Second Infantry Regiment

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Don't trust these old fogies! They're after your $1.33!


RK spends his days peeing on trees (claims he's fertilizing the things), Luther can't handle anything with more than two wheels, Saint eats a baseball every day for breakfast, Rock eats raw fish freshly caught out of his porta-potty, etc., etc., etc.! Not a good bunch to be associated with.


Serious side. Roger and some of you others. Haven't been ignoring you. Not intentionally, anyway. Been having very serious problems with the old satellite connection and it doesn't look like a fix is in the near future. I have a hard time sending emails, although I can receive them.


As some of you know, I won't be in Phoenix this year. The society has once again scheduled the reunion right in the middle of our wheat harvest. Not a complaint - just the luck of the draw. It looks like there won't be many of us sensitive, arty types there this year, but that's okay. You all go say "hi' to Ira, won't you? He was with C/8/6 - strong connections with the 2nd Inf Regiment.


I'm heading for merry olde england on the 20th for 8 days of well deserved R&R. Will enjoy having my beans on toast for breakfast, high tea in the afternoon and bangers and mash with mushy peas for supper. OH, can't forget a serving of spotted dick for dessert (don't tell that crotchety old sgt. Dan - he'll get jealous)



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O.O.O., great seeing you posting again. Bummed you won't be in Phoenix. Maybe I could give you a piece of the action from any blackmail photos. ;-)



Sweating it out in Phoenix

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O.O.O.  is sorely missed over at the BRO site.



The Saint
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 OOO,Nice to heard from you. Hope you enjoy the trip to England and dont drink to much tea..LOL. Make sure you look to your right while crossing the street--they drive on the wrong side of the road..We will be going that way sometime in the near future just stop over then on to Italy to see family


Will miss you at the reunion.


Later Bro.


The Saint.

john peterson
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ok tri naught when is the reunion in your neck of the woods?(or should i say plain??) roger and i want to stir things up and raise hell someplace new set it soon so we don't have ta bring the rock jerry etal in to this!!!   PETE

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Good to hear from ya Trips.... I'll call off that LRRP team I was going to send to find ya and report on your health and welfare... To bad about Phoenix but I kinda had that figured already... Have fun in merry ole England and tell Minister Squirt not to breed to much while your gone.. !


ps... Your never intruding here friend... This site could always use some more sophistication....

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I've become quite good with Adobe Photoshop over the past few years. Maybe you can snap a few of these guys in compromising positions, then we can charge them  to "clean up" the pics. Heck, you might even be able to pay for your trip!!!!!!!


Sorry PC - not going to post on that board until the powers that be have the guts to clean it up. I may be waiting a long time, I'm afraid. Throwing insults back and forth was not the reason I joined the society. By the way, got a phone call from BCC the other day. He's doing quite well up there in the north woods. He was looking forward to the Yankees coming to town (I told him I was going to root for them, just to be ornery).


RK and ex horse doctor: Don't have to worry about Squirt producing any more offspring. That has been taken care of. In case you're interested, they make lousy cannonballs - don't seat well when you ram them. Maybe I should have tried them in a 105 instead of a 155? Of course I only had two to practice with.

Sgt Rock
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Trips!!! You ol' Mad Ruskie!!!  It's great hearing from yer neck 'o the woods again!  But whaddya mean by this piece o' chatty talk, "Rock eats raw fish freshly caught out of his porta-potty", huh? 


Geeze!  You just doan know whadda great compliment that is!  We had two wisdoms in all the commercial fishing fleet parlayance: the first wuz, "Those guys that fish all the time, they got all the luck!" and the second wuz, "That guy's been so lucky!  Why, he could probably catch fish outta his own toilet-bowl, fer cryin' out loud!"


BTW: How's Hizz Honor, Prime Minister Squirt?  Ask him about my goddamn visa!  Where'z it at?  Huh?  Geeze!  The check cleared months ago!  The least he coulda done is sent me a certified 'temporary worker permit', don'cha know?  Things are gettin' a mite testy around here, if'n ya git my drift?!? 


