Second Infantry Regiment

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jack dunlap
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Im jack dunlap i was there 1966 -1967 co.1st pat. 2nd inf 
 i would like to get in contact with anyone  who served  then.
Merle Hanson SP4
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I arrived to Phouc Vinh in Dec 66 to Dec 67 Alpha Co. (DRACULA) black scarf.

I was the co radio operator.

I remember a FO by the name of Hesseltine. Another was Gary Hickman.

CO was Capt Slues, (Spelling).


Merel Hanson SP4
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Originally Posted by Merle Hanson SP4

I arrived to Phouc Vinh in Dec 66 to Dec 67 Alpha Co. (DRACULA) black scarf.

I was the co radio operator.

I remember a FO by the name of Hesseltine. Another was Gary Hickman.

CO was Capt Sluesser (Spelling).

After Capt Slusser we had a commander that was promoted from SGT Major to Capt because he had a reserve commsion.

Don't remember his name.



Bill Hearn
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I served as Company Commander of Bravo Company from August 67 through March 68.  Memories may not be too reliable after forty-four years but I will be happy to share any information I have through email with the former men of the Black Scarves during that period.  Bill Hearn

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Those of you that want a roster of some of the 1st Bn troops, please send me an e-mail and I will gladly send it to you.


B/2/2 1964 to 1970

Vietnam 1965 to 1970.

harold defibaugh
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i was with b 1/2 from dec 67- dec 68. my platoon sgt was sgt furbee, we had a medic by the name of dix. i remember a sgt lang that was kia in loc ninh. i spent most of my time in quan loi and some time in lai khe. had a sgt. by the name of o'grady. i was in re-supply the last 4 months of my tour.


harold defibaugh

b 1/2

dec 67-dec 68

Dennis Ikola
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I was in B 1/2 jan4 1967 to jan4 1968, wepons sq

Larry G
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Major Alexander M. Slussear was KIA on 16 August 1968 while serving as an Advisor with MACV Team 65 HQ.

Merle Hanson
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Larry G.


Thanks for the update.

That really sucks.


Larry G
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Originally Posted by Merel Hanson SP4
Originally Posted by Merle Hanson SP4
I arrived to Phouc Vinh in Dec 66 to Dec 67 Alpha Co. (DRACULA) black scarf.
I was the co radio operator.
I remember a FO by the name of Hesseltine. Another was Gary Hickman.
CO was Capt Sluesser (Spelling).
After Capt Slusser we had a commander that was promoted from SGT Major to Capt because he had a reserve commsion.
Don't remember his name.


The officer was Clarence B. Sprouse, he was SGM of the 1st Infantry Division when Gen. DePuy commissioned him an officer and he was put in command of Company A, 1st Battalion.  Sprouse earned a Silver Star during the Korean War.

Larry G  

david lorenzen
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Originally Posted by Mike Walden
I went over with the big red one in 1965 and left in mid June 1966. I had finished my three year enlistment. I was in recon HHS 1st Ban. 2nd Inf, 1st Inf Div. Thanks for your posting and if I can answer any questions let me know.
Thanks, Mike 
mike i was at ft Riley in 62. Got out.Went to HHc in Vietnam in 66 and was in recon.
Mike Walden
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Hello David,
I am trying to put your name together with the face. It has been such a long time. I seem to remember your last name. I was in Ward's plt. Drove the 34 jeep which was wrecked for a long time. In base camp I drove the 00 jeep and drove the officers to meetings in town. I used to have many pictures but they were all lost. Dr. Dennis Graham has some of our Recon unit before he went to  a line unit. I have gone to some of the reunions but I was the only one there from our time frame. Feel free to contact me via e-mail or on here.
Thinks and Welcome Home,
Mike Walden Hq 1st Bn, 2nd Inf. 1965 to 1966

J. Wenzel
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I wasnt in the1st of the 2nd but they were behind our little compound . I was in HHC  1st Div.  I was there from Dec 1965 till Dec 1966 I have a lot of pictures I would love to post if I knew how lol.  If anyone Konws Capt Bill Weaver or Cap Johnson (a doctor) I would love to hear from them.
Siegfried "ZEKE"
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Originally Posted by jack dunlap
Originally Posted by Glenn Clark

Looking for Randy Frady or anyone else stationed at Phoc Vinh from 4/1966 till 4/1967.

