Second Infantry Regiment

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Bob Cheatham
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Bob Cheatham
every so often.    

            Home state,     Michigan                     

cary dawkins
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I have been back to vietnam 7 times in the last 8 years going again this year after I have mo shoulder replacement surgey.If I can help anyone with info on what can save you some money on your trip please e-mail me.

Donovan Kolness
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Hello Cary,

There has been some discussion between several of us who served together with Alpha 2/2 (1968 - 1969) regarding a trip back to Nam. We have talked about going to the Black Virgin Mountain, Anloc, Loc Ninh and so on. Do you have any suggestions on how we should go about it regarding flying over, ground transportation while in country and lodging? And roughly what the average cost for a ten day trip (flying out of San Francisco) may cost?

Thanks Cary....Welcom Home!

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2
Oct. 68 - Oct. 69
The saint
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Donovan, my wife and I are planing to go to Nam around June or July next year--we are planing to stay at the REX hotel and take day trips to the areas like Lai Khei, Tay Ning and Dau Tieng (the new city and resort area) also make an stop over at Bau- Bang, then take a tour of the city of Saigon--the hotel have all the facilities you need to have a good time. The hotel is almost at the center of Ho-Chi-Ming city (Saigon). I think 10 days will be sufficient to see all you need .

Luther Patton
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Patton checking in.  I to would Love to go back to the Nam.  But first I would like to make a trip to The Wall in Washington D.C. first... then back to the Nam.
Saint your Money Order is in the mail Thanks.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO,
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67 June 68
Gene E Daniels
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 Danny here: just checking in to view the web. I've thought about going back to Nam, and decided 68--69--was enough. I've read from others who went back said it was good to go, but each to their own!! Good luck to those who are going.
       D 1/2   4-68--4-49-- Lima platoon--then mortars!!
        Go Black Scarves         NOLI-ME-TANGERE!!!!!!!!!
Bruce Gobeo
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Just checking in after a long absence.  I am not sure what going back to Nam would do for me or too me BUT before I would/could seriously think of going back I would have to go to DC to do the WALL first.

Anyone have any trips to the WALL planned?

Bruce Gobeo
A 2/2
harold defibaugh
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i went to the wall in D.C. in 07 and in 08. it was something i will never forget as long as i live. i have been to the moving wall several different times, the last was on the 4th of july in piedmont, ok, about 10 miles from where i live. i think there will be another moving wall sometime in august in shawnee, ok. i have often wondered about whether i really want to go back to the nam. i spend enough time there in my dreams, i don't think i ready for the real deal again. i know that the place is nothing like it was 40+ years ago, just don't think i am ready.

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
Donovan Kolness
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Hey Bruce, it's good to see you on the board...

It's been a while since we last visited, but at the reunion in May, Alvin Howard, Dennis Difolco, Sammy Labastida and others discussed going back to Nam. At this point in time nothing more has been said, so I don't know if we will actually be going. The other place that came up for us to meet was THE WALL, which may happen next spring or early summer. The group from Alpha who attended the Pigeon Forge reunion felt going to THE WALL was something we should do together. Since 1983 I have been to THE WALL three times with David (Popcorn) Anderson and every time has been a moving experience, but more so, an apportunity to be able to pay a special tribute to the memory of the men we lost, whom I will never forget.

Take care and keep in touch.

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2
The Saint
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If you want to go to Nam, first try to make one of the reunion- in there you can find out how it will be in Nam, when you make contact with those that you have not seen for 40 years or more, I guarantee you that it will be a therapy for you--Try next year at Pigeon Forge, TN.
Yes, I am going back to Nam, I spent 5 years in country never went on R&R I just stayed there, gave my R&R away to those who have their wife's coming to see them in Hawaii and other places.
Bruce Gobeo
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Donovan - Pls keep me in the loop on any plans to go to the WALL.  I'd like to go with you Alvie, Danny and Sammy.  Maybe Don Weber would be up for a trip.  I think he has been there before.

Don and I talked about coming up your way to visit you and Diane King earlier in the summer but it didn't happen lol.

Stay in touch.

Bruce Gobeo
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Saint -  I see how you got your name.

I'd like to try the reunion next year.  I am in Montana and my kids all live near the west coast.  So getting east isn't that easy for me.  I only have so much vacation.  But I would like to reconnect.


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  If you guys head to the wall let me know I'm only a couple hours away and would meet you there.  Also keep me in on a Nam trip, I don't know if I could go but I felt the same way about the reunion, and teaming up with you guys was great.
  Steve Brozyna
  A 2/2  68-69

Bruce,Jim, John,Bob,Cary,Michael,Rich, welcome home brothers
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Danny checking in to see what's going on, still won't return to the Nam, but just wanted to see if any D1/2 have been here lately.
    D1/2 4-68--4-69   Lima platoon and mortars  God Bless all my brothers!!!

                                               Gene E Daniels

eddie Oliver
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Hi Danny, Don't have any desire to return to Vietnam either but can understand those that want to. Enjoy the pictures but that is close enough for me. I was in Co. C 1/2 from 6-68 Thur. 3-69 and then was transferred up north to 5th Div. to finish my tour. We had a black guy by to name of Roberts ( I think) and thought you might remember he or some other names of guys in C company. welcome home and looking forward to hearing from you.

Eddie (Andy) Oliver
Co. C 2nd. Platoon 68-69
harold defibaugh
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i check this site about a couple of times a day. since i'm retired(since 1997), i have a lot of time  to do whatever i want to. i have thought about if i would like to go back to nam, just don't know about it though. my former psych that did the aftercare ptsd classes at the okc va went several times and brought back pictures. i never got to see them, but from what she said, there have been a lot of changes to the country. i have a lot of dreams, good and bad about the place, i just don't think i am ready to commit to going back.

