Second Infantry Regiment

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Bill Sly
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Even as some people have said RIP to Joe, I can assure you that he is alive and kicking.

Joe has just finished a book called Hard To Kill. It covers two areas of his life. His time in Vietnam starting on May 23.1969 and continues through April 1970 when he brought the Battalion colors back from Vietnam.

The other half of the book covers his role in bringing Pedaphile Priests to court.
This book can be found on Amazon
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I hadn't heard the rumors, but I am glad to know he is still kicking, and above the ground.  Never met Joe, though we left CONUS within days of each other.  I left BLDG 590 in Oakland on 25 May 69.
Bill Sly
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BBC If you read the book, you will find out the Joe claims to be the officer of the guard on the night that the King Cobra was killed on guaed duty out at Dau Tiang.
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My med caused blurred vision keeps me from reading books for now, but it is good to know.  I did talk to Alpha's XO LT Pavone several years ago and he recalled the incident well.

The Alpha troop who put the body shots on the snake in the bunker (while it lay upon a half dozen LAWs) got the credit for the kill in "Stars and Stripes" while I am the one who committed the coup de grace by offing its head with a swing blade. Que sera sera.

Without all the body shots, it would have made several really nice belts.
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