Second Infantry Regiment

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william schmidt
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Originally Posted by Lee Rogers
I served with the 1/2 1st Infantry Div. from Mach 10, 1967 to March 10, 1968. I was with Charlie Co. And was in Phuc Vinh and then moved sometime late in 1967 to Quan Loi. The only name I can recall is our squad leader's name "Casey." First operation was Junction City Two on Cambodian Border and involved in the Battle of Ap Gu. I was a radioman and carried the beloved "PRC 25." Took over supply to our forward unit from forward base camp in Quan Loi, after 7 months as a "grunt." A year that lives forever in my memory. Anyone with 1/2nd during that time? Lee Rogers
Was with C1/2 march 67 to April 68 my memory are scethy so long ago smitty or Ross they call me glad you came home 
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Originally Posted by Larry G


The officer was Clarence B. Sprouse, he was SGM of the 1st Infantry Division when Gen. DePuy commissioned him an officer and he was put in command of Company A, 1st Battalion.  Sprouse earned a Silver Star during the Korean War.

Larry G  

And Sprouse won his 2nd Silver Star in Vietnam. SliverStar.jpeg

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Merel: Clarence B. Sprouse was the first Sgt. Major of the Army. He had served in WWII Pacific and Korea along with working in the Central Intelligence Agency. Some at the Pentagon said that some officers might have a problem with him in his new position because he hadn't been to Vietnam. Sprouse at first said he would step down from the position, he was told 'no' not to do that. They went into a meeting approximately 4 months into his position in the Pentagon and someone brought up the fact that he had not been to Vietnam, Sprouse said without hesitation that he would go to Vietnam, jaws dropped. Sprouse said to put him in Woolridge's place. Sprouse went  to Vietnam and he was a favorite of General DePuy and trained troops on DePuy's cloverleaf method of paroling.
  Nothing to do with a reserve commission.

Larry G
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Attached is a bit more information on Clarence Sprouse. They are news releases from the 1st Infantry Division concerning his being commissioned a captain in Vietnam.

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Larry G
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As stated in previous posts Sprouse was SGM of the 1st Infantry Division. He was never a SGM of the Army.
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Woolridge was the first SGM of the Army and was involved in the NCO/EM Club scandal, mostly involving slot machines.
Willie Singleton
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I was in the 4th PLT weapons squad. I remember when Sp4 Hysel was hit that day
Willie Singleton
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I was in the 4th PLT weapons squad. I remember when Sp4 Hysel was hit that day. My tour of duty started January 1966, my assignment was with the 101st Abn, instead of joining the 101st I was assigned to B Company 1st Bn 2nd Inf because the unit had suffered a big lost Nov/Dec 1965
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