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67 dec 68

p.s.  to all of you out there that made it back, welcome home and god bless
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 Hi Eddie, the name doesn't ring a bell at this time, but I really knew most by surnames and I can't place this guy. Good to hear from you also, we were probably working in the same AO most of our time in Nam, and 40 years later we find out, what a deal but alot of info goes thru this web and we can keep in touch this way now. Have you been to any reunions in Pigeon Fordge? If you haven't, you have really missed a good time talking to guys about the good times and rarely about the war it's self. I went 2 years ago and met several from our time and Juan Santiago--(the Saint), and Dominic Mish and others work their butts off to make a nice reunion for all that were in the 2nd reg. Good talking to you and welcome home!

                                               Later   Ged--D1/2 
Luther Patton
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Patton checking in!  Harold were you at the Battle Of hill 172?  If my memory serves me right.... I do believe that B,  C, and Delta   Company and a few 105's from the 1st/5th Artillery BRO, was involved in a Battle with the 271 st. NVA Regiment on December 8, 1967.
For me, I would like to go back to the Nam, it has most sincerely changed. "Time waits for no one." 
God Bless America!!
Black Scarf Battalion
harold defibaugh
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i wasn't involved in that action, i didn't get to  b 1/2 until just before christmas of 67.

harold defibaugh
Luther Patton
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 Harold OK! So when you got in country were you at Song Be with us? Or was it after we left Song Be.  The Black Scarf's spent Christmas there, and it was good even tho we were in The Nam! 
I had just joined Recon. 29er Platoon, I say it was around Dec. 11th, 1967.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Bn. 1/2 
harold defibaugh
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it would have been after song be. i was in quan loi during christmas 67. i remember going thru jungle school shortly after getting to quan loi. i remember one of the sgts. that was an instructor carried a 12 guage pump shotgun, don't recall his name.  i think one of the first operations i went on was outside of quan loi. the 2/2 was involved and we got into a small firefight. i recall one of the tracks captured a female vc  and brought her in, she was shot up pretty bad.

harold defibaugh 
Luther Patton
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Harold that's right you would have to go through Jungle Devil School first.  Like I have said before I joined Recon. 29er right after The Battle Of Hill 172. 
 When Tet busted wide open.  Recon. Platoon 29er was the Ready Reaction Force in Quan Loi.  If the in-tell had information on V.C. movement in and around the villages that were in the Quan Loi vicinity, Recon. 29er was called on to load up on a deuce and half, then we were taken to the edge of the Quan Loi perimeter. Then we would push head on into the rubber trees. And sure enough we would make contact, and the firefight would be on.  And we would repeat this day in and day out. 
Now this went on during The Tet Offensive of 68'.  I cannot tell you on how many firefights we were in. I just know that it was Boo Koo. We never lost any of our guys but we had a lot of them wounded. But the V.C. that was a different story.
During this time frame The Duck and The Flashman were wounded, along with Parker,Horton, and Spanky!  Did I leave anyone out?
Harold I'm sure that you were on Operation Quyet Thang, that took place in The Trapezoid Mid March through April 7th 1968. It was during this time that Lt. COL. Mortimer O'Connor, Dejesus, Lt. Lulu and others were KIA.  The area that we were in was booby trapped from one end to the other. This place was a very  Ominous place indeed. I was Point Man for Recon. during this time. Was I scared!!!!!! you damn right I was, just like everyone else in The Black Scarf Battallion.
Spanky was wounded during this operation. His second time to get wounded........ this wound would be the one that would send him  back to the World.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man   
harold defibaugh
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i remember in march of 68, we were in the iron triangle, and got into some pretty good firefights, we were out on a battalion minus and got pinned down several times by a few vc in bunkers. we had a few of our guys wounded , don't remember how many, cause i was to busy shooting and trying to crawl inside my steel pot. my platoon sgt at the time was sgt furbee. he was the one that got me out of the line unit and sent back to re-supply in about august of 68. i don't know if it was lucky or not. i wrecked a jeep and a duece and  a half . i did go to loc nihn one time, don't recall exactly when, but it was before i got the transfer to re-supply. the next time 1/2 went to loc nihn, we had several guys killed, one was a sgt lang.

harold defibaugh
john h johnston
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john h johnston c/1/2 1id, 22 apr 66 23 apr 67, 3rd plt for 9 mo as a rifleman, last 3 months was plt sgt rto, plt leader rto, and old mans rto on battalion freq.   did 30 years on little rock fire dept, firefighting duties the whole time.  went to germany after vietnam and was with d/1/2nd armored cavalry regiment at bindlach.   i drove and was a gunner on a tank there.  i had armor ait and they stuck me in the infantry.  i was mad about it like reimenschneder.  i thought id be safer in armor, i think i was safer in infantry after i was exposed to both.  those cav guys got shot in the head or neck or mines or rpgs got them.  no easy job there.  im plannin on goin to all the reunions in 2010 including kokomo.  ive been away from yall long enough.   facebooks kind of brought me out of my shell.  i can communicate with family and friends really easy there.  israel tames and richard mccusker and richard daffron and ???????????????????? some others.   they have big red one groups there too.  yall should look it over.   i think i got it all in here.  losin my mind in old age.  

john h johnston
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ps i dont come here often, going to start coming more tho.   i come here when one of us dies.  

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