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Charlie Moy
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Sorry Guys,I know the board was not intended for this purpose,but right now I have no email account.


So here goes...


Anyone else having problems with Yahoo?

They keep changing the look and format on the home page and my email account.

Seems every week they change and then change back again in a few days!

Thats  aggravating!

Today,even with DSL it took over 60 seconds to open the home page,and my email account won't open at all.

I get a "Can't find Page" message



Charlie Moy
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Seems like its back now.

For months now they have been updating the site,but they usually warn you if its going to affect your service.
 Not this time,so I am not sure whats causing it.

They updated the address book,...instead of 50 on a page,its now divided up into sections of the alphabet,like a address/telephone registry you have at home.

I had several people on individual contact lists to group them together for easy emailing ...but the lists disappeared from the address book..

 They are still in a seperate folder,but not included in with the other addresses under the list name.

 So I can no longer click a box to email them all at the same time.

Can't seem to find info on how to get it back the way I like it.

If you don't receive a reply to your emails...you will know its down again.


The Saint
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Charlie go with AOL, and your problems will be solve.


Take care and be careful out there.


Charlie Moy
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I was satisfied with Yahoo until a couple months ago when someone decided to make it "New and Improved"...lol

What they are doing and have done so far is not to my liking.

I guess I should be using Verizon,since I recently upgraded to their DSL,and its paid for.

Just have to get started changing everything over which is a job.

Thanks for the info guys...Yahoo is back up and running,for now...I really should switch over to Verizon.


Charlie Moy
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 Guess what?

My ISP(Verizon) provides my email thru Yahoo!

Went there and its all locked up,just like my other account was this morning.


The Saint
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Charlie, I think AOL will give you more also more protection when its come to viruses ans spyware. We have been with them for a long time. The service is better that any of the others. My Opinion...


Later, take care and be careful out there.


The Saint--JS.

harold defibaugh
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i have tried aol, it was ok, but not wild about it. don't know about yahoo. i have cox cable here in okla. and it works great about 97% of the time. i had a heck of a time when i first started up, but it's good now.



harold defibaugh

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