Second Infantry Regiment

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Dennis E Peterson
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Peterson checking in:
HHC 1/2  Headquarters Platoon
June '66 - June '67
I check the site occasionally.
I have some pictures from 1966 of Phuoc Vinh and such.

Anyone interested in seeing "Zulu", and the folks who ran it??


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   Danny checking in to see what the sit-rip is. Haven't been here for a few days--still sticking to my guns about returning to the Nam, but each to their own!! Wanted to check and see if I knew anything about anything on the web, and see who's been her and who hasn't. I feel my young age creeping up on me--finally turned 60 and feel it. I think most are older than me, but I was told I'd never make it to 30--beat that and now I'm 60--sounds good to me.
       God Bless all my brothers in the 2nd reg. and the "Black Scarves". I can't imagine being with any other unit, love those Black Scarves!!
                     Danny Delta Co. 1/2 68-69
Luther Patton
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 Patton checking in.
Dennis I arrived in the Nam June of 67.  And you were going back to The World.  Welcome Home Brother and you to Danny, and welcome to the Board.
I would really like to go back to the Nam, and dump some baggage off while I'm there.  I would be able to concentrate a whole lot better by not having someone trying to kill or maime me. And see what has changed and what has not!
For those that I know of... that have gone back to The Nam said "it is so quiet there now....no helicopter's, outgoing, incoming round's, explosions, etc.
Maybe someday I will go back!
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO
HHC Recon. Platoon 29er RTO, Point Man
Jim Clark
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Jim Clark,I was with the 2/2 from April 67 till Feb 68 HHC, motor pool and the last 6 mo. I was with the 95 track. I'm on the west coast in Ca. 
David May
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I just stumbled on to this site today.  If I've seen it before, I forgot. anyway, I will be checking back.  I served with C. Co. of the 2nd & 2nd from January 1968 till the end of June. I ended up as the driver of the 332 track for a while then the 334 track during the last couple of months. I was known of as Panhandle. Good to find you folks and I will be checking back soon.


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   Panhandle, welcome home, there are a lot of C Co. 2/2 guys on board and I'm sure they'd like to hear from you and vice-versa.  Hope your doing well.  Keep an eye on the site it gets pretty interesting at times and we would like your 2 cents.  Once again welcome home and remember there is a reunion coming up in May in Tenn.

Steve Brozyna
A 2/2  68-69
The Saint
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Panhandle, welcome home there are a whole bunch of C co troops out there, come to the reunion and you will see them.
B/2/2 64 to67 Vietnam 65 to 70.
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Panhandle--Welcome home from the 1/2. I was with D1/2 from 4-68--4-49. Just wanted to say welcome home and have it be from the "BLACK SCARVES".  Danny

David May
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Change of Command,
Yesterday Donna and I went to Ft. Hood and watched the change of command for the 2nd and 2nd infantry.  Command also changed for the 1st and 26th, 6th and 4th Calvary, 1st and 6th Field Artillery, 3rd and 1st Special Troops Battalion, and the 201st Brigade Support Battalion. Lots of speech making, pomp and ceremony the likes of which I had never seen before.  I have to say seeing all those young men and women standing in the place we once occupied brought a tear to an old soldier's eye. It's a proud moment when you can see the Big Red One standing so tall, willing, and able.  I came away with a new confidence.
David May
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Charlie Company 2nd and 2nd. 1968, call sign 3 -2 Delta.

I just thought of a funny story that you all might get a kick out of. I've posted this somewhere before so some of you may have read it.  Anyway, we went back to Lia Khe after several weeks in the field. They had some kind of alert going and we were held up at the North entrance for quite a while. Anyway, we missed chow. About 10:00 p. m. we were all hungry and even out of C's as we were back in for resupply.  Someone suggested we raid the mess hall.  Stories had circulated that you did not want to mess with the mess sgt. so we knew we had to be careful.  We drew straws.  The two that got the short straws took off to do the deed.  A few minutes later they came back across the compound giggling like a couple of girls. They threw a case of something in the back of the track, jumped in and closed the door. -- We then struck a light and opened the case to see what we had.  Now you would have thought they would have shopped around a little.  We had 6 gallons of fruit coctail. -- Someone said we ought to share with the other tracks. Someone else said no way, the more folks that knew about this the more chances we would get caught.  Therefore, the decesion was made.  We ate those 6 gallons of fruit cocktail over the next 4 days. -- Man, we were glad we remained in Lia Khe for a couple of weeks. If we had gone back to the field with the case of the GI's we all had it would have been bad.

