Second Infantry Regiment

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mike ogden
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 Saint, I want to thank you for the two 2nd Regiment shirts w/Black Scarves logo on them, received them in the mail today, will wear them with great pride that I served with the best Division in the Army Big Red One, best guy's anywhere!!!!!!
 mike ogden 1/2 BRO

harold defibaugh
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checking in again. ran into a guy that was with c 1/2 today. his name is marion foster. he says he knows eddie oliver.what makes this meeting so ironic, he know my two brothers, and my dad. he worked with my dad several years ago. i called both my brothers and they knew him. i met him at a picnic that the ptsd program at the okc va sponsors every year.

harold defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
Curtis Parker
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Hey Glenn you can still ownership of that Mama-San..I think was from Chan Thanh..she say you number #1 GI..I THINK SHE ATE TOO MANY "HAM AND EGGS" C-RATIONS THAT WE GAVE HER ON THUNDER ROAD or she ate a heat tab by mistake..AND WITH THOSE LIPS SHE CAN SINK ALOT OF SHIPS...Glenn did you really kiss her???????????????

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Daniels checking in late for September but it's all good. Weather here is finally nice--75 degrees to 45 at night. The corn, whats left after the floods is ready to be taken in and then pheasant season will be here shortly. Hope all in the BRO are doing fine-and hope Juan and Carman have a great trip to the Nam in Oct. Haven't been on line for awhile and poor  Juan is taking a beating on his trip to Nam, but I hope all goes well. The new polp ahirts for us in the 1/2 are really nice and says it all. Hope all are doing ok and God Bless America and the BRO.
                                                      Daniels   GED   D1/2  68--69
Terry Skinner
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Everything going well here in Upstate NY. Had a couple nights of frost. Been getting the bow sighted, in preperation for Whitetail Season.Still playing a little golf and doing some bass fishing when my son'in-law can get away. Hope everyone doing well and you all have a great day. C/2/2 Apr66-Apr67.

Glenn Haring
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You know Curtis at 19 I very well could have kissed her. There was this gal just outside of Lai Khe who came by my tank every morning for seveal weeks just after we opened the road. She would drag me under the nose of the tank and take my ... 

... and I ain't BSing you either!

Strange, the things we learned in war.
Curtis Parker
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Hey Glenn you should have been at Bandit Hill..one Mama-San came into my track I  waking me up by shaking me by my balls saying Good morning GI want to short time one morning in Sept 1968...believe me I did kick her out of the track...DADT..like you said Bro strange thins happen in the NAM..HAVE A NICE DAY.

Glenn Haring
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Curtis, I think we needed chaperones. And then they gave us guns too.

Curtis Parker
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Hey Glenn I guess all fair in love and war..did I say love? Well Uncle Sam sent us to Vietnam to bang the Gooks, but really did not specify which ones..there was alot of banging and boom boom going on and at the age of 19 you must bang them first then ask questions later..Have Gun Will Travel'  FTA "Fun Travel Adventure". By the way did the Mama-San call you a Cherry Boy then after number #1 GI...I used to laugh when the girl-sans would say "Soul Brother" you number #1..you love me long time..you have chop-chop for me.....short time is $5.00...you take me to America.....GI you give me number one smell..once I gave a girl in the Lai Khe village a bottle of Gillette After Shave.she said Sergeant you number # Soul Brother GI, I love you beaucoup...come-come we short time now.......Well that was the NAM..HAVE A Nice Day (SMILE)

mike ogden
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 $5, how about a bar of soap!!!!

Glenn Harign
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Curtis what a funny trip down memory lane that was. I think I fell in love with every cute Vietnamese girl in a Ao Dai. Those Eurasian French Vietnamese girls were so beautiful they would blind you.
Well anyway that was what a 19 year old saw.

As we all know not everything we saw and did over there was bad. But the bad things were terrible, for us all.

John Venn
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$5.00?  Man talk about inflation!  $3.00, in 66 & 67. 

My sqaud leader (later Platroon Sergeant Dick "Rosey" Rousseau) and I snuck into the village while on perimeter guard and only had $3.00 between us and managed to take care of business for both of us.  We crawled through the wire, right past the pool where the officers went at night on the old plantation quarters and on to the village. 

If our parents only knew the sh## we did...
mike ogden
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  remember getting a haircut and a manicure for 25 cents,
those were the daze!!!!

Glenn Haring
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Mike look at our photos under my name and you will see our Thunder 3 barber ( and most likely VC spy) who was set up just out side of the wire near the gate.
Mahlon "Mac" Mc
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Yeah, I also remember getting $98 a month my first month in and having $2 deducted for the haircut I didn't want.
Jimmy Jones
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Yesterday, the central coast Viet Nam Veterans marched for the 4th time in the Arroyo Grande Harvest festival parade, these people really show thier appreciation, take a look at this video.

