Second Infantry Regiment

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Roger Beeman
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Mike O.
May God continue to touch Dennis and all his extended family giving peace, understanding and the assurance that He knows and will answer all prayers. All our best to Dennis.
God Bless you my friend.
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Mike--I want you and your family to know that Dennis and the whole family are in the BRO's prayers at a time such as this. We will all pray for the family,and especially Dennis. It's will be as always with us, we will all stick together in our prayers for all in your family. May God Bless You and yours.
 GED  Danny   Delta 1/2 NOLI-ME-TANGERE 
max w. brown
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Originally Posted by Broz
  Just trying to remember, when A Company came into Thunder IV, My track was always on the end closest to Hwy 13, facing towards the village at the bottom of the hill, and I remember the Comm guys coming over at night to sit around with us, we'd cook up some jiffy pop, and shak-a-pudding, and pepperoni.
  I do remember the Jiffy pop  the day and mo I do not know  max
mike ogden
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  I want to thank you all for your prayer support, at this time my brother has started walking with a cane and is hoping for the best, it's going to be hard watching his body shut down, their is no cure for ALS at this time, going to take a ride up to see him soon, will keep you all posted, I have to remind myself that God is Omni Presant and the Master Physician,
  thanks again BRO's,    mike ogden 
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Checking in from a MAYO assoc. hospital bed with still more coronary troubles...  Had troubles while in Wash.DC while visiting the wall and got admitted and will have heart cath tommorrow... Doing fine otherwise!!!

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  Hope everything checks out OK for you
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Ron, hang in there, our prayers are with you.Take care Bro, Norm

GED Daniels
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Ron--Hang in there buddy--The heart cath doesn't hurt, in fact when I had mine done in the Omaha VA I asked the nurse if they could shoot some more dye in because it felt so warm, and she informed me that the cath had alredy been removed and I was finished.. Take care,  it's a piece of cake!!
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Hello to all the warriors out there. Just checking in from sunny Florida.
I was surprise today, while I was at the auto part getting some stuff.
There was a gentleman that look at my polo shirt with the 2nd inf reg crest. He told me that he was in Nam with the 1/2 Bn in 1968.
I told him that we had this web site and to get into it. He was with "B co " 1st Inf Bn.
Last Name Dugger.
He will be in touch, he is looking for a guy by the name of Askew.
B-2/2 1964 to 67- Vietnam 1965 to 1970.
Daniels GED
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Good afternoon all: Daniels checking in from sunny SW Iowa this pm. All is well with the healing, got to go back to the doc Thursday for another check--I check in when I get a chance and usually around 2 times a week. Ron--taking it easy I hope--and my prayers are with you and yours--get well soon brother!!! 
                                  GED   Daniels
                                  Delta Co. 1/2  68--69
lacy, george w.
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Just discovered this site and was pleased to find it. I was with the 2/2...bravo company...from july '68 to june '69.
Served undr Capt. Hansen and then Capt. Gallagher....i was their "one zero"....radio operator. Was at bandit hill when the batallion 1st took it....Aug '68? and was there up to and after the attack of 12 oct '68.
Am very pleased to see that there are those who still care & remember as i do.

I thank those responsible for this site.

george lacy, bravo one zero xray.
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  Welcome home and welcome to the site, your going to find a lot of your old pals here and a great bunch of new ones, names and faces from the past will emerge and hopefully they will put a smile on your face, welcome
Steve Brozyna
A 2/2  68-69
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Checking in for the month
B 2/2 3rd plt
tracks 232 & 234
7-67 7-68
Curtis Parker
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HeyGusy haveahappy 4th of July Independence Day celebration. Checking in for the moth of July.  Hi Mother hope that you enjoythe book.Willsend you a SITREP later.Have a nice day.

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Curtis, I am enjoying the book, thanks again. Take care Bro , and stay in touch, Hope that you and yours have a safe and great 4th !!!!!!!!! Norm

Ron Hume
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Hey guys.  checking in from a hot Marshall, TX. I want to thank you Juan for the pictures and the coin. The reunion was great for my first and I will continue going. I hope some of the guys I was with find out about the reunion and all the great guys who made up the 2nd Reg.  Will talk to you all later.

A1/2 69-70
harold defibaugh
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checking in from yukon, ok. it's been hot for a couple of weeks now, and there is not much of a chance of any relief in sight. in the low 100's. have a safe 4th and god bless all of you and god bless the USA.!!!!!!!!!!!!

harold defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
mike ogden
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 it's 81 degrees here in Ventura, CA at 11:15 am, probly reach 90 by days end, want to wish everyone a safe and sound
4th of July Celebration, That Old Rugged Flag is Standing Tall!!!
 God Bless Our Great Country!!!!!!
   Mike Ogden
   1/2 Black Scarves
   BRO Ramrods
Eddie Oliver
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Checking in from Lake Gaston NC. Things are hot and dry. Hoping everyone has a good 4th. Just remember what has been done in the past so we can have our Independence.

Eddie Oliver
Co C 1/2 6/68-3/69
Roger Beeman
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Happy Fourth to everyone. Each and everyone of you have played a part in keeping this day alive.
God Bless you all.
HHC 2/2 VTR 95  67/68
Daniels GED
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 Happy Fourth of July my friends from the 2nd. Hot in SW Iowa today-96 degrees and no wind, high humidity as the norm, makes the corn grow, and dries up some of what has been underwater from the Missouri River on the West side of Ia. to the Mississippi on the East side.Hope all had a fun and safe 4th!
                        GED    D1/2  68--69
Terry Skinner
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Just checking in from upstate NY. Been doing some bass fishing and playing alot of golf. Life is good. Everyone have a great day. Later. Terry Skinner, C 2/2 Apr 66-67.

Curtis Parker
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Fall In..Attention! Report..Curtis Parker "Daring Bravao Bandit 31" present for duty for the month of August 2011.  Hope that all of you are enjoying the heat wave of a hot summer...Remember the politician when the next voting proid comes up..America needs a new total change of command of all Republicans and Democrats.  Thay have really let AMERICA down.

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Checking in for the month
B 2/2 3rd plt
Tracks 232 & 234
7-67 7-68
Luther Patton
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Patton reporting in from Okie Country and guess what!!!!??? Its hot, hot, hot, hot, and more hot. Come on cooler weather with some rain as well................. lots of rain.
And I agree with what Curtis said about the next election.
Doing OK here in Okie Country and I Pray everyone else on the board is doing OK as well.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68    
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