Second Infantry Regiment

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Edward Cuni
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Ed Cuni, Co C 2nd Bn-2 Inf Reg 1 st Platoon, 1966-67

Hi you'll from 20 miles west of Los Angeles, Calif

                          Your Truly Crazy as ever
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Hello to all my brothers out there. Just got into Vietnam 20 hrs flying--the place should look different. Talk to you more later.


Hope the this page can go forward--it been stuck for couple weeks.


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Juan, Remember this.......

You can't have your nuoc mam and eat it too!

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Just got my 30 yr old son married off this week end, poor boy... Autumn weather is  here and is just terrific , I hate to leave Wisconsin this time of year but, tomorrow morning I am going on ELK hunting trip on east side of Flat Tops mtns ... We are goose necking out to Colorado, two pack horses, two ATVs and two tents and camping next to the wilderness area... I am gettin TOO damn old for this kind of stuff, but  I won't be hunting, just the camp tramp!!!
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Well, this morning ,Carmen and I walk to the Ho-Chi-Ming City Museum. This was the place where the 5th Special Forces Group have it HQ's when they wwere in Vietnam--The museum is almost across the hotel where Carmen and I stay--The museum is on Pasteur st. It brought lot of memories, since I use to go there sometimes.... After that we went to--The War Remnants Museum in there we saw lot of stuff in display of the stuff that happenend when we were in Nam.. Tomorrow we are going to Cu-Chi for 4 hrs and then back to the war museum....


The people at the hotel are great--I am getting a VIP treatment. Take care and stay safe. Thinking about all of you. I try to post some pictures, but there is something wrong with the board that the section don't work...


Jim Clark
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Jim Clark, checking in from Ca..Should be in the mid-to high 70's this week, and then maybe some rain.

Ron, good to hear you're healthy enough to go hunting again.Enjoy your trip.think roll-a-cot.

Juan, when you get to Lai Khe, somewhere around where our old barracks were. Please look for my sock,I think I lost one there too.

mike ogden
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 Juan, watch out for water buffalo, one answers by name of "lucky", got hit by 16 instead of 60, just shiver and run away, I think might of had white sock also!!!              mo

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Mike, I will take your advice. Jim I will be looking for the sock. First thing when I got here last night the wind was coming from the direction of Lai-Khei and it had a foul smell, I am pretty sure it is your sock. I will be looking and will send you picture of it when I find it.

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We went to Cu-Chi tunnels yesterday, nice experience it bought lot of memories, I recognized an area where the 2/2 was in Feb,6 1966, I remember it was my B-day. I saw all the tunnels and the spider hole from where we use to get shot at.... on the 19th we are going to Lai Khei, Ben Cat and Bau-Bang. I have taken lot of pictures--I even got to shoot a carbine yesterday.


Reporting from Ho Chi Ming City.

The weather is nice......it is 1004 in the morning on Oct 18- 2011.



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Today Thursday 20th of Oct. We are going to Ben Cat, Lai Khei, and Ap-Bau-Bang. Will let you know when I get back this afternoon. To bad I can't post pictures on the board due to the problem the board have.


Curtis Parker
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Hi Juan welcome back to Vietnam..don't forget to take your malaria tablets and please don't get any flash backs visiting Lai Khe and Ap Bau Bang..if you get a chance can you look for my water buffalo wallet thet I lost during the Rome Plow operation in May 1968 in the Michelon Plantation area and don't forget to take a leak on our favorite tree..kiss old Mama-San for me and BCC, he won't get jealous.ha, ha, ha. I was stationed in Cu Chi during my 2nd tour in Vietnam from 1971-1972 with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment "2/11th ACR" (E Troop/HHT Troop after I got wounded in the Boi Loi/Hobo Woods on 24 May 1971..If you see my old Mama Sans Mai or Tao tell them that their Sgt.don't mention my name Okay says hello from big PX in America other than that continue to have a good time back in the Nam..Noli Me Tangere.

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SGM, I did not see the water buffalo, I only saw a big John Deere at the field....