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I remember in 1958 when the paid was $72.00. You have to remember your service number--if you did not remember you will be send to the end of the line--you would not get you money until you remember it.. Well after you got your money --you have to donate to the Red Cross, Army Emergency Relief, Old Soldier Home, and the company moral Fund also a $1.00 for the Barber.... You will come out with $60.00 dollars that have to last the whole month.
So my brothers, I love it so much that I gave 23 yrs to our great nation the USA. Hoaahh.
Greetings from Florida.
Stay safe and healthy. Juan.

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Curtis Parker
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Hey Jimmy that really mde my heart feel good..just great.America is still alive!

Curtis Parker
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Mike and John I thought I was a young dawg..but I got some for $1.50 worth of MPC (FIVE CENT, TEN CENT AND FIFTY CENT PEICES) that looked like alot of mony to girl San and Mama-San on Thunder Road during road security..gilr-san said Soul Brother number # 1 he give me beaucoup money for short time..I just shook my head smiling as I took into the bushes, she even came back out of the bushes smiling and walking funny saying holding onto my arm "Soul Brother Beaucoup" another time I got some for a bar of soap and a for some John Wayne Bars and a can of Ham & Lima BEANS...MAYBE THAT'S ONE GOOD REASON WE WERE CALL" Daring Bravo Bandits"...ha, ha, ha,Our base pay back then for a Private was $90.00 before taxes, after your savings bond was deducted you may have had $ $60.00 dollars..overseas pay was $15.00 and combat pay was $45.00 or $65.00 if my memory serves me right. and Pap-San the Barber who came to the Thunder's to cut hair I paid $1.00 for a f--ked-up hair cut and I thought that he would break my neck when he twisted it after the hair cut that made me look like a skin head "Yul Brenner or Kojak".

John Venn
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I traded some Pall Mall Red Cross cigs (no one smoked them in our squad) for a long night with mama-san in the Base Camp near the laterite pit near Dion.  We pulled guard duty there and brought in a truck load of young ladies (I know..STUPID!).

The Site Commander found out about our security violation and we pulled ambush patrols every night after (until we returned to our unit).  We were very tired after that week, which should have been a week of laid back duty.
John Venn
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I went looking through my pictures after the last post and found a picture that Fred Neathercut sent me of two young ladies that really liked Fred and I (must have been in serious need of glasses) and lived near the laterite pit.  I cannot remember their names but they were very nice and a cut above the normal fare. 

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The Saint
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As I read all the forum, I wonder. How many of you have to visit the Doc, after 3 days? Man in 1965 we did not have that luxury--everything was off limit--those darn rubber trees started to look good after 6 month--without any TLC.

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John Venn
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"Off Limits" just means that it is harder to get in but not impossible.

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John, yes off limit and impossible--those MP's were in the village 24-7 they even have a check point at the entrance of the village-- on Hwy 13 near the Bde Hq's.
Before we board the ship for Nam, we have to empty the duffel bags at the pier for inspection, to make sure we did not have any liquors or cameras.... Very strict... it was next to impossible to get into the village of Lai Khei.... By the way we had foxholes and a poncho over it--no barracks or big tents.
Very primitive conditions Infantry style... There was no PX or Ice cream, no showers or hot meals for a long while, latrines was a hole and you on the ground, the pisser was a 155 mm cartridge shell stuck in the ground.

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Curtis Parker
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Ha, Ha, Ha, Hey John I once got some for a cartoom of Camel..I thought that I was a dawg...How you manage to keep all those pictures of of mama-san/girls-san..my wife through all mine away after we were married on 24 May 1969 (jealous)..I had some good pictures of my honey from Bangkok, ooh, la,la..Being off limits to a GI is to only test his skills of doing the impossible...One night back in Lai Khe in mid January 1968 me and two another guys one named Sozzi and the other I can't remember his name deided to Lai Khe village for a quick short time. We had to cross the air strip. The other guy got scared to cross the air strip so me and Sozzi ran across, got by the MP guards, got inside of the village being welcomed by Mama-san.dumb, dumb..stupid.but a GI is a GI.."Mission Impossible" complete.  You tend to do dumb things when you are young and full of c-m..There were VC tax collectors inside of Lai Khe during that time (It was just a week before TET) Our company Juan B2/2 Infantry had to secure and block the village from the VC at night after coming back from Phoi Loi pulling convoy security).  Have a nice day. Saint you know where ther is a will there is a way especially for a combat Soldier..but I have lived and learned and matured and understand what young Soldiers will do and why so when I was a First Sergeant and Sergeant Major I made that the right punishment and or corective action was fitting for my Soldiers and even laughed to myself when I chewed their asses or when I had to recommend Non-judicial punishment. A Soldier is A Soldier is a Soldier..time does not change that fact.NOLI ME TANGERE.
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