Now, Y'all keep that ol' 155 cannon cocked and ready, Muy Amigo!         

john peterson
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well rock maybe we just become guest workers i'd need to have everything written out in danske and we could have special teachers(good lookers any way!!) to get us all oriented to that neck of the woods won't sleep in the barn tho might have ta used the old chicken coup or sumptin!!!(horse dr my back side!!)  PETE

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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ex horse doctor.....   It took me a minute to figure out who Trips was referring to the other day... I hope all of our BRO friends realize that this message board was started by our good and sexy sadistic secretary to be OPEN and free to all of our brothers.... You didn't have to serve in the fine Second Infantry Regiment to post here... We are all brothers and you all know our arty friends kept us alive to be here... Not to mention the meds some of you may have received from Pete....

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Roger K Bravo 1/2
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and so what !

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 Hello Goodaim



Nice to see you're still alive and kicking.


I'm kind of wondering why Rock and Pete keep bringing up the subject of necking in the woods! The "woods" around here consist of one cottonwood, one locust and two half-dead junipers. Not much cover for necking

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First of all Trips let me say that my shorts are still in a knot over that saffron deal you and the Minister got me into a couple of years ago.  But being the forgiving type for a 1.33 I'll let you two off the hook.


As far as Pete and Rocko are concerned I have my own pay back for them.  Pete forgets about 21/2 years ago on that other board when I cut him in on a little insurance gig I was running. Some how he forgot who the money belonged to. 


Rock though is a real peace of work, told him about a little thing he should  try a couple of years ago and bada bing he falls into some serious cash and forgets all about me.


So I say the only necking these two clowns should consider is, well enough about that.


Good to hear from you and keep up the good work.  As far as Roger K goes don't worry about anything he says, hell he things going fast and making left hand turns is a sport.



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okay trips its this easy but i preferr just plain necking so don't worry about getting out in the woods(pun intended!) as for goodaim and his cut me in on bit you should have been around when uncle vinnie and the boys came by to collect!! didn't see anything of goodaim then!!! still waiting on word of the mini reunion we could sure burn down some wheat in that area!!

The Saint
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JP, if you and the gumba (Goodaim) to burn something come down to FL, we have a lot of fires here in my county they are about 40 miles from us...I see that this board is picking up.. Goodaim is up and running now, say gumba bring some wine with you so we can have some with RK the California kid, the Iowa kid is bringing some holy water that he made in his basement. I was going to bring the Bacci Balls but they are heavy..


We wish you all the best. Hope to see y'll at the reunion.


The Saint and the Boss....

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SAINT hope you looked into the div board today as you may know harrison is banished but not missed in any way hope that brings you andO.O.O. and any others back asap so we can get it ON!!!!!  pete

The Saint
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Thank you JP, for the Info. We will be there soon, hope to see BCC on the board he did help a lot of people on the board including me, he help me find one of my 1st sgt's... Maybe he is to busy listening to the Baseball games- as he is part of the Red Sox's.


Later Bro's.



The Saint.

The saint
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I would like a favor. If any one can get in touch with BCC, please tell him to send me an E-Mail... Thank you..


The saint.

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Originally Posted by The saint

I would like a favor. If any one can get in touch with BCC, please tell him to send me an E-Mail... Thank you..


The saint.

No problem, Juan. I will get an email off to him as soon as I get off the board

The Saint
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OOO, Thank you, for the help.


The Saint.
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BCC, thank you for the call sorry I had the Cel off..I just wanted to know how you doing and if you were in contact with the Red Soxs ball team some of my boys are with the team now...OK

 Take care



John Kerins
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You'd better have some friends in Boston, because the Marlins should be in Double AA. Those fish STINK!


The Saint
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 John,in one way you are right, However they are young--give them another year they will be in orbit again....



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You have to have a little faith on this saffron deal. Finance Minister Squirt has his paw on the pulse of the market - so to speak.




If you check out the link, you will see that even the cheap stuff is selling at $2240 per pound, when you extend it out. Not bad! We've just had a couple of crop failures due to weather, but we'll hit the big bonanza one of these days. We will probably be able to pay for Saint to ship his bocce balls to the reunion  Better yet, maybe we can pay him not to ship them!



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