Second Infantry Regiment

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Larry G
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I did not know that there were any history books published during Vietnam that were BRIGADE specific. If it is volume 2 then one has to assume that there were others and I wonder if others were published for the other two brigades. Anyone out there have any input?

The only books I know of are the 3 volumes titled FIRST INFANTRY DIVISION IN VIETNAM with the dates the volume covers and the volume number.  The first has a blue cover, the second a black cover and the third a brown cover.  They are about the entire division and all its units during a specific time span.

Larry G
Luther Patton
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Hi Larry,
Yes, they were selling them back in the Nam during my tour I believe they were five dollars.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong on the price. I was just happy to be going home, didn't even give a second thought, about buying one back then. Now I wish I would have bought about twenty of them for they sell in the hundreds now. 
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heres copies of the first pages in the volumeII yearbook, as you can see it doesn't have everybodys picture in it
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I have all three volumes. Would you be interested in all three for $100.00?
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Halman, If you haven't sold your copies of 1st Infantry Division Vietnam Vol 1,2 & 3, I'd be interested in buying them.

Please contact me asap.

email: cpetr1809@aol.com
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Halman, If you haven't sold your copies of 1st Infantry Division Vietnam Vol 1,2 & 3, I'd be interested in buying them.

Please contact me asap.

email: cpetr1809@aol.com
jeff lakatos
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Originally Posted by Pat
I'm still looking for a copy of the book 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam, Vol. 2, for a veteran friend at a good price.  While searching, I saw a copy of Vol. 1 at manions.com for $50. No one had bid on it by closing yesterday, but they may still have it if you call.  (I've seen these books bring over $200.)

I'd love to find Vol. 2 for that price. I just cringe to know that so many are looking for the books, and at the same time, some may be discarded for lack of interest.

Does anyone know of a Vol. 2 for a good price?

I have one of Volume 1 AND Volume 2
Peter papierski
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I have an original Vietnam a pictorial history volume 2 2nd brigade 1st infantry division book in fair condition it's black with blue cloth cover it's a very rare book open to offers
Vincent Circelli
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Hello all :) Thank you for your service. I have acquired 2 copies of these very special books.

1) Vietnam - The First Year- A Pictoral History - Second Brigade - First Infantry Division. This book is is almost new shape. Some fading on the blue hard cover but not very noticeable. Still has the plastic cover on it and is still in the original box sent to the Soldier’s parents by the US Army with names address and postage.

2) Vietnam A Pictoral History - Volume II - Second Brigade - First Division. This book is in mint condition. It still has the plastic cover on it as well and It also has the same original box sent by the US Army to the Soldiers parents with address and 3 cent postage.

I’ve never seen these books presented like this before. Having the original US Army box that they sent the books in is pretty freakin cool.

I would be willing to sell these books, but it would need to be a fair offer for such a rare example. Anyone that would like to inquire, please call or email me. I also have a bunch of other specific documents that were issued to all personnel on base of specific battles which include MIA’s, POW’s, KIA’s etc of both the enemy and ours. These also summarize the battles into small stories of victory and even names the exact amount of rations, weaponry, food and supplies that were currently there. So cool. Love this stuff.

I appreciate alll of your service and if you’d be interested in any of these items please call or email me. Thanks! ~Vince


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