Second Infantry Regiment

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John Adams
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I sure would like to talk to anyone that was there. I had only been in B Co. for a week or two and this was my first action. I think Alpha and Delta where there also. Does anyone remember a French camera crew or is that my imagination?


DRAC 96Kilo

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I was there with Charlie company but don't remember any French being there.

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****** Possibly this is the film crew of Catherine Leroy who as of a year ago was in Los Angeles. ???

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Oct 4, not a good day for the black scarfs. Any chance you remember a guy by the name of Dale Bonner from B company.




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The name Dale bonner doesn't ring a bell with me.  I have a hard time with names.  remember alot of faces. Does anyone remember Gerald McDermott. He was lying beside me on Oct. 4. He got hit in steel pot with bullet.  He brought the bullet home with him as souviener. he was from NJ. We were at Fort Bragg together after Nam. He even come home(eastern NC) with me one weekend. used all the search engines I know to find him.
John Adams
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Like Brice, I am bad at remembering names. I do not remember Dale Bonner. What platoon was he in? I was in HQ platoon. I can "see" the commo sgt, medic, and rto faces but I can't remember their names. As for the camera crew, I thought I remembered seeing them when we returned to the camp after sweeping the area. We brought back two of our men who had been left out there. I helped carry one of the stretchers. I have always wondered why they were there.

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