Second Infantry Regiment

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Curtis Parker
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2ND INFANTRY REGIMENT FALL IN!! Recieve the report! Curtis Parker "Daring Bravo Bandit 31" present for duty for the month of June 2011 SIR..I hope that all of you that could attand the reunion had a very good time..wish that I could have been there..maybe next year..had a very busy schedule could not get away!!!!

Curtis Parker
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2ND INFANTRY REGIMENT FALL IN! Recieve the report! Curtis Parker "DARING BRAVO BANDIT 31" present for duty for June 2011 SIR! I wish that I could have made it to the reunion, hope that all who attended had alot of fun and really enjoyed yourselves.  I had a very busy work schedule, but hope that I will make the next reunion this coming year LOL....

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HERE SIR, checking in for the month of June. The reunion was great and it was alot of fun.
B 2/2 3rd Plt
7-67 7-68
Tracks 232 & 234
Rod Carroll
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It hit triple digits today for the first time this year on my patio at 100. Looks like another scorcher summer here in Vegas. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Track 234
Terry Skinner
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Checking in from upstate New York. Been a wet spring here.Hope everyone doing well.Will check in again next month.Later  Terry Skinner C/2/2 Apr66-Apr67

Gene E Daniels
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Daniels checking in today--all is well in SW Iowa, cool, just right for being outdoors-drs. say I'm doing fine-just takes time to heal--found out what FLEX-FUEL meant on my pickup--$0.75 a gallon cheaper for E-85 gas. I wondered what the difference was but just did find out--makes gas almost $2.80 a gal. for me.Wishing all my BROS in the 2nd the best and ride on!
                        GED    D1/2  68-69
Jimmy Jones
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Here! In Ventura, Ca.
Enrolled in the health care program last month, don't know why I didn't do this years ago. Last week went to the VA hospital for the big check up, EKG, blood work, chest x-ray, I go back in two weeks for results. 
Hope all is well with all,
Jimmy Jones
HHC 2/2
1st six months 10M track (commo)
2nd six months radar tower (thunder road)
max w. brown
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HHC toc radio man 1968-69

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Jimmy Jones and Max Brown, welcome home brothers,
  Jimmy what years were you in Nam, Jimmy and Max, did you guys set up with the comm track at Thunder IV???
 Steve Brozyna
  A 2/2 68-69
mike ogden
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 Jimmy, Welcome to the 2nd Regiment Web Site. BROther you might be surprised to know i'm also from Ventura, CA, I go to the VA clinic in Oxnard with Dr. Iona Sylvester, Good to see you here, we'll have to share more info. and maybe get together, take care.
      mike ogden 1/2 HHC Recon 29er BRO '68'-'69'
Jimmy Jones
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Hi Broz, Hi Mike, I was there Aug 67-Aug 68  I spent time at a few of the thunder NDPs, if memory serves me I did set up at thunder 4, and that was our tallest tower.  Mike, my wife and I have owned the hubcap & wheel store at 6529 Ventura Bl. for 28 years, please stop by!
Does anybody know what became of Capt. Duble?
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Reporting from the Bikini state. The beach is nice and lot of Bikinis running around.
I want to welcome all of those new troops on the board.
Don't forget the reunion next Year, on May 17-20 at Pigeon Forge, TN--so start saving the money for it....
"B" co 2nd Bn 2nd Inf
1964 to 1967.
1965 to 1970.

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alexander kolusk
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Alexander Kolusk
1966 Jul to 1967 July
1/2 B CO for 6 month HHC RTO for 6 months
Once a month

max brown
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yes steve i was at thunder # 3 & 4 and then move alot,last op was in the michelin palntion 2 companys from 1st cav and 8 0f are tracks

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  Just trying to remember, when A Company came into Thunder IV, My track was always on the end closest to Hwy 13, facing towards the village at the bottom of the hill, and I remember the Comm guys coming over at night to sit around with us, we'd cook up some jiffy pop, and shak-a-pudding, and pepperoni.
mike ogden
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 I have a request of my brothers here, if you could please remember my brother Dennis in your prayers, I just found out tonight that he's been diagnosed with Lou gehrig's desease. The family's really beside themselves at this time.              thanks guy's,   mike ogden
John Kerins
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Will definitely keep him and all your family in my prayers

Curtis Parker
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Mike, I stand along with John Kerins..our prayers will go out to the family and to your brother during these difficult stressful and emotional times.  May God bless you, your family and your brother and give you all the strength to cope with this infortunate illness.

Eddie Oliver
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Mike, So sorry to hear this. You, your brother and family are in our thoughts and prayers. God will not send more than He will give us strength to bear.

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M.O.   our thoughts and prayers are with your entire family  in this time of difficulty!!!    ron.joyZ...

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Mike, sorry to heard about your brother. He will be in our prayers.
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   Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

Jim Clark
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Mike, sorry to hear about your brother. Like the rest thought and prayer will be for him.I read a book a few years ago " Tuesday's with Morrie". It might help.
Jim Clark
Luther Patton
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Hi Mike,
 I as well as the other Brother's on the board. My Prayer's and thought's goes out to you and your brother's family.  So sorry to hear about your brother.
Keep your chin up Brother  
Luther Patton
Black Scarf's 1/2
Gene E Daniels GED
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  Mike--I'm very sorry to hear about your brother and my thoughts and prayers are with your brother and your entire family!!
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