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Jim Clark
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NL. Thanks for the other personal info. Hope you get a handle on your health issues. Have a Merry Christmas. Juan has some good shirts and coins. And welcome home.
mike ogden
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Hello guy's, just would like to pass on the good news! I was notified yesturday by the
Veterans Admin. that I got my increase for PTSD and unemployability at 100% disability,
"plop plop fizz fizz oh what a releif it is", ONLY IN AMERICA GUY'S, want you to know i'm continuing
to pray for you my BROthers in Arms and i'm giving Praise and Glory to Our Precious Lord!!!!!!
mike ogden
Black Scarves Batt
John Kerins
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Good for you Mike!

With so many slackers playing the great government grabbag game, it's nice to see every now and then a vet gets what he earned and is truely OWED!
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Mike Congrat's welcome to the club. It took me 20 yrs to get mine. Juan.
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Congrats Mike.  Remember this though.  It is an EARNED entitlement, NOT a handout.  Be proud of what you had to go through for your Country and your fellow citizens to earn that compensation.
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  Good for you MO, now bring your VA letter to social security and file for social security unemployment
mike ogden
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thank you all for your support, i've been on SSD for about seven years now and received V.A. 50% for PTSD at about the same time, I waited for 18mos. on my last open claim, was beginning to think it would go into next year some time. I've heard from other vets it can take up to two years before a decision is made, wife and I have been giving to the DAV for some time now and now could probly give a little more, want to wish everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving" and remember "tis the season to be jolly", even though our nation is hurting and in so much turmoil, God Bless America!!!!!!!
mike ogden
1/2 HHC & C Co.
BRO '68'-'69'
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Mike, now the EXTRA benefits begin.  Read the benefits packet you will get from the VA.  There are some MAJOR added benefits, with a 100% rating.  Life insurance.  You may get up to 30,000 additional coverage (before age 65)  Of that, Ten thousand is premium paid by the VA.  Study the booklet they send you for your best plan.

Youe wife now is eligible for CHAMPVA health coverage (no cost to you.)  Your wife is eligible for GI Bill college help.  If you die she is eligible for DIC (survivor's benefits.)

Your state (CA) will have certain added benefits for you.  Call the state veteran's council or commissionm for that information.  Cities and towns offer bennies too, maybe property tax abatements, vehicle registration fee help. etc. 

A new world has opened, with the award letter.
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Great news,  while your at it secure your military ID, this lets you into commissary etc.
Luther Patton
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That is good news MO.  I finally got my 100% in 95'.  I was already receving 30% for PTSD.  I donot know about California, but here in OKIE country we are tax exempt, and so is our Mortgage Tax, dicscount on our tags, and new car taxes etc.  Lifetime hunting and fishing license.
I was benefiting from SSI, but now that Im 66  my regular Social Security kicked in.  There are so many other Veteran's that served. And they are still struggling with the V.A. trying to get benefits. And we need to Pray for those Vets as well, and our returning Veteran's.
Happy Veterans to all of you.
God Bless America and The Veteran. If not for them there would not be an America to have those freedoms that we all cherish so much.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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Mike, perhaps you need to go and see the veterans rep at the county, so you get all the info that you need.

Take care Juan.
rich garcia
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Was A Co 2/2 3/68 - 3/69 on Track 111
I am 50% PTSD; was denied increase for Hiatal Hernia, GERD and Polycystic Liver Disease
Question(s) :
1. Anybody know where I can get a nexus letter here in Columbus, Ohioarea?
2. Am I eligible for SSD?


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Rich, I suggest you call the DAV in your area and ask the NSO to help with claim and questions. 
John Kerins
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Don't confuse the VA with Social Security. Many guys wait to get 'individual unemployability' from the VA before they put in for SSD. (And then disability is usually granted fairly quickly by SS.)

One guy at the Vet Center who is 50% for PTSD and that his only rating, went to SS and applied. In about six weeks he was granted disability status from SS and even got some back money.

I read that last month the adjudicators at SSD had sued SS because they had been under a 90 case a month quota. Deciding four medical claims a day does seem heavy to me. My guess is they were rubber stamping a lot of claims and the fellow from the Vet Center may have skated through because of that.

Also Rich, SS will look at conditions that the VA may consider not service conected.

Anyway, looks like it can't hurt to go and apply. Should not affect your VA claim unless disabilty is granted by SS, and that may suppot you claim with the VA.

Good luck and remeber SSI was the only TAX we had to pay in NAM. 


Ray Williams
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If you are over the age of 66.You can not get SSD.  Ray Williams HHC 2/2 Aug68 to Aug 69
Ray Williams
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IF over 66 you can not apply for SSD
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SSD change to regular SS when the system deems it necessary, It took me 6 years to complete the ssd system, with a lawyer, but like SC it starts paying at time application.  Needless to say that is not much help, after you lost everything.
Rodriguez Rivera Jose
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Originally Posted by Rick Ginkinger (Jr.)

I have everything you are talking about, I can no longer feel my legs or feet, now it is in my arms and hands. They gave me 100% service connected and 100% unemployable. Had it for 8 years. Yes, go to your service officer right away. Jr

not listed
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 Just continuing the experience. Update to present day, as I mentioned years ago I was diagnosed with neuropathy. County VSO said neuropathy is symptom of Diabetes, which I did not have at that time.
 I filed a few more claims through the VSO, last fall which in Feb. 2015 I saw the C&P Doctor pertaining to  the recent claims, and she said I have had Diabetes for years and filed for me.          My primary care Doctor said I was pre diabetic, for 3 years [aka Elevated Glucose readings]. So off I went to the County VSO and filed for neuropathy. Like many of you guys I thought that 100% SC. was the limit, not so. Like others I have ptsd , and unemployabilty, which are not fatal, but diabetes is another can of worms.
                                                 See you all in PG   Not listed
Joel Sugar
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[QUOTE=Mike Walden]One other note. They used to give Gabapentin which seemed to work well for the Neoropathy until it put me in the hospital  and caused white cells to freak out and many other items. They found that it will cause you to be septic with other meds. Be careful out there and good luck.
Mike Walden,
Hq Recon 1st Bn, 2nd Inf 1965-66  

Hey Mike,

I weened myself off of the Gabapentin when I realized that it wasn't doing me any good, the Tylenol did more good.

I'm not sure what the Dr. is going to say when I tell him this Monday at 9am.

Joel Sugar
Jan 66 to Apr 67

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