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Joe Fair
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With May just around the corner I want to pause and make note that May 1969 was the worse single month as far as casualties for Alpha Company 1st Battalion 2nd Infantry 1st Infantry Division during the Vietanam War:

Here's our May 1969 KIA's:

Lt. Alphonso Chavis                      27 May

PFC Cary Corrie                            12 May

PFC David Demings                      12 May

SP4 Earnest Freeman                     12 May

PFC Donald Garrett                       12 May

PFC Ronald Gray                           12 May

PFC Harvey Lawrence                   12 May 

SP4 Robert Lewis                           12 May

SP4 Raymond Norvell                    12 May

SP4 David Peterson                          9 May

1Lt. Guy Pratt                                   9 May

Sp4 Cecil Queen                             12 May

Sp4 Kenneth Smith                         27 May

Sp4 Charles Stultz                          12 May

Sp4 Bobby Yewell                          12 May


9 May was a frontal assault by Alpha Company on a VC bunker complex outside of Quan Loi

12 May was a VC/NVA ground attack at Quan Loi- Alpha was sent to reinforce the perimeter

27 May was a landing in a hot LZ outside of Song Be


Let's never forget.


Joe Fair

A 1/2

March 1969 to March 1970


Larry G
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You are so correct on that Joe.


The worst single day for any company of the 1st Battalion 2nd Infantry during Vietnam was 25 August 1966 when 18 soldiers from Company C were killed at the Battle of Bong Trang.


Let us not forget any of the fallen of the 2nd Infantry from 1791 to the present. 

Joe Fair
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Just sitting here and pausing to remember the eleven men of Alpha Company 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry killed on May 12, 1969 during the ground attack at Quan Loi. It's been 43 year but I remember it like it was yesterday.


Joe Fair

A 1/2

March 1969 to March 1970



Monte George
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A footnote to start. My E-Mail address reflects a 1/2 web site I used to run.  It may still be there, but I haven't updated it in a long time.

I remember all three days well and still do not like the month of May. 9 May was not exactly a frontal assault, but it felt like one.  We were actually following a trail that circled the base camp and had covered more than half the circle when the NVA opened up.  I was unlucky enough to be in all three fights, including being in the assault platoon on 27 May. I was lucky enough to have survived, but can never forget those who were not so lucky.

Monte George
Joe Fair
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Hi Monte

I was with Alpaha Company 1st Battalion 2nd Infantry from April 1969 to March 1970. I was in Lima Platoon. Wmhen I first joined the unit CPT Sully was our CO and the 1SG was a tall, baldheaded man but I can't remeber his name. In June our CO became CPT Coker and the 1SG was Cabrera. Both good guys.

I assume you were in November Platoon since you were in the Hot Landing Zone outsdie of Song Be. Do you recall Cary Dawkins and Jerry Allen?

I have been in contact with 22 fellow Alpha Company soldiers. Give me a call our e-mail me and let's chat.

Phone 270-789-1395
 E-mail  regniafair@gmail.com

Joe Fair
Michael Sears
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I was with A 1/2 and served as RTO with Lt's Zaccaro  and Thompson (maybe,forgot name) with Lima Platoon from January thru May 1969. I missed the Quan Loi ground attack while on R&R and was reassigned to Cam Ran Bay when I got back. I've forgotten the name of our first CO, but remember Captain. Scully who replaced him. Scully and I didn't get along at all. Also forgot the name of our giant 1st Sgt. "Top". He was a great leader.

I do recall being accidentally  attacked by a Cobra while on ambush patrol although I have blocked most of that. Anyone remember that?
Joe Fair
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I am trying to remember you. I joined the Company in April 1969 and was with Lima Platoon. Lt Domenic Zazarro was the Platoon Leader and Sgt Dale Rillings was the Platoon Sgt. I can't recall the big, tall, baldheaded 1st Sgt's name. I recall Cpt Scully very well. We only served together a short-time since I joined the unit in April 1969. I was at Quan Loi during the ground attack. I had made friends with Demings, Gray and Freeman who were killed May 12, 1969.

Cpt Coker and 1SG Cabrera joined the unit in early June 1969. They were great leaders.

