Second Infantry Regiment

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Not Listed
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  At this writing I have been diagnosed with neuropathy.  The cause to me at this time is uncertain. The logic behind this is I have a service connected spine issue. I believe one of the side effects is neuropathy. I recently had a physical/blood work, I also saw a VA neurologist. He explained to me that my neuropathy is a spin off caused by diabetes. At this time I  am not aware of being a diabetic due to the recent semi- annual physical that I do regularly.   Presuming I have diabetes Could this diabetic issue be caused/related to agent orange.                                             NL

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Type II Diabetes is one of the maladies attributed to Dioxin (Agent Orange)  Talk to your VA PCP or Nurse Case Manager and find out what your blood glucose levels are.

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Type II Diabetes is one of the maladies attributed to Dioxin (Agent Orange)  Talk to your VA PCP or Nurse Case Manager and find out what your blood glucose levels are.


It would also help to  be talking with tour DAV NSO.

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Mr. not listed, get to the doctor at the VA asap. Yes the diabetes is related to the agent orange. I have type 2, and it is no fun. At this time the doctor took me off the medicine Metformine, I diet and exercise everyday....


Rick Ginkinger (Jr.)
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I have everything you are talking about, I can no longer feel my legs or feet, now it is in my arms and hands. They gave me 100% service connected and 100% unemployable. Had it for 8 years. Yes, go to your service officer right away. Jr

Not Listed
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  I want to thank you guys for the input. I will attempt to explain more thoroughly.  July 2011  I filed a claim for neuropathy    [I had an EMG a few monthes before, results suggest neuropathy]  I went to the C&P board, well you can imagine what happened when the results suggest neuropathy.

 Sept. I had my  semi physical [primary doctor VA] blood work etc.  I also had an appointment for the liver doctor, diabetes was never mentioned by him. my blood count is 6.2    [ I believe 6.5 is the magic number].   I

 I will also explain that I also has disc. disease in my lower spine [serv. connected], which initially was thought to be the cause of my neurapathy.

 I saw the neurologist  10/19/2011 his diagnosis in his report, neurapathy likely caused by elevated blood work.   [Note key word likely]

 My primary care doctor has me taking Gabentin 300 mg  X 3 times a day, which in my opinion has little or no effect.

 So in essence my EMG, suggest neuropathy,  [spine issue] and or likely elevated blood work, and no clear diaganosis at this time.  NL

Luther Patton
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So glad that this has been posted.  I was in Third Corp some of the most heavly sprayed area in South Viet Nam.  And I'm under a Doctor's care for my back and the pain that i have.  Im all so 100% for PTSD, so i have my blood work and checkups through the V.A.
My Pain doctor has told me that i have Degenerate Disc Disease and Oster Athritis in my spine. And it is chronic back pain.
I worked twenty year's for Rainbo Baking Company and i did alot of lifting, twisting, and bending for over three years while working on the bread oven and i thought because of this repition movements day in and day out was causing the pain. But now after reading this post about disc disease makes me now wonder that it could be Agent Orange causing the Degenerate Disc Disease.
I have a Baker Csist on my left knee and I have alot of leg cramps and pain in my left leg as well.
I'm open for any impute on what i have just written Brother's.  I know that i cannot get any more disability for I'm already 100% for PTSD.
And I had four Stents put in about four years ago as well.  I know that Agent Orange has to do with Ishemic Heart Conditions as well. 
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68'  
Not Listed
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  I too was in the 3rd corp, in 1966  I was told that I had spondylolthesis, and received a profile to only carry 35 lbs on a combat mission.  Fast forward to 1968, more visits to the hospital [State side] about my back. I received another permanent profile, to stooping running, crawling, etc. [permanent profile],  I filed a claim with the VA in 1968, I was told my back problem is a birth defect, ...

  It is now 2010, my back issues are getting worse, [note I also lifted heavy object, and I am sure I did not help the situation any ] and I saw my civilian doctors, now the story is even though I had a birth defect, it was aggravated by the service.  I saw my primary care doctor and my condition was confirmed.

  I filed a claim for my back, [degenerative disc.disease] and received 10% SC.   I will contest this when this neurapathy issue is determined [see my other post above].

