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I have a question concerning C.I.B. maybe someone has an answer for me.

My primary Mos is 11b and year ago i got transfered over to a F.A. unit to deploy with them. i ended up being in a CEP with few other 11b's in the battery. My primary job was the gunner. The battery was under a trans bn and they were under 3rd army.  our job was convoy escort and throughout the whole year we worked with an inf bn in iraq to escort convoys all over iraq.

well bottom line i ended up getting a CAB, ive questioned my higher but they didnt have any real reason why i wasnt able to get my CIB. Am i eligible


If someone can help me out on this email me at yun.s.choe@us.army.mil i would really appreciate it.

The Saint
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Yun, you need to check with your 1st SGT on that one. Although you were an 11B, you were attached to an Artillery unit--- not Infantry--- so you might not be authorized the C.I.B. I have been retired for a while, so the rules might have changed.

The Saint
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This may help you.

c. Specific eligibility requirements

      (1) A soldier must be an Army infantry or special forces Officer (SSI 11 or 18) in the grade of colonel or below, or an Army enlisted soldier or warrant officer with an infantry or special forces MOS, who subsequent to 6 December 1941 has satisfactorily performed duty while assigned or attached as a member of an infantry, ranger or special forces unit of brigade, regimental, or smaller size during any period such unit was engaged in active ground combat. Eligibility for special forces personnel (less the special forces medical sergeant) accrues from 20 December 1989. Retroactive awards for special forces personnel are not authorized.



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