Second Infantry Regiment

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john detwiler
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 b 2/2 67-69 mechanic/ driver/50gunner

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  Hello Guys,
                   My name is Mike Ogden and i've been and found this great web site for only a few months now, I notice we've got quite afew that have sighned up here and like to beleive your all my brothers because we all did our duty for our country in the RVN, but I got to say I wish you guys would loosen up and communicate more on this web site, you're appering to be just a little bit squeaky boys, loose'n up and GOD BLESS AMERICA, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! Don't get me wrong I love ya'all, just wish you would oil up your jaws some and start talk'n and sharing guys, love ya' guys, COME ON???
                                   your brother in arms
                                           MIKE OGDEN!
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Way to go, Mike. Give em hell and take names.

I think that most of them ate so much over Christmas, that their bellies are protruding so much that they cannot reach the keyboard. Bu-u-u-r-r-r-p!!!!!
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   Hi BCC, I want to thank you for your response, I can still remember the sound of an 'ak47' or a 'rpg' round flying by my head amongst a bunch of other sounds and the list could go on and on. It litterally raises the hair on my head to know I can talk and share with the guys I served with in combat some 40 years ago, I guess sometimes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink, no offense guys, just some good ol' horse sense' HE HAW HE HAW!!!
                                bro. Mike Ogden
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yea, had a great Christmas. hope everyone else had one also. been taking down a few decorations outside today. in eastern north carolina today it is sunny and 60 degrees. great place to live. other than the hurricanes. like to wish everyone a happy new year. God bless all.
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Drink? Did someone say "drink"?

Richard Ginkinger
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Richard (Jr.) Ginkinger
2/2 Charlie Company 3rd Patoon
10/16/1965 to9/15/1966
M-14 AR
cary dawkins
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Co.A 1/2 68-69 Checked site weekly

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   Hi Cary, I notice you were wirh the 1/2 of the BRO about the time Terry Hough was, you don't happen to remember him do you? His nickname was 'Scruff 29er', he just had a massive heart attack on the 24th of Dec. 2007 and is in recovery, thought you might want to know, take care.
                             bro. Mike Ogden
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Mike Ogden
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   Hello Tim, I served with the HHC 1/2 Black Scarves,
Recon 29er Patrol of the First Infantry Div. from June '68' to Febuary '69', it's good to have you on this web site.
                        WELCOME HOME BROTHER!
                                                     brother Mike Ogden
Susan Aalbers
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Just located this site. Will be checking in more often. Great Site!!

Larry Aalbers
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Originally Posted by Susan Aalbers

Just located this site. Will be checking in more often. Great Site!!

I was with D 2/2 (35 Fox) maint tech Oct 68/Oct 69. Somehow my wife's name shows instead of mine.  Larry Aalbers CW4 Ret
Billye J.Jackson
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 C Co 1st of 2nd
Destroyer  93 K FO RTO
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   CARY, just wanted to say hello bro.! Did you happen to know bro. Terry Hough? He served in the 1/2 about the same time we did? Hey "Welcome Home Brother", job well done, hope all is well with you and yours, God Bless!

John Castillo
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     Bravo 2/2 Inf
     Track 222
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HHC 2/2 recon
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1 or 2 times a month or more often if there is something interesting going on
Kurt Vanalstine
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Delta 1/2 - November Platoon
6/68 - 6/69
November Gunner and Delta Six Tango
Haven't checked in a long time...will start weekly again.
Mike Ogden
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        Welcome Kurt, my name is Mike Ogden, I was in
HHC 1/2 recon 29er plt and C co. of the BRO from June '68' to Feb. '69', I went home early because my mom was going in for cancer surgery, I guess the military does have some compassion at times, I'd like to welcome you home!
                                   Respectfully, Mike Ogden
Larry Aalbers
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D 2/2 (35 Fox) Maint Tech , Oct 68/Oct 69. I check a couple times a week now that I found it.

Richard Garcia
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A Co. 2/2 Mech, 1st Inf Div
03-03-68 to 03-03-69
1st squad,1st platoon, track 111
RTO,driver,.50 gunner, and Sgt. , squad leader

Air Cav Troop, 11th Air Cav , Aero Rifle Platoon
Sgt. 1st Squad , Leader
08-01-69 to 07-21-70

1978 to 1983 :
USMC Reserve
Beach and Port Operations
4th Marine Div
Air Delivery Platoon
Heavy Drop Section (Airborne)

1983 to 2006: Deputy Labor Commisioner, State of California
Currently an investigator with the State of Ohio,
and at all times,
serving my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who walks with me
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Do you know my friend, Jesse Orta, up in Sacto????
Bob FO Douglass
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Alpha Company 2/2

Wild Bill
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Check once a week

Bill Benson
B Co 2/2 FO, Squad Leader
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