Im jack dunlap i was there 1966-1967 co.1st pat.2nd inf.

Lyle Hewitt
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I was with c co. 1st.bn. 2nd.inf. 1966-1967...,I talk with frank Beitzel every so often.
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 Glad to see you on the board, it is a great to see you on the board.  Frank
Lyle Hewitt
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Great talking to you again frank,,,,
Mark Carroll
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Hoping I found the correct Infantry Regiment... Please see obituary text below for John E. Madden, Combat Medic, Bronze Star Recipient, 1st Battalion 2nd Infantry - he was stationed at Phouc Vihn.

John was a few years older than me so I missed the Vietnam War but I served in Bosnia and Iraq.

I suspect, but cannot confirm, that John's service in Vietnam was probably during 1968 or 1969.

If you served with John please submit your condolences to his family at http://www.foosfuneral.com


John E. Madden February 18th, 2014

John E. Madden, 67, of Fremont, Ohio passed away February 18, 2014.  He was born on April 12, 1946 in Fostoria, the son of Joseph and Leilah (Ferguson) Madden.

John was a 1966 graduate of Fremont Ross High School where he was a member of the National Honor Society.  Upon graduation, John entered the Army serving in the Medical Corps as a combat medic in the 1st Battalion, 2nd infantry stationed at Phouc Vinh, Vietnam .  John was honored with a Bronze Star and Combat Medic Badge.  After returning to the states, he was assigned to the Walter Reed Medical Center. 

As a certified Master Gardener, John was a member of the Tree and Beautification Commission in Fremont.  His passions included growing dahlias, working in his garden, canning pickles and red beets and most importantly sharing his prize winning delicacies with his many friends and family.

John was very active in his community.  He was a member of the Sierra Club, National Arbor Day Foundation, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Democratic Central Committee and Grace Brethren Chapel where he supported missions and orphanages. 

He is survived by his mother, Leilah Madden, Hudsonville, MI; sisters Judy Bartson, Fremont and Carol Eaves, Wyoming; brother Joseph Madden, Kentwood, MI, Thomas (Grace) Madden, Caledonia, MI and Steven Madden, Newaygo, MI and many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews.  He is preceded in death by his father, Joseph. 

A memorial service and celebration of John’s life will be held on March 18 at 11 am at the Grace Brethren Chapel, 1820 S.t Rt. 590, Gibsonburg, OH 43431.

Gifts in memory of John may be made to the Grace Brethren Chapel-Cameroon Orphanage Fund, 1820 N. St. Rt. 590 Gibsonburg, OH  43431 or Fremont Tree and Beautification Committee c/o City of Fremont, 323 S. Front St., Fremont, OH  43420

Foos Funeral Home and Cremation Service, 504 E. McPherson Hwy, Clyde, Ohio is in care of the arrangements. 

Memories and condolences may be shared at http://www.foosfuneral.com

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Larry G
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You do have the right Infantry Regiment, John served with Company C, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry from March 1967 to March 1968.

I did not serve with him as I was with the 2nd Battalion but I do want to thank you for posting the information about John's passing.  May he rest in peace.

Larry G

P S Thank you for your service.
Stan Richards
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Originally Posted by Gene Giese, CO B 1/2 66-6
Welcome home all. I have been looking for anyone who served in the 1st Bn 2d Inf Reg, Ist Inf Div from July 1966 to 15 January 1967. If per chance anyone knows someone who served with Co B 1/2 please let me know. I was the platoon sergeant of the 2d Platoon from Aug 66 to Jan 67
Lyle Hewitt
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Frank Beitzel,write or call me. I lost all my emails. Thanks.
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Does anyone remember SSG Charles O. DeJean III?  He was with 1st Bn 2nd Inf in Phouc Vinh and was killed in action on July 9, 1966.  Any info will be helpful.  I'm searching for info for his sister.
Larry G
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SGM Bob,

SSG DeJean along with 7 other soldiers from Company B, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry were killed during the Battle of Minh Thanh Road.  Information about SSG DeJean can be found at this link.