Just got back from the trip to Lai Khei, Bau-Bang and Ben cat. Found the wpns Plt area and the company Cp area also the 3rd Plt which I was assigned as an FO. When I went to the Village, I got the surprise of my life--I found the Barber Mr.Doan Van Chanh. All the troop of the 2/2 new him by Mr Chang, he reside about 500 ydrs from where the old road was, almost across from the big tree at the entrance of the village. I took pictures of him and his store--we are about the same age 72..... In Bau Bang they have a monument for the VC's that lost their life's fighting us and the 15th Regiment ARVN.. The driver I have lost his father at Dau Tieng fighting the 272 -73 Phu Loi Bn . He is very happy because he did not where his father died on 27 Nov 65---- Before the 2/2 went to find the 272-73 bn around Dau tieng--the day before the VC have killed about 400 arvns--that day on the 27 of Nov--we were in Tay Ning on the way to Dau Tieng while at Dau Tieng I saw cattle truck carrying all the dead bodies.  We took of on the 3th of Dec 1965, from Dau Tieng to go across in the jungle to get the VC's, then after we got ambushed on the 5th of Dec about 1pm, at ap- nga- mat ...


All the ladies you all new are looking for you in the states and in germany. LOL.



Curtis Parker
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Hi Juan, really sounds like a very interesting experience of finding those old locations and the barber Mr. Doan Van Chang..bet he was also surprised to see you again.  I hope that the Vietnamese people and VC/NVA Veterans honor and cherish their monument as much as we cherish and honor our "Wall". Again have a good time, come back healthy and safe and we all are waiting to see all the pictures you have taken on your visit.

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Sgm, I am so glad that I have come back to Vietnam. When I enter the road to the plantation and see it--it was like the day we came in and set up. Yes and Yes I piss on that tree. Hookah.


The place have new trees now just like it was in 1965. The people were so friendly and helpful every place, I went.... I look at the distance and saw A and C company position too. I just went back on time, I told the wife that I have to come back again in couple of years.

Soon as I get back I will try to make some DVD's and send them to those that want them-- that is if they don't mind to see an ugly face (Mine).Lol. Too bad that the board wont received any pictures.


Maybe I get me a web site for the reunion of Pigeon Forge, TN.


On Saturday we will be going to Tay Ning, Dau Tieng and Nui Ba Den(Black Virgin Mountain... Next week we will be going to Long Bing and Bien Hoa.


Take and stay safe warriors.

You ever loving Brother.


Juan (aka) The Saint.

Luther Patton
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Hi Juan,
So glad that you and the Boss are having a good time remincing on times long ago.
So glad that the Barber that cut your hair and the other's was not  a Viet Cong like so many other's that were.
I would Love to make a trip back.  I bet it sounds strange not hear out going, or helicopters flying overhead etc.
The day before we caught that big freedom bird that brought us back to The World.  I had hung my orginal dog tags on a nail in the shower and I forgot to get them.  A Mama was cleaning outside of the showers and i bet she found them.  I sure wish you could find them.  Not the Mama Son... but my dog tags. LOL!! 
Have a 33' beer for me LOL!
Be Safe you and Carmen! Enjoy the trip which i know that you both are.
Will you be close to the old Song Be fire support base.  It was at the base of Nu Ba Ra Mountain the twin of The Black Virgin Mountain.  The Fire Support Base was called Fire Support Base Buttons if im not mistaken.  The Black Scarf's spent Christmas there, and when we getting ready to come back to The World.
Be Safe!
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2      
Donovan Kolness
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Hello Juan, I'm glad to hear the trip is going great for you and the Boss.

When you go to the Black Virgin Mountain take a look on the west side and see if you can find my M-16, eighteen fully loaded M-16 clips, my helmet and even my dog tags. I lost them all when an RPG round hit a few feet behind me and blew me 20 feet (or more) in the air at the beginning of the battle there on July 12, 1969.

Take care and enjoy you trip...I wish I was there with you!

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Today Friday, I will take it easy here at the hotel.

Tomorrow Sat we will take off for Tay Ning, Dau Tieng, and Black virgin Mountain which is an amusement park, I plan to ride the cable car around the mountain and then go on top--I have to look for the wrench that feel of the chopper when we spend the night (1968) in there due to bad weather... Like I say I will take lot of pictures--sorry guys no girls--the boss is watching.Lol.