I have written a book called "Call Sign Dracula". It is in the process of being published. When it is avaialable I wll make sure you get a copy. I will add your name to my list. The May 1969 battles are descibed in detail.

Send me an e-mail and attach a photo if you have any. Perhaps I will recall you. I will also do the same.

My e-mail is regniafair@gmail.com

Joe Fair
Michael Sears
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email and photos are on the way.
Michael Sears
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Anyone remember the f'd up mission where Alpha was sent somewhere in the delta. We set up for an over night in an open area and when the tide came in we had to stand all night. They had to send a boat to extract us. If I recall, the landing craft that picked us up was named "Purple Haze."
Monte George
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Hi Joe,

I remember Cary Dawkins very well.  He was from North Carolina if I remember right.  I can almost place Jerry Allen.

I was the F.O. On 27 May I moved north to the point of contact where the medic and the Kit Carson scout were hit. I remember Lt. Chavez running by me just before he got hit. He was yelling something like "I have to save my men."  My radio was broken, so I grabbed the platoon radio when the radio operator ran by me after Lt. Chavez was hit. My Recon Sgt.Tindal Stephens crawled up to Lt. Chavez several times trying to save him, but there wasn't any hope. Our little group spent about two hours at the very north end of the clearing, about 100 meters north of most of the platoon. I had called in over 800 rounds of artillery, helicopter gunships and ARA during those two hours, as well as TAC Air. When Recon 2/2 showed up, we crawled back to the main platoon position. Tindal was badly wounded in the ankle. Might have been a grenade, but I suspect that one of the ARA runs came in too closely. I remember 2/2 Recon lined up and facing to the Northeast and Lt. Clark being hit and falling off the back of the track.  I am trying to remember who was in our little group beside Tindal and me.  I believe one of the medics and possible the platoon RTO.

Monte George
Joe Fair
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Hello Monte
I talk to Cary Dawkins and Jerry Allen from time to time. Cary is from Rockingham, NC and Jerry is from Lumberton, NC. I was with Lima Platoon. We rode with the Recon of the 2nd Battalion to help you guys out at the hot LZ.
As we swept across the open area on line Marty Vazanna and I found LT Chavis, Smith and the scout lying together. All three were dead at that time. I recall loading the bodies onto the APC's and making our way back to Song Be. What a shame to lose three good guys.
Hey let's get together and chat. My home phone is 270-789-1395 and my e-mail is regniafair@gmail.com

Joe Fair
A 1/2
Apr 1969 to Mar 1970
Monte George
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I'll try to call.  I am tied up today waiting for the air conditioner repairman.  I'll call after repairs.

For another question on the web, I believe the 1st Sgt was Top Miller.

Monte George
Scott Turner
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Dear Sir's,

 I would like to say Thank You all for you service to this nation. I'm a retired AF vet and I'm constantly doing research on military losses from my hometown in NC. I was wondering if you guys could help me finding any history of the 12 May 1969 battle in which Earnest Freeman was lost. He is from my hometown in Morganton NC.

Thanks much for your help/guidance.


Scott Turner
Joe Fair
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Please contact me as I can speak about Earnest Freeman.

My email address is joefaira121@gmail.com and my phone number is 270-789-1395

Joe Fair
Curtis Parker
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Yes April 1968 was a Bad Month for our 2nd Informationen Regiment.
Dale thompson
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Hi I served as company RTO. From Oct 68 to Oct 69
Tried to forget my time there for many years but now , with maturity , it was the best time of my life. Taught me what service means , that death isn’t fearful and to appreciate.
Coker and Scully were my boss and well remember Lei Khe, Quan Loi, Song Bea , Dau Tiang. Can’t remember first CO either. But when I first arrived Sgt Ulner took me under his wing and I am so grateful.
SSGT Palmquist, sgt Dale Rillings and a FO who always practiced martial arts.
Elthridge and Barton,. My parents attended funeral for DavePeterson who was also from
Mn I was wounded on that day in May and pulled
Lt GLEN PRATT to the rear went out on medieval with him and Kenny Smith. Good and bad memories more life lessons than i could understand
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