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Larry G, I guess this is for you.

I saw nothing in our history pertaining to the Ramrods capturing any airports in the War of 1812, yet POTUS said the Army captured the airports.  As one of the premier units of that era, why have we not been given proper credit?  We MUST have captured at least ONE of those airports.
John E. Venn
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Trying to be lighthearted, based on the "Fake"news contained in the POTUS July 4th speech.  Hoping to get a lot of fun comments.  Even expected the saint to chime in, as he may have been there (unless he was still in Basic.

Where is Goodaim when you need him?
Curtis Parker
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The big difference between George Washington and POTUS is that George Washington did tell a lie "Fake" News!!

Juan Santiago
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BCC, What Kind of pills are you taking? 1812 Airports?????????.
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I am only quoting from POTUS Trump's speech on July 4th.

A politician said, it must be true.  (Big grin)
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Here is a NY Times article on the subject.  Many other stories out tuere.

John E. Venn
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Good to see you posting!

Juan Santiago
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Thank you, yes we are trying to make next year reunion, I have contacted many Ramrods that are in my area about the up coming reunion.
The 2/2 staff needs to advertised the reunion with the DAV, American Legion, VFW, and other agencies like we used to do when I was running the show.
I am waiting for the forms to be posted so I can copy and send them to some people including my son and his family.
I have been very busy with USAREC army recruiters in my hometown also going to many BCT graduations at FT Benning and FT Jackson lately.

Army Strong.
John E. Venn
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Hell, if we want to focus on gaffs, then we need to introduce Mr. Biden, who is the king of gaffs.
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