Second Infantry Regiment

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Alvin Howard
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Does anyone know if major George foster is still alive and if so his whereabouts he was in S-3 I think of the 2/2 in 1969 any information would be helpful
Larry G
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Could his name possibly be Forest or Forrest? There is a George Forrest, Major S-3, BN XO 1969 on the roster. It shows that he was living in Maryland.
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This could be him if you have any information on him please let me know. Thanks
Larry G
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The only other info I have is that he was living in Leonardtown, Maryland and I really don't know how old the info is. That is if it is actually him.
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Here is a 2003 article on him.

Larry G
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How do you know that this is the same George Forrest that was with the 2/2 in 1969.
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The easy way.  A simple phone call.  His family now has a link to this thread.  He will see it tomorrow.
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