the next morning.  When you get this write me back.  I will send pictures soon. 

I ETS from Fort Riley, Kansas, in April 1970.

Mke Fredson
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