Second Infantry Regiment

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I'm still looking for a copy of the book 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam, Vol. 2, for a veteran friend at a good price.  While searching, I saw a copy of Vol. 1 at manions.com for $50. No one had bid on it by closing yesterday, but they may still have it if you call.  (I've seen these books bring over $200.)

I'd love to find Vol. 2 for that price. I just cringe to know that so many are looking for the books, and at the same time, some may be discarded for lack of interest.

Does anyone know of a Vol. 2 for a good price?

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I just noticed that Manions has the same book (another copy or the same, I don't know) up for bids now, starting at $45. I am only trying to give someone who is looking for this book a chance. I know how hard they are to find. I have nothing to do with this company - just happened upon it during a Google search for the book that I am looking for.
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1.) If you are still looking for one, as you posted, buy the one at Manions. They WILL sell it to someone who wants to buy it, plus S_H.

2.) If you can find ANY volume , 1,2,or 3 for less than One Hundred Bucks, it IS A GOOD PRICE. Ask the folks at Cantigny gift shop. They always are on the look out.
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The books at Manions are Vol. 1. I need a Vol. 2, but thanks for the suggestion about Cantigny. I will check with them.  You are right about anything under $100 being a good price. I had to give more than the $50 listed for the Vol. 2 and 3 I purchased for our family. The Vol. 2 I need is for a friend.  Thanks for replying. LOVE this website. 
Larry G
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BCC you are so right about the cost of these books.  I was lucky enough to get Vol. 1 for $35.00 and vol. 3 for $50.00.  Still no luck on vol 2 at a reasonable price.  Believe it or not these books went for $5.00 a piece when they were first published, so don't any of you out there ever pay the rip off prices they are asking especially $200.00.

Larry G
Harry R. Parks
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I serverd with C-Trp, 1/4th Cav, 1st Infantry Division from 20 Jan 67 to 25 Jan 1968. I have 1st Infantry Division Vietnam Vol #1, but truly desire to have volume #2. If anyone can please point me in the right direction to acquire this book I would greatly appreciate it.


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Harry Parks,

All I can say is to constantly check eBay and other auction sites, like Manions. Learn how to get the top bid in to win. Be willing to pay auction prices.
Harry R. Parks
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Thank you for the advice, I will give it a shot.

No mission too difficault, No Sacrifice too great
          Duty First
     "Prepared and Loyal"


The Saint
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Parks, here is an address that can help you find the book you want.
Turner Publishing Company
Publishers of Military History
  P.O.Box 3101
Paducah, KY
Hope this can help you.
Harry R. Parks
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Saint, your help is very much appreciated. I will give this a try and keep you posted on the outcome.

The Saint
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Parks, here is the picture of what you are looking for.
I got the picture out of E-bay.

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We did finally get all the volumes of the yearbooks for First Division in Vietnam, so we now have a complete set. Thank you to everyone who helped.  You can make a "Google Alert" so that anytime the phrase "Big Red One in Vietnam," or "First Division yearbook" appears anywhere on the internet, you will be notified via email.  
TJ Lange
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I served with HQ Co. 1-7th Artillery,
1st Infantry Division, 1968 base camp, Dion, as an RTO (Radio Telephone Operator). My call sign was "Detonate 24 kilo".
Jim Leslie
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FYI......there are two early unit historys printed by Dai Nippon Printing, Tokyo, Japan for the 2nd Brigade, 1st Division Vietnam. Both have blue cloth covers with the early brigade patch on the front. (1) Vietnam "The first Year" A Pictorial History of the 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. (2) Vietnam A Pictorial History Volume I, 2nd brigade, 1st Infantry Division. These are the only two I have seen of the early years and are very very hard to find. I do not think there was a volume two printed. I think the other three historys came next and were the last. Jim
Steve DeLacy
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Thanks to this posting, I started thinking about volume 3 which I'd tried to search for several years ago. On a whim I went on Amazon not 10 minutes ago and found a copy of volume 3 for $60. Now my collection (1, 2 and 3) will be complete.
Just to remind us how cost of things change over the years, I have a letter and a $1.00 (un cashed) refund check from the Big Red One Association in Vietnam dated August 1, 1969 telling me, and I quote: "Due to a reduction in printing costs, we are able to sell the volume for $5.00 instead of the original price we quoted of $6.00". It's a chuckle knowing that even in 1969, it must have cost more than $1.00 just in time spent to type up the letter and check. The reason I never cashed it was because the check is imprinted "Tan Son Nhut Military Banking Facility."

Track 221
Mar '67 - Mar '68
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Steve, Glad you got Volume III.  I am trying to get the editor of that volume to get to a BRO Reunion, as part of his current job.  If you look in the back, you will see the names of the folks who put that book together.  At the top is 1LT Bill Geist.  The same Bill Geist who is a correspondent for "CBS Sunday Morning" 

Contact CBS and try to get them to assign Bill to a BRO Reunion.
nancy denise grissom grif
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Dear bcc,,I would like to also get one of these books,but I don't know wich book my uncle would or could be in,so I don't know what one to look for,,he was in,,co.D
nancy denise grissom grif
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Sorry,,,uncle was in,,co.D 1/2 black scarfs,1968-1989.would I look for books 1,2,or 3.thanks so much.
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It is EXTREMELY doubtful that your uncle's photo would be in the book (Vol. 2 or 3) as each battalion only gets one, occasionally two pages, and it is not like a high school yearbook, no individual pictures.

 For your purposes, I don't believe the expense is worth it.  I don't mean to rain on your parade.  Maybe one of the guys with a copier access and the right volumes, can copy the Black Scarf pages in each book for you.

How about it guys???
Luther Patton
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If it could be possible, I would love to have copies from the book on The Black Scarf's as well.
I just wish now that I would have bought one while in the Nam. 
What I would like to know? Who puts the Calendar together for The Society of The First Infantry Division?  And on how and where they can access the picture's that make up the calendar?  
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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You could probably call or email the Society with the query.  They probably could give you the answer right away.
Larry G
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I scanned and attached the page on the 1st Battalion from the 2nd volume of the First Infantry Division in Vietnam.  It is a bit cut off on the top and sides because the book page is larger than either of my scanners.  The book is for the time period 1 May 1967 to 31 December 1968 but the narrative for the battalion begins in January 1968.  Also, in the lower right corner is a photo with Captain Frank Spiers, he was KIA on 22 March 1969.

As for the calendar, the Society put it together and the photos most likely come from the archives in the research library at the 1st Division Museum at Cantigny.

Larry G

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Luther Patton
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Thanks Larry and BCC, for the help.  It is much  appreciated. Will do.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Amy Carroll
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I am trying to find the companion books to Vietnam A Pictorial History Volume II 2D Brigade 1st Infantry Division. If anyone could please advise. I am attempting to find them for my father.
Amy Carroll
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Larry G,

My father has a book. It has a faded blue cloth cover and is Titled
A Pictorial History
Volume 2
2d Brigade 1st Infantry Division

I am attempting to find the next book in the series for my father. Do you have any guidance where one might be found. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You in Advance,
Amy Carroll
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