Second Infantry Regiment

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William Evans
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I was with c 2/2, from mar 68 to mar 69. I was sqd. ldr. on track 312. 

Mike Ogden
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Jim Bane
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To William Evans.........I was C36 arriving Aug. 68 and on track 313.  Who all was on your track?

Jim Bane
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William Evans.......not sure of the numbers on the APCs.  Were you in the first or third platoon?

James D Allen
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Hi folks;

Here's my info, so anybody out there, sure would like to here from any of you.

PFC James D Allen
Company A
1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry
1st Infantry Division

Was in country from January 1967 through April 1967, shot up in April spent the next 10 months in a hospital, seven months in a body cast

Go Black Scarf

william Evans
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I was in the first plt. Do you remember, Smith, Reeder, Bussy, and Exom? 

James Allen
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Hi William Evans;

I just picked up your post, I was in the 2nd Platoon, Company A, don't remember any of the names you have mentioned, sorry if you were talking to me, that is. Were you there during 1967, Operation Junction City was the one I remember, I think there was another operation going on when I got there.

The older I get, the more I forget, names especially. I remember a stand up black guy named Willie, and an E5 Sargent Lee, another guy named Mayou, at least it sounded like that, he was from Locus Grove Georgia. Did find a guy named Bill Altman, he was my best friend, talked to him by phone the other day.

We'll keep trying, we wear the Black Scarf, fire Tracer Rounds, and stay On Point.

Hang in there.

James Allen

Mike Walden
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Mike Walden
Hq. 1st. Bn. 2nd Inf. Recon
Viet Nam 1965-1966

cary dawkins
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 Check site at least twice weekly aco.1/2 68-69

Bill Sly
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Bravo 68
HHC 69
Alpha 97-on. I was voted in.
I come once a week
Larry Rogers
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nick name was (peanut)
first inf HHQ 2/2 mortor platoon track number 44
July 7 1967 to July 7 1968
radio call was dearing 44
time is good it will let you forget
Donovan Kolness
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To our Brother Bill Sly...

And we are darn proud to have you as an honorary member of Alpha company. You're a 2nd & 2nd soldier true and true!

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2
Oct. 68 - Oct. 69
Bill Sly
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Thanks Spike,
   I'll send you the $20.00.
Donovan Kolness
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Hello Bill.  

No need sending the $20 bucks...You have all ready done more than your share and have paid in full  (and then some)with your dedication and honesty to all who served with the 2nd & 2nd.

You've done your duty and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2

Mike Craig
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[QUOTE=Tom Copeland]Tom Copeland
HHC, 2nd, 2nd
1967 - 1968
At least once a day
I was the chaplain's,s assistant from 68-69, I now work for D.O.D and was just in FT. Hood, they reflagged the 3rd brigade, and 2/2. I just found this sight see you later 
Tom Copeland
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Just wanted to let you know that I was not the Chaplain's Assistant at any time in Vietnam.

Mike Craig is the one who posted that, so please do not get us mixed up.

Tom Copeland
John (JJ) Adams
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John (JJ) Adams
I will start using JJ again since that is how I was called in Nam.
A Btry 1/5 Arty  66 - 67
FO section, B  Co  1/2 Inf 67 - 68
Not as often as I should. I will start checking weekly.
Hope to see alot of you at the reunion in May.

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Bumping it up.
Luther Patton
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Hi JJ, when you were the FO, B Company, 1/2 Black Scarfs.  My question is. Were you in the same NDP as I when Lt. COL. Mortimer Connor was KIA, and Lt. Lulu?  It was during Operation Quyet Thang, March 11th Thur April 7th 1968.  Do you have any pictures of that NDP, I have some that was sent to me from Al Martin.
The 1/5th Artillery guys let me load a 105 on a fire mission during this operation, of course I was not allowed to pull the Laynard. But loading the 105 was something that I had been wanting to do  from the time I was a little boy.  I even made my own cannon that actually worked, no live ammo tho.
The Operation took place in the Trapezoid.
Respectfully, Luther Patton
Delta Co. November Platoon, Black Scarf Bn. 1/2 RTO
Recon29er  RTO, Point Man
joe foy
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Originally Posted by BCC
Let's see how many and who, are checking this board.

Everybody check in here, with the following info.

1.) Username:
2.) Company and Bn.
3.) Year(s) with the 2d Inf (example--69-70)
4.) How often do you check the board. (daily, several times a week, weekly, etc.)

Me. Bravo Charlie Charlie (Bandits Company Clerk)
B 2/2
Several times a day.
john detwiler
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every other day   b2/2 1inf. div.  67/68 bandit 8 mike -6 delta for capt. burke

Marc Parker
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I served in company C 1/2 April 1967 to April 1968. First base camp was Phouc Vin then we relocated to Quan Loi. I was in the mortar platoon. Had a Sgt. Grayley who taught OCS at Fort Benning. This is my first time to log onto this site.

Mike Ogden
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    I'd like to say "WELCOME HOME MR. PARKER" and welcome to this web site!!!

Luther Patton
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Hi Marc welcome home Brother!  I was in Delta Company, Novmeber Platoon RTO, June 67-June of 68. Joined Recon 29er Platoon after The Battle Of  Hill 172. Dec. 8th 67'.
Did you know any of the Mortar Platoon men from Delta Company, Black Scarfs, Tommy Sand, Kirk, Nevis Francisis?? Lt. Mocorkandale, he was in Charlie Company? 
Welcome to the board!!
Repectfully Yours, Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon
Jim Holland
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Marc,  Welcome home.  I served with the battalion from Aug 66 to Feb 67. We have assembled a roster of close to 70 men who served in C Co before and after you.  If you are interested in getting in touch let me know.  Jim

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