Second Infantry Regiment

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John Venn
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Remember the book and movie "We Were Soldiers Once and Young?  Well, I look back on some of the stupid things I did in VN and think the title would be, "I was a soldier once and dumb." LOL

harold defibaugh
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i remember being in lai khe in 68 a couple of times, probably by that time it was not as restricted as when you old timers where there. the village was open in the day time, but off limits at night. got chased by the mp's one night and just made it out thru the wire by the skin of my teeth. the guy i was with hid out in mama sans hooch until the mp's cleared out.

harold defibaugh
Jimmy Jones
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Hi all, while searching for Lai Khe info awile back, I ran across a websight Posted by Fred Dunlap, 2/28 Aug 67-68. Turns out he lives just a few miles from me, and we got together for lunch. He's got some great photo's, check em out.
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SGM, I know where you coming from. I had a company at Ft lee and I did the same... I did have my adventure's at Lai Khei myself--MP's Or No MP''s--I got stopped by a cloth line one night near a latrine at the village--I came out smelling shitty but safe from the Mp's. LOL.

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Luther Patton
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Patton Checking in for the month of October!  Its finally cool weather here in Okie country.  And I'm Loving it.  But we still need alot of rain and it does not look good in the months to come. So the Weatherman says.
I hope that all of my Brother's are doing good.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68' 
harold defibaugh
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it's a beautiful day here in yukon, ok. i agree with luther, we do need some rain. here locally the weather news casters are saying we might get some rain about the end of next week. in the last couple of months the okla army national guard has lost 13 troops in afganistan, the most recent last week. i know they are not troops from the 1st id, but there families need our prayers also. after nam i spent 10 years in the ok army national guard.

harold defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
John Venn
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Turn on the heater!!! 47 and windy. It did not have to get cold all at once but it is refreshing.

Gene E Daniels GED
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 Daniels here checking in from SW Iowa where it's a nice day. We are finally seeing the damage of the flooding here in Iowa and it's billions of $ damage. Farmers, city people, roads, businesses, homes, all of it is gone--It took Interstate 29 which is part of the mid hub of the country an washed it away. Sh-- likes this hasn't ever happened before in my lifetime, but the water was 34 feet over flood stage for weeks and at one time I-29 was 11 miles wide!!
Hope all my BRO's are doing well-

                                                       D 1/2 Black Scarves 68-69 
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Well we are doing good here in Florida. We have some rain--which is good for the fauna. Getting ready for the trip to Vietnam, also getting all the registration forms for the coming reunion at Pigeon Forge, TN. Hope we have a good turn out, like year.
Stay safe and healthy my Brothers.
For ever Young, and be careful out there.

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Jimmy Jones
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I just received Sonny Gratzer's book, G. I. Blues, along with a letter. Sonny and I had a mutual friend in Viet Nam, Captain Curtis Duble (commo) If anyone has info on his whereabouts, please let us know.
Thanks Jim

James R. Massengill
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VTXRider here. 2/2 Mech HHC, Flame PLT, '69-'70. Just getting back, been a while. Just retired from civil job; Hope to check weekly. Thanks for what you and others like you are doing.

James Massengill
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Curtis, sounds like you may have been around some of the same areas I was. When were you there and with whom? Anyone remember Water Hole #3?

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Curtis Parker
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Attention, 2nd Infantry Regiment fall in..Receive the report...Curtis Parker "Daring Bravo Bandit 31" is present for duty. Jimmy Jones me and Cpt Gratzer are friends and have been corresponding with each other over that past few years. I served with him from Dec 1967- Feb 1968 when he got wounded during the TET Offensive on or about 9 Feb 1968. James Massengill I served with the 2/2 Infantry "Daring Bravo Bandits" 3rd platoon, Track 231 form 9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968.  Welcome home to the site and to all the 2nd Infantry Regiment Brothers.

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Checking in for the month, still in good health and spirits, take care Bros.
B co 2/2 3rd Plt
tracks 232 & 234
7-67 7-68
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HELLO ALL:    I am checking in and all is well now...   Triple by-pass 07-01-2011, I was having troubles after surgery and with further diagnostics completed, I had another stent placed 09-06-2011 at the MAYO hospital  in Rochester, Minn...   I am now getting documentation together to further my Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) claim...  
  @ MOTHER I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather down there, the colors here are just beautiful, makes one glad to be alive !!!
  @James Massengill   Take No offense from this but we in RECON just didn't like traveling with you ZIPPOs as I recall we left plenty of room ahead and behind you guys while in column, we surely appreciated the big torch when we needed to incinerate something from afar!!!
   BEWELLBROthers    ronziegler2/2HHCreconplatoon(29er62)jan1968-feb1969
Glenn Haring
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Any chance that is the stream just outside of Thunder 3 next to the ville with the Catholic church?

Capt. Gratzer you here? Want to ask you a question.

harold defibaugh
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OU- 55  TX- 17




Joe Fair
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Originally Posted by BCC
Let's see how many and who, are checking this board.

Everybody check in here, with the following info.

1.) Username:
2.) Company and Bn.
3.) Year(s) with the 2d Inf (example--69-70)
4.) How often do you check the board. (daily, several times a week, weekly, etc.)

Me. Bravo Charlie Charlie (Bandits Company Clerk)
B 2/2
Several times a day.

Joe Fair 11B
A 1/2
March 1969 to March 1970
I check the board weekly

Glenn Haring
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Checking in from Okla. 2 inches of rain and more coming- whew!!!

Glenn Haring
Daring Bravo 6 Kilo
B 2/2 Mech. Inf.

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Well here in Melbourne, FL we have 10 inches of rain and more coming tonight. We are flood out. here are some pictures, from this morning.

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WOW, Juan, looks like you need the phone number for Noah and his blue prints for an ark

Gene E Daniels GED
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Daniels here  I check in about once a week when I'm at home. Delta 1/2 Black Scarves 4-68--4-69

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Yes, sir I feel that way on Sat night, we still flooded in some places here in the compound.
Today is better no rain so far.
mike ogden
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  Juan, have you ever seen any gators show up when flooded like this? and if so i'm sure makes for some good leather goods, can just see a pair of gator shoes to wear around town!!!                 MO

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Mike, Yes we have gators showing up at our back yard and front door. I had a water moccasin at the front door too--... It is jungle out there--I love it..
Reporting in before I take off for the land of the little people-a place call Nam.
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