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John Kerins
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The number 3 guy in Al Qaeda has reportedly been caught in Pakistan. He runs day to day ops including couriers. Good chance he knows were  Ass soma Bin Lickin and al Zarqawi are.


Whatever happens, I hope we ASK NICELY for that information. If this poor peaceful Muslim is mistreated or embarrassed in any way, this may become a big story. God knows his being caught won't be reported as an important event.


Military.com reported yesterday that a 'suicide bomber,' captured after his truck failed to detonate completely, turned out to be a guy whose family was being held hostage to get him to 'volunteer.' I don't remember seeing that story in the Times.


Any speculation on how many others have been more motivated by such intimidation than by the promise of 70 virgins?  Any speculation on why these stories don't make the main stream media.

Sgt Dan
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I didn't see any of that in the newspapers,,who makes the decisions on what gets printed,,,

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Just watched the evening news and he is being held by the Pakistanis.... I sure hope they are using the proper interrogation techniques... I figure he must know where Bin Ladin is... Of course Bin now knows we have him and is probably moving to a new cave... What a life... ! If we get Bin Ladin can we bring home some of the troops stationed in Pakistan... ?  I hope so.


I suspect that many suicide bombers are motivated by intimidation... Who's going to buy the 70 virgins thing...?  Where do they recruit all those virgins anyhow.. ?

Charlie Moy
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Being held by the Pakistanis .

I hope they turn him over to our guys ASAP!.


Prisoners have been known to escape from Pakistani custody.


Many of the police and troops are Al-Qeada sympathizers.



Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Charlie,  They want this guy... He has been involved in two assination attemps on their President... I'm thinkin he is in deap stuff right now and they may be able to question him more than our rules would allow.... ?   

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Bin Laden getting nailed may be closer than some of us can dare hope for?


But,somewhere along the line it will happen - then the chorus of critic's who use his existance as proof positive of a wrong failed policy might fall silent - for awhile.


There are a few sites around that you would think if they had to choose between Bin Laden getting caught or a change in the White House- well in Europe it's even a higher ratio. That's the sad part.

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