 I filed a claim For ptsd, the doctor said I definitely have ptsd, but that issue is pending, and at this time I filed for neurapathy also, I guess the key words are lower back pain.

   In my opinion Degenerative disc. disease can be caused by trauma, aging, and arthritis.             NL

John Venn
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I have severe back issues that go all the way back to Basic and AIT.  There is now pretty significant nerve root pressure which causes pretty intense leg pain.  I have had a CAT scan, several MRIs, diskogram and ENC.  They concluded the problems were due to severe Stenosis which was placing significant pressure on the nerve roots in the lowere Lumbar region. 

Sounds like you are in the same boat?
Not Listed
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  Thanks for the comment John,  I googled spinal stenosis.... it also led me to the cervical spine  [upper spine], that too is one of my issues, [hernited discs.] which the VA knows about [no pain or discomfort yet] and has been ignored to date.

 I have no opinion on that issue, but the neurologist said I definitely have neurapathy......that maybe caused by Diabetes? I also degenerative disc. disease which may or not be the cause

 What I am concerned about, is I would like a simple answer what is causing my problem. Since I filed a claim with the VA, [which is retro active if I win the award] for neurapathy, I was under the impression that is caused by an old Service Connect issue, now that has changed to an diabetic issue.

 This turn around has my county VSO. confued to say the least, it like a medical and legal wording issue.      Nl

Mike Walden
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I will be dammed, this all the crap I have but the killer is I don't have type 2 diabetes. They have checked and checked but no type 2. Have everything else and they have run every needle some as Long as 12 inches into me in all joints.
Woke up a couple years ago and could not control my arms legs and was just jumping with massive pain. Spent 9 days in the the hospital while they did all these crazy tests. Was in a wheel chair for several months and then a walker. I now have to use a cane to keep balance and from falling. Have Neoropathy in the feet and legs really bad and can only stay on my feet for 15 min. My Kidneys are real bad and heart trouble that is unexplainable. I have seen the neuro people and they have done ct and MRI scans. Get to live on morphine and a ton of other pills. If it were not for my wife and son I would have blown my head off because of so much pain. I freeze night and day and I live in Central Ca. Just in the last few months a couple of good DR.s have told me under the table that yes it is agent orange but nothing can be done. Not every one gets type 2 Diabetes. In short I am mess. Did not do drugs or drink much and up to the 8 years was very healthy and things started happing. Can't work on my hot rod or corvette or do the things that I love like fly fishing. Have PTSD and a good Dr. which has been helpful. I am not crying, Just glad that I am not alone in this. Don't want to wish this on anyone. The VA won't tell me Squat. With the pills I sleep about 12 hours a day. I bless all the people who put up with me. I am only 65 now. Funny went through with out being wounded and just a few scratches.
Mike Walden,
Hq's, Recon. 1st Bn, 2nd Inf. BRO 1965-1966

Not Listed
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 I saw my primary Doctor again yesterday  [11/14/11] and my neuropathy issue was addressed again, and as my last visit I did not receive a diagnosis, [to pursue a claim] how ever agent orange was was mentioned.    With that said the Doctor raised my medication for this issue 100%.

  I will see the county VSO. today and get his re-action.

Mike Walden
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One other note. They used to give Gabapentin which seemed to work well for the Neoropathy until it put me in the hospital  and caused white cells to freak out and many other items. They found that it will cause you to be septic with other meds. Be careful out there and good luck.
Mike Walden,
Hq Recon 1st Bn, 2nd Inf 1965-66  

Not Listed
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  Saw primary care doctor, same old story  I have neuropathy [diagnosed with] but cause is not certain, primary suspect is diabetes. I have been pre diabetic for years which elevates the A1C count, so there is no answer at this time..

  Gabentrin after 2 days seems to be upsetting my stomach, which I will monitor, for any more symptoms  NL

Rod Carroll
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Mr. Not Listed,

I have been reading your posts and all of the information all of the Brothers have been giving you. I am just curious and mean no disrespect but it bothers me that you choose to not post your name. I have found this site to be very helpful in many ways for me and many others. I personally think that you are being disrespectful to the unit and all of the Brothers on this site by not posting your name. Just saying, that's all.

