Second Infantry Regiment

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Oliver Hutton
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Oliver Hutton
CoB 2/2
First time here adding my husband's info

The Saint
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Welcome home Oliver, I was with B co 2/2 from 1964 to 1967.

We have a reunion at Pigeon Forge, TN in October10-11- 12 try to make it.

Marc Parker
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Originally Posted by Jim Holland

Marc,  Welcome home.  I served with the battalion from Aug 66 to Feb 67. We have assembled a roster of close to 70 men who served in C Co before and after you.  If you are interested in getting in touch let me know.  Jim

Hello Jim! Yes sir, Most definitely. Email me at marcglo@comcast.net.
Luther Patton
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Hi Marc, the Mortar Platoon Sgt. that you are referring to is Sgt. O'Grady I believe he is the one who wrote the Balck Scarf Poem.  I was looking through my files trying to find my Poem with his name on it. The poem is on this messge board in the links, I'm not sure exactly.
The last Operation that I was on before coming back To The World! Was Quyet Thang which means Certain Victory. This Operation took place in The Trapeziod.  It was during this Operation that Lt. Col. Mortimer O'Connor, Lt. Lulu, Sgt. Dejesus, and others were killed in a ambush.  I was in Recon 29er Platoon, and for some reason we did not go out on patrol that day  with The Battlion, we may of had Ambush that night.
And yes, I was at The Battle of Hill 172 in the Bo Duc area Dec. 8th 1967. I'm intereested in any pictures that you may have of any of The NDPs that we were in, The Black Scarf's. I have some that was sent to me by Al Martin he was in Mortars, I think Bravo Company!
I'm in the process of getting ready to go on a Bass Fishing trip here in Oklahoma, when I get back I will try and find more information for you, I would like to find Sgt. O' Grady.
Once again! Welcome Home Brother
RespectfullY Yours, Luther Patton
Black Scarf Bn. 1/2 Delta Company June 67-68
william bryant
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was with bco 1/2 at phouc vinh 66-67, co was cpt johanson(vampire 6), had a big 1st sgt, the medic was doc may.  did 4 tours between 65-71

Sergio Lugo
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Charlie 36 - Platoon Leader
C Company, 2nd/2nd
May - September 1969
Check website about every 4 months


Mike Ogden
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        David M. Ogden
          1/2 HHC Recon 29er Platoon
          Black Scarf Battalion
          First Infantry Division
I check in everyday usually, that is since i'm retired now, I tend to eat drink and be marry, he haw' he haw' ruff' ruff'
Bill Hearn
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I discovered this site several weeks ago and have taken some time to consider subscribing.  I served as Bravo Six, B Company Commander, 1/2 Infantry, BRO, from August 67 to March 68 (7 months) and as 77 Zulu, the voice of 77, often called the Division Hot Seat, from March 68 to August 68 (5 months).  I was serving at Division Headquarters (Danger Forward) when I was notified of Mortimer O'Connor's and Lt. LuLua's deaths.  Minutes later, I turned to find a letter in my mail slot from Mort O'Connor. 

I had been home a very short time when MG Keith Ware (77) was killed.  I had gained a great respect for this fine commander duing my five months at the Division Tactical Operations Cener.

I have just finished reading John McCain's Faith of My Fathers.  Inspired by his courage in sharing his POW experiences and because I am preparing to give a university commencement address, I am wresteling with whether I am going to get personal and share for the first time the lessons I learned from the Hill 172 Battle in this commencement address (it was 40 years ago and old men are permitted some license in reminiscing).

I would really love to hear from anyone who shared this exprience with me and in seeing any pictures you have of that battle or our period of service.  I have recently found the ones of this battle posted on the 2nd Infantry site.  I would really be interested in hearing from any of the members of the Black Scarves, B, 1/2, that served with me.  I remain so very proud of the incredible men I served with and the outstanding service you rendered.

Best regards,  Bill Hearn
The Saint
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Welcome Home Sir. I was with B co 2/2 1964 to 1967 Vietnam 1965 to 1970. Glad you found this site. If you read all the info in this site, perhaps you see that we have a reunion at Pigeon Forge, TN in October 10-12, I am pretty sure that you will find some of those friend during the reunion, try to make it.

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Bill, Welcome home and welcome aboard. I stated this thread, so my info is on the 1st post.