A narrative about it can be found at this link. http://quarterhorsecav.org/pg4f0a.htm

Larry Grzywinski
2d Inf Regt Assn

Jim Johnson
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Myself and life long friend Jere Mack arrived in Camp  Alpha on 23 Feb 66 assigned to the 173 Airborne Brig. We had just graduated from jump school 10 days prior to are arrival.  There was a company formation at which time approximately 30 of the 100 troopers going to the 3rd herd were informed that we were being diverted to a leg unit because they needed replacements badly.  THAT SUCKED.  NO JUMP PAY AND NOT ALLOWED TO SERVE WITH AN AIRBORNE UNIT IN A COMBAT ZONE. HEy WE WERE MAD BACK AT FT BENNING WHEN WE SAW WE WERE NOT GOING TO THE 101 ST.  WELL SO MUCH FOR THE THINKING OF A COUPLE 18 YEAR OLD PVT E-2S. ANYWAY AT LEAST AS LUCK HAD IT WE BOTH ENDED UP AT PHOUC VINH ASSIGNED TO B 1/2 4TH PLATOON AND THEN THE SAME 8 MAN SQUAD. We joined on buddy plan which said we would be assigned to same unit at least through basic. Well we were assigned to same units for all three years of our enlistment. We had known each other since we were 10 years old. After Nam we finished our enlistment with 82 Abn Div @ Ft Bragg.  O.K. back to Big Red One. To cut to the chase we saw more trigger time than most of the units working III Corp. We pretty much worked the Cambodian border where we kept running into large NVA units sent south to beef up the 9 VC Div. 271 st, 272 nd and 273 rd VC Reg. We got BOO KOO body counts in the Iron Triangle however over a period of endless weeks of  humping going from the triangle to the plantation and then over to Tay Ninh Provence participating in operations Abaline, Birmingham, Elpaso I & II which cost us dearly.  upon our arrival the company had about 125 to 135 troops.  By July 9th 1966 we were down to  86 bodies to fight the battles of Ap Tau O, Loc Ninh plantation, Srok Dong, the Phou Loi Battalion on Aug 25 th working our way up to July 9th where B co. road up MINH THANH ROAD with B & C Troops of 4th Cav. along with 5 M-48 tanks. We were told that we were getting a free ride up to a new AO and the Cav was picking up a bull dozer that was used on new airstrip. BOLOGNEY THE DIVISION FATHERS USED US AS BATE BY LETTING INFORMATION LEEK TO THE ENEMY THAT WE WERE A WEAK SOUTH VIETNAMISE ARMOR UNIT. All of the  stats Im giving you now come out of the 1st Division Danger forward magazine Vietnam battles Part Two.  Not going to get to detailed now with  the minute by minute description of what we went through. However my track got hit with two  82mm Russian mortor rounds thus blowing up the fuel tank. All I know is that me, Jere and Sgt Burke seemed to be the only ones that got out and most likely the track commander on the 50 cal. The M-16 we were issued were a joke. The had aluminum bolts that warped after about 10 clips on auto and were completely useless then. Had it not been for the 96 sorties and 2200 rounds of artillery used to support us during the first three hours we would have been over run and all been KIA. However I was lucky and only spent 3 months in 3rd field hospital in  tan su nut. After that  we carried on like everyone else and counting the days till becoming SHORT TIMERS.  However being a short timer did not mean you were bullet proof. Howard Hysel walked past me while we were changing point and I said "HEY HYSEL HOW SHORT ARE YOU? to which he replied " IM SO SHORT I CAN WALK UNDER CLOSED DOORS 10 AND A WAKE UP GOING TO CATCH MORNING CHOPPER BACK TO BASE CAMP BEGIN PROCESSING. Five minutes later if that 5 shots from a American M-1 carbine rang out thus causing an explosion. Yup Hysel got hit in the claymore he was caring by sniper fire and we took him to the dust off in two pieces.  THE END

Jere Mack
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Hey brother you are right on the money with our short history. Jim and I are looking for Pvt. Gleason who was with us on July 9, 1966. If anyone knows him or where we could find info on him please let us know.
Thank you.

Sp5 Jere Mack
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