Now with my luck, the first person to read this post will be the MESS SGT.

mike ogden
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  Danny i'd like to say Welcome Home BROther and welcome to this great web site, i'm also a 'Black Scarf' from June 1968 to Feb. 1969 in HHC Recon and Charley Co., I would also like to Welcome Panhandle Home and thank him for his service! You mentioned sit-rip? I remember whenever I would pull L.P. the radio transmitter would say if my sit-rip is negative break squelch twice, we could hear charley moving around to our front like a snake in the grass, you might say it was our time in hell.
                                                mike ogden
                                                HHC Recon 29er & C Co.
                                                Black Scarf Battalion
                                                Big Red One
The Saint
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Danny, I was there too, those troops were strac looking. We will be at Ft Knox for the re-flagin of the Bde and 2/2 on the 16th of Oct.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: Change_of_Command_at_Ft_Hood,TX_9-10-09_3rd_Bde_1st_Inf_Div_009.JPG, Views: 19, Size: 593.66 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Change_of_Command_at_Ft_Hood,TX_9-10-09_3rd_Bde_1st_Inf_Div_002.JPG, Views: 27, Size: 619.74 KB 

The Saint
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David, my apologies--I called you Danny, on my last post.
howard clark
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Originally Posted by Bruce Gobeo
Just checking in after a long absence.  I am not sure what going back to Nam would do for me or too me BUT before I would/could seriously think of going back I would have to go to DC to do the WALL first.

Anyone have any trips to the WALL planned?

Bruce Gobeo
A 2/2
Do you know howard clark? 
The Saint
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Bruce, welcome home. I have being at the wall and it is powerful. Maybe if you come to a reunion and get together with some of the guys there, that will get you ready. We have a reunion at Pigeon Forge,TN on the 13-14-15-16-of May 2010, we have lot of guys there that will welcome you.
A few years ago I did not have anything to do with anything that remain me of Nam, after I attended some of the reunion- that was the best thing that ever happened to me.
My wife and are planning to go to Nam around Jun next year.
I was in Nam 5 years from 1965 to 1970. B-2/2 64-67-1st Avn Bde 67-70
David May
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Don't worry about it believe me I've been called worse. I think I spotted you from a distance but did not know who you were at the time.  Anyway, Donna and I sure had a good time.  We were on sort of a tight string and had to leave shortly after the ceremony.  Like I said previously though I came away from there with a new confidence knowing young folks like those now fill the ranks.

The Saint
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David, come down and see us in May.
Be careful out there.
Jim Clark
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Jim Clark 2/2 67-68 HHC
Juan,I know you've cloned yourself, you're everywhere and your picture is everywhere. Cloning is the only way you could be in so many places at once.
The Saint
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Jim, my brother I just try to stay busy and try to support the troops as much as I can, the boss and I will be at Ft Knox, KY the 16th of October for the Re-Flagging of the 3rd Bde combat team and the best Infantry Battalion in the Us Army today the 2/2.
Hope to see you at our reunion the 1/2 and 2/2 Battalion and all of others that will come from the others battalions.
Be careful out there.
Bill Sly
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I believe this post is important enough to keep on the first page.

Bruce Gobeo
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CRASH? IS THAT YOU!  You bet I know Howard Clark.  Man I have tried many times to track you down.  You still in Alabummer?  In touch with any of the others?

I do not check this site much..... Glad I stumbled over your post.  I am sending you a separate email.


Bruce Gobeo
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Saint - 5 years you're a better man than I - I could barely do my 13 months (12 months + extention to get my early out) without leaving a little of my sanity there, ok a lot of my sanity.

I will seriously look at coming to the reunion.  I had another group I belong to that is/was taking a lot of my vacation time for meetings, etc.  But I am resigning from it so I may not have that excuse anymore........

Gene E Daniels Danny
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 Gene E Daniels  "Danny"
  D1/2  Lima Plt.  Mortars  4-68--4-69
Gene E Daniels Danny
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 Gene E Danies

  "DANNY" D 1/2


   Lima Plt.  mortars I check in every couple days or more sometimes and sometimes not so often!!! My bad!!!
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Almost forgot how, so sent 3 to make up for a few I missed!!!


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