Second Infantry Regiment

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Dave Lippert
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Jaun; what is he trying to say with that paddlewheel jazz.To properly answer that ? I had Jaun in the water behind the boat with flippers on. I know that isn't much but we made it.
The Saint
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Dave, I did not catch up,. well anyway we made it there and back. I still remember when we stopped in Okinawa and they told us not go any where---the boat was empty by 1800hrs everyone was down town Naha.LOL.

Dave Lippert
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Jaun iI think the Gov calls that unscheduled leave.
The Saint
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Roger that, I saw lot of the officer down there too.LOL, one ask me Sgt what are you doing here? I told him-the same thing you are doing drinking a beer.LOL.

Bill Hearn
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Welcom home, Charles Coon,

I found this site last July but have not been on this board for awhile.  Hurricane Ike flooded our home in Galveston and the recovery and relocation kept me pretty occupied for months.  At any rate, it is great to discover another Bravo, 1/2 vet.  I commanded the company from August 67 to March 68 so we served around seven months together.  John Adams on here also served with us. I would love to hear from you.  My email is

The Saint
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Bravo 6 we have a reunion at Pigeon Forge,TN in May 15-16-17. I am pretty sure that some of the 1/2 Inf BN will be there, check the front of the web site for all the info.

John Adams
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If you make the reunion we can talk about the s..t we went through. I joined B Co in September 67 and was there until June 68. I was in the artillery FO section in the company HQ. What platoon were you in?  


Bill Sly
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We need to keep this going. Anyone that hasn't checked in, please do so now.

Gene E Daniels (Danny)
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 Gene E Daniels  (Danny)

  D 1/2   Black Scraf Bn.
  4-68-----4-69 Lima Plt & Mortars

   I try to check in weekly!!!!

Eddie A. Oliver
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Welcome home Danny. Good to see a fellow 1/2 check in. Check your email.

mike ogden
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  Welcome home Danny and welcome to this great web site, their's alot of good guys here just be aware when they might try to sell you something, he' he'!!!
                             mike ogden
                             1/2 HHC & C co.
                             Black Scarf Battalion
                             First Infantry Division
Gene E Daniels Danny
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Glad to hear from you guys, I've been on the web site a few times, but will check more often now. It's a great way to keep in touch with brothers!!  Again thanks for the welcome!!

kenneth moffat
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1969 1970
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How well did you know Captain Robert Waldron?

Bravo Charlie Charlie
B, 2/2 69/70
Michael Williams
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C-1-4, Weapons squad leader, 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 2nd Bn. 2nd Inf.  August '68-March '69 (sent to 5th Div.)

Richard A McCuan
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Richard McCuan
HHC 2nd
not often enough
Luther Patton
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Patton checking in.  I just reurned from Florida visitng my Daughter, Son and Four Grandkids.  I had a wonderful time. 
Time to get on my Custom Second Infantry Regiment Chopper and ride.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO
Recon 29er Platoon RTO. Point Man 
harold defibaugh
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welcome home luther!!!!!

went to a family reunion sat, fun was had by all, good western oklahoma home cooking. i am going to ride escort with several others on a moving wall from el reno, ok to piedmont ok on the 1st. it will be there until the 5th.

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2/
dec 67 dec 68
Luther Patton
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Thanks Harold, When the Wall was in tulsa, I had a picture taken of my Custom Second Infantry Chopper taken in from of it.  But I dont have the picture someone else took the pic.  ride Safe Harold, and give my best to the other Brother's that you meet.
God Bless America
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO
Recon. Platoon 29er RTO, Point Man
Gene E Daniels
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Glad you had a goodtime with your family Luther, and especially your grandkids. They are so great to have and know they are safe. Welcome back!!
                       GED   "Danny" 
                        D 1/2   4-68----4-69
John Kerins
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There is a thread, Johnny Paul Grissom KIA D, 1/2 March 69 Family needs info.
That's your time. Maybe you can help? Hope so.
Take care,
Gene E Daniels "Danny
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 John: Sorry, but the name doesn't ring a bell to me. Did he have a nickname as most of us did? If I can remember, I'll get in touch.
                                                     Sorry     GED    Danny
Javier L.
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C-1/2 3rd Platoon (November Plt.)

Tour- Mar. 19, 1969  Mar. 17, 1970

Home state- Texas
John Venn
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Hey guys!

I was with A 2nd/2nd (Mike Platoon) fromm Nov 1966-Nov 1967.  This is a great website!

John Venn
Jim Clark
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  Jim Clark    HHC 2/2 67-68  Motor pool and I was on the 95 track. I try to check in everyday.I'm still looking for someone who was in the motor pool also.
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