Second Infantry Regiment

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Terry Sage
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There are 6 men shown killed on Feb 6 1967 due to non hostile APC explosion . They were from 3 different companies. Anyone know what happened.?

Terry Sage
John E. Venn
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Ground Casualty

[M113%20armored%20personnel%20carrier25]On February 6, 1967, two armored personnel carriers (APC’s) from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry, were preparing to embark on a combat mission during Operation Williston when non-electrical blasting caps accidently detonated in one of the vehicles causing the detonation of explosives aboard. The explosion resulted in the second APC being set ablaze and both vehicles became flaming infernos, causing the deaths of seven soldiers. They included PFC Max E. Brown Jr., PFC Kenneth J. Fletcher, 1LT Richard D. Shepard, SSGT Russel L. Watson, SGT James A. Dickens, SP4 Michael C. Newman, and SP4 Roger L. Tanner. [Taken from coffeltdatabase.org]
Terry sage
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Thanks John for the information on this tragedy. With all the munitions we carried it’s a wonder this didn’t happen more.
Terry Sage
Larry G
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Operations Summary for the incident above.

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