Now then, don't let some of these slick old pros snowball you about the reunion. The reunion is real, and you are absolutely invited, BUT, no one mentioned the 2d Infantry Challenge coins to you, perhaps hoping to win a free drink from you. You really have to watch out for these guys, especially Goodaim and the Saint (he might even start talking baseball!)

There is a thread up here somewhere, probably in the first three pages about how and where to get one. (Saint did have some available) 'Tis a small price to pay to avoid paying for 60-70 drinks. LOL

Nobody has to subscribe to be here. Open to all Ramrods, past and present. Membership in the Association is encouraged, but not mandated.

From the Great North Woods,
Don't Step on my Tangerine.
John Adams
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CPT Hearn,

I volunteered as the FO RTO in B Co. in September 67 and left in June 68.
My first FO was LT. Armstrong, DRAC96, and then his replacement, LT Cole. I was his recon sgt. went I left. I have thousands of questions I would like to ask you, especially about October 4, 1967. I was on leave during the big fight in December 67. Are you going to the BRO anniversary in Colorado Springs?

Bill Hearn
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Frank Armstrong was a outstanding FO.  He was the second FO assigned to Bravo Company during my tenure.  I soon came to depend on you guys to plan each fire plan for every new NDP and seldom felt I needed to tweak the plan.  The same for the marching fires as we conducted our S&D patrols each day.  As I recall, he was offered an opportunity to leave the field shortly after arriving for some cushy job but opted not to do so (I think his father was an Air Force General).  After I left the company and went to division TOC, Frank became an air observer (probably the most dangerous job an artillery man could have).  He came up on the Division net one day and greeted me.  I do not think LT Cole had arrived before I left the company.

I would be glad to answer any questions I can if you want to email me directly (wchearn@comcast.net).

You will have to remind me of what happened October 4th.

Were you RTO the day Armstrong, the three RTO's and I were left by ourselves on the ground during a shotgun extraction because we were receiving fire and the chopper circled overhead until it ran low on fuel?  That was the day I scrapped my pistol for a rifle as soon as we were back at base camp.

Bravo 6
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Donovan Kolness
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We need to get more guys to get on the "ROLL CALL" list...It's drying up!

Come on, let's keep this going...This is the best thing we have on this site.

Thanks to you my BRO Brothers for serving so proudly for our country!

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2
1st platoon / 2nd squad
First Infantry Division
Oct. 68 - Oct. 69
Ted Stowell
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HHC, 4.2" Mortars; 65-66; carried the Co. guidon across on the USNS Blatchford 9-25-65 to 10-16-65; Base at Lai Khe.

Jim Clark
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Not as offen as some of you guys, but I do check in
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Put up your company, Bn, when served so all can see.

Ted, tell us your Bn and how often you check the board.
Jerry Jaworsky
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 Check Board daily. HHC 1/2 Sept 66-Sept 67. DraculaSwitch. 

Luther Patton
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Patton here!  Hi Jerry, did you know a Stanley R. Hutchision RTO H.H.C.? Or Me Luther Patton. Any of the Boys of Recon.29er Platoon H.H.C.?
Respectfully, Luther
Jerry Jaworsky
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   I met the RTO for LTC. Simpson at Kokomo In. this year. I'm one of the ones that carried the 292 antennas.  
Luther Patton
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Thanks Jerry, LTC Simpson flew in with his two RTO's from the field the day that The Boys Of Delta Company arrived in Viet Nam.  LTC Simpson gave us a short Orientation of what our mission would be during our tour. And told us about The Black Scarf Battalion while newly made Black Scarf's were being passed out to us.  What an inspiration that was to each and everyone of us on that day we became a Black Scarf Member, of The First Of The Second of The Big Red One. 
His words instilled in each and everyone of us great pride to not only be proud to wear The Big Red One Patch but the Black Scarf as well. 
Respectfully, Luther Patton
Black Scarf Bn. 1/2 June 67 June 68
Delta Company, November Platoon RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon HHC RTO, Point Man
Steve Brozyna
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   Sorry I'm late for roll call, I check in almost every day.

Steve Brozyna
1lt A Co, 3rd platoon (3-6)
2/2 Mech
Oct 69-Feb 69
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That'll be ten pushups for being late, AND BLOUSE THOSE &%*)%^*% BOOTS!!!!!!
Steve Brozyna
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   If I got on the floor to attempt a push up, I probably would be stuck on the floor for an hour trying to get up.

The Saint
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Don't worry Steve I do them for you. Maybe 50. OK.
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