Take care and be careful out there.




John Venn
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If you get around Sui Da, look for a nine shot .32 cal. revolver that got thrown off our APC when it got hit, while I was gone (in the hospital).  I really liked that gun even though it sheared lead.  I used to use it in tunnels and you can never have enough guns anyway. 

I visulize the location in VN you will be visiting, everytime you mention one.

It seemed that when ever we were close to the Black Virgin we either were motared, ambushed or flat out hit in the base camp and now it is an amusement park (sounds like a Paul Simon song).

Glad you are having a great time!

Glenn Haring
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Juan I am reading all of this and what trip it is to be "going along with you" Keep this up it is wonderful. I too wish I was there with you.
This just gave me an idea. I want to go back and take my 25 yr old son with me. He has always love my stories, photos and the strangeness of all of this.

And damn it was strange!

Glenn Haring
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The barber. Remember guys this was a nationalist war- a war for the liberation of their country and our barber could very well have been working for the VC to get all foreigners out of his country. Like it or not we were foreigners a lot more than we were not communists to them.

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Today10-21-2011. My wife walk down from the hotel, to the Saigon River and took the Hydrofoil to Vung-Tau---wow what a change--4 lanes hwy in down town. I notice that the big hill near the airfield--have a new town with villas on the side. The old Grand hotel have been renovated and it looks great. There is no beach front, they made a park , alone the beach area, no more sand--concrete all the way.


In the morning we are taking off for Tay Ning ,Dau Tieng, and Nui Ba Den.....

I suggest that if you want to come to Vietnam get lot of money and do it early because this country is getting very advance in society--guys you pay toll now in thunder road, and other hwy's...


The young ladies are better looking now--the school system make English language mandatory... The people are very friendly better so than before..


Take care and stay safe.


Gene E Daniels GED
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Juan-been reading your emails about your trip and I'm like you, have to close my eyes and try and see it in my mind-I've been reading everytime you write and love hearing about you and Carmen;s trip. I wish you both well and hope your trip is as good for you as it is for me to read about. I won't be going back, but with your pictures and CD's if you make one with do with me. Glad you took alot of money, but we all know you have it to spend. ha Do tell Carmen the truth about the mamma-sons and if you dare tell about the 5 years in Nam and the swear box in the ville in Lai Khe, and be well my friend. Take care my friend and enjoy you time, where in my mind time stopped in 68. Take Carmen with you to the ville at Lai Khe, I'm sure she would find it interesting. our friend and brother   GED   Gene

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Today we are going to Tay Ning, Dau Tieng, Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain)... I will take lot of pictures and try to find where the airstrip was-- also in Dau Tieng where the area we waited for the mission to Ap- Nga-Mat, and the area in nui ba den... G.E.D. Carmen went with me to Lai Khei--she went all over with me--even to the position where the 81MM mortar were and also the company area--and yes I will put you in the list to send you DVD's.



Take care and stay safe..


Your ever loving Brother in arms.


Jim Clark
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Yea,yea,yea,you've been places and seen things.... WHAT ABOUT MY SOCK. Juan,glad to hear you and the Boss are having a good time.Put me down for a dvd also.
Bob Fulps
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Hola Juan, buenos dias mi hermano. I too have enjoyed reading about your trip and am amazed at the changes you describe. A couple of days ago I rec'd a note from the pretty little gal with the big lips that you sometimes portray with some of your writings on the board. She had heard that you were coming to VN. She said to please ask you to stop off in Laikhe and pay her for the steam job and blowbath you enjoyed back in 1965. She said with the failing economy she sure could use the scratch. Also, she said the boy looks more like you everyday. Now that he is older his hair is turning white. He messed up his knees and can no longer play baseball. He was playing in an old ARVN minefield. He slid in to third base and it blew up on him. Heeeeeyeee, gotcha didn't I? I love you man. Travel safe, take care, and be sure to buy Carmen some  "Siagon Tea" before you leave there. Hang tough. Bob

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