Rod Carroll


Track 234


Not Listed
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  To answer your question, if my posts bother you don't read them!       I value my privacy.... If you do a simple google search type in your name, what do you see?     Some of my Friends took pictures of my collector cars, and posted them on web sites I do not prescribe to... needless to say I receive many unwanted emails and or phone calls.                       Not Listed     does the 1st amendment apply here?

Jim Clark
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Hi Not Listed, 
Your privacy and the 1st amendment are alive and well here. And I can't speak for anyone but myself but, I  was with 2/2 in 67-68, I've been to reunions and I've been on this board for along time and I still haven't found anyone who knew me then. So a name could lead to another name and so on. Most of us on this board are always looking for lost friends, that's all, a name could lead to a friend.
Jim Clark
HHC 2/2 67-68
harold defibaugh
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i just went to a service officer the other day to do paperwork to file on my type ll

diabetes. he file on his and he got 20% on each leg for loss of circulation and 20% for erectile dysfunction due to exposure to agent orange. he did get a small amount of a raise in his monthly disability. i am total and permanent for ptsd/unemployable. i am filing a new claim, so the va will not go back and mess with my current disability. this way if i get disability for type ll diabetes, and if something happens to me, like a heart attack and i die, it will be easier to get part of my disability. i will also be able to get life insurance that i was not aware of when i got my total and permanent 10 years ago.


harold defibaugh

Rod Carroll
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Not Listed. I think Jim Clark said it all. 
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Jim, I am with you on this one. Mr. Not Listed. I have been posting in this board for a long time maybe longer than anyone in here. I have no problem. Who knows maybe you are one of the boat people that went with me to Nam-or were in the 2nd infantry Regiment in 1964 at Ft Devens.. Also I would like to know your name and address so I can invite you and your family to our Veterans of the 2nd Infantry Regiment Reunion coming up this year at Pigeon Forge, TN. Trust us we are not going to do you any harm--maybe help you-Yes_
Juan Santiago
Sfc us army ret.
 B co 2/2
1964 to 1967.
Vietnam 1965 to 1970.
Not Listed
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  I think I'll stir the pot a little..... If I offend any one that is not my intentions, but why don't some of dis grunt led look at some of the original post, when the poster had an e mail Addy attached,  and now the same posters have no email Addy attached.

 Let me say at this stage I am wondering what I and all you disgruntled individuals fought for , and for the record does the 2nd Infantry Regiment, require my name, whether it me my initials, nick name etc.. and for the record  I found a few fellow RVN from my time frame, and some of them just want to forget the experience and not re -live the terror.   

 As Juan said a while back the county VSO is the best source for info, I must admit that some of the  board members was very helpful in steering me in the right direction, and for that I that you.     Spending my share of time at the VA. hospital, and talking to others Viet Nam [and other eras]  about benefits etc., I did not give my name or email Addy out to any body.

                                   NOT LISTED   

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 Juan;    Please note  [check your back door email]   I have received the info you sent pertaining to the re union. Thank You

 Also I forgot to say thank you to all that chimed in creatively sharing your knowledge.   Thank You again

                                                       Not  Listed

                                                       ?  Co. 1st/2nd

                                                       [More than one plattoon]

                                                       1966     1967

                                                       Wounded more than once

                                                 Being straight leg no track # but boot size 8 W

                                                       Shall I post my DD 214 ?  

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  You don't have to post your DD214, we can trace you by using your boot size (ha-ha), hope some of the postings have helped you getting thru channels at the VA

  I've noticed talking with some of the others guys each state seems to have it's own quirks, but the overall picture is still the same, keep plugging away, and good luck

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 Thank You Broz,   Just BS'ing I never post my DD 214 just being a smart ass.

 But talking to everyone  [VETS] puts everything in perspective, and I would have let my issues slide by me, for my thought was aging was my biggest issue, never considering what caused them.   

                                                             me   aka  not listed


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Not Listed, got you mail, thank you. Hope to see you at the reunion. Stay safe, healthy and enjoy the holiday season with all your love ones.
Be Careful Out There.
The Saint.
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