Second Infantry Regiment

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neil atkinson
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I served with c 1/2 in viet nam from oct 1965 to oct 1966 left ft devens mass. with original company. I had a very good friend in a 2/2 by the name of Albert Killgore he was the commo chief, has anyone seen or heard from him.

john h johnston
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raggs? do you remember tommy freese from mortars? he was from iowa, id love to find him. he was a nice guy. johnny johnston c/1/2 66-67
harry guenterberg
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    I was with b co 1/2 and left ft. devens for nam july 65 and returned home aug 66. a neibhor of mine was in c co. he was the como sgt. leonard atkinson, did you know him. never seen him at devens. but did get drunk with him when capt costello got killed.

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