Second Infantry Regiment

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John Kerins
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For the sake of clarity here are the last three messages from "Roll Call". Two of which seem not to appear on that  thread.




Jim Clark 10/21/2011 10:45 PM



Yea,yea,yea,you've been places and seen things.... WHAT ABOUT MY SOCK. Juan,glad to hear you and the Boss are having a good time.Put me down for a dvd also.



 BOB FULPS 10/22/2011 8:07 AM

Hola Juan, buenos dias mi hermano. I too have enjoyed reading about your trip and am amazed at the changes you describe. A couple of days ago I rec'd a note from the pretty little gal with the big lips that you sometimes portray with some of your writings on the board. She had heard that you were coming to VN. She said to please ask you to stop off in Laikhe and pay her for the steam job and blowbath you enjoyed back in 1965. She said with the failing economy she sure could use the scratch. Also, she said the boy looks more like you everyday. Now that he is older his hair is turning white. He messed up his knees and can no longer play baseball. He was playing in an old ARVN minefield. He slid in to third base and it blew up on him. Heeeeeyeee, gotcha didn't I? I love you man. Travel safe, take care, and be sure to buy Carmen some "Siagon Tea" before you leave there. Hang tough. Bob





JUAN 10/22/2011  11:55 AM


Jim Clark, Luther Patton and Gene, Yes I found a sock, water buffalo and 2 young ladies.... Guys check your back door mail. I just send you some pictures of my findings..

We went to Tay Ning Cau Dai Temple. Everything have change the Temple grounds are very big and the road is wide and is well marked.

From there we went to Nui Ba Den. We took a cable car to almost the top of the mountain where the monks have their temple in there I saw a bunch of Baboon monkeys. I look toward Dau Tieng and the only thing you see is water the old city is under water because they made a big reservoir in the area.

On the way to Tay Ning we went close to Cu-Chi where the 25th Inf Div had it Hq's--the place now is a North Vietnam army Hq's--we could not see the area it was off limit..... By the way Phu Loi, Di-An and Phuc- Bin do not exist anymore--the area is nothing but industry and houses. The Village of Bau-Bang looks like a resort area all new houses and industry--Lai Khei remain the same-- all the rubber trees have been re-planted. The village have hard top roads, except the one that border the rubber plantation near the 3rd bde Hq's which is fence up and have houses in the area. Well that is all for now. To those that asked for a copy of a DVD no problem, I will send them to you. Anyone out there want one please let me know--don't forget that I will have the new coin as soon as I get home--so let me know if you are interested on getting one.

Take Care. Juan.

harold defibaugh
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lets give it a whirl!!!!!!!! checking in from a cool yukon, ok. got a little rain last night. it seems like my sooners didn't show up for the game in norman, ok. they played like a bunch of little kids without any experience and got their butts handed to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



harold defibaugh

b 1/2

dec 67-dec 68

Luther Patton
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Juan, thanks for the back door mail. Nothing has changed when it comes to the Water Buffalo.  All i can say about the water buffalo one bad ass animal.
I would like to buy one of the dvd's of your trip Juan!

Harold I know. OU was not playing like they should of been did not get to watch the game maybe its a good thing.  At least OSU won!
What a storm last night!  We needed the rain tho.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68'     
harold defibaugh
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luther, you are right about needing the rain and the water buffalo being a bad animal. i'm glad osu won, but if ou don't get their act together, they have about three more games that they could possibly lose. juan they pictures are great, throw my name in there for a dvd also.


harold defibaugh

b 1/2

dec 67- dec 68

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John Kerins, I want to thank you for the fixing on the board..

Today we are going to Long Bing, Bien Hoa and Long Thang North which is on the other side east of long bieng...


Fox for your information, I did find the sock that Jim Clark lost in Lai Khei--also the water buffalo and the present the it left for Mike Ogden and Luther, LOL.


take care and stay safe.


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Well just got back from Long Bien and Long Thanh North. The place have change so much that it is hard to recognize the area. The Vietnamese army have most of the area, and could not get into the place. The area is an Industrial park--the area in Lonh Thanh north, and Bear Cat is all houses and a big Vietnam army military academy and they have an university in the area... I took lot of pictures of the area.

Take care.


Terry Skinner
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Just checking in from upstate ny. Terry Skinner C2/2 Apr 66-67.

John Venn
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Beautiful day here in Knoxville.  Hope all is well with all of you!

A Co. 2nd/2nd
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Well it is 2215hrs here in Vietnam 10/26/2011, tomorrow 27th, we will depart for the land of the big px's. We will be taking off from Ton Son Nhut at 1130 hrs night that is for Tokyo, Japan the fly will take 6 hrs. Then we will be taking off again for the states which is 13 hrs fly to Chicago arriving there in the morning then we will take another plane to Orlando Florida arriving at 1230 hrs.



We have a great time here. The people treat us like V.I.P's--they were very polite and friendly. These folks made my dream real. I am glad that I came back after 40 + years. Everything have change and the new generation love the Americans....


They don't like the french people to much, I have seen some of those folks here, and they act like they are the only people in the world.. There is a ton of Australian residing in here, also lot of American ex GI's in the are of Vung-Tau, and Bien Hoa....


Soon as I get home I will put some DVD's together for those that ask me for them..


Thank you for putting up with my reports. I would like to say, try to make it here you will have a good experience.


Take care and stay well.

God bless our troops in harms away,



B co 2/2 1964 to 1967. Vietnam 1965 to 1970.

Dave Lippert
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Jaun;putting up with you I will have to say is sometimes trying.(HA HA) All kidding aside I have enjoyed getting your updates and am looking forward to the pictures. You and Carman will be in Jerri and my prayers as you journey your way back home.Safe Trip MY FRIEND.


Dave A2/2

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  You and Carmen have a safe trip home, thanks for your updates and pics, glad you had a good time


Steve Brozyna

A 2/2


Jim Clark
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Juan, glad to hear you and Carmen had a great time. Have a safe trip home. And that sock you found, thanks for the effort, but that's not my sock.
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About that "sock".  Does it look like it fits a size 11?  Is is made out of latex?

  I wondered where I lost that thing.  You may as well throw it away.  I hate re-using 'em.

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Well it is 1630 hrs in here Saigon. We will depart for the airport around 2000 hrs. The plane will depart at 2330 hrs.


All is good with us. Thank you for the nice response from all of you.


Take care and stay well.



PS. Jim that was my sock---BCC- the latex you lost a Hock-you lizard is using it as a raincoat. LOL.

mike ogden
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 size 11? like I say sock was seen on a water buffalo by name of 'Lucky'!!! mo

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Well folks, we arrived to narita airport 6 hrs from Vietnam, the time here is 0815hrs Friday. our plane will take off at 1100hrs for Chicago, we have about 12 hrs fly time ahead of us, the another 3 hrs to Orlando Florida.


Take care and stay well.


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Well guys, we just arrived home from Vietnam, we flew about 20 hrs.
I just got the new coins so let me know how many you want to get.
Jim Clark
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Juan, glad you made it home safe and that you had a great time. Better than the first time you were in country.
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Jim, thank you. I will making the DVD's and will mail you the stuff with the coin.
Take care and stay safe..
Donovan Kolness
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I'm glad to hear the trip went well and wish you a heart felt WELCOME HOME. I look foward to seeing you and the "BOSS" at the annual reunuion in May.
Please put me down for a DVD of your travels to Nam and the new coin also.
Just let me know what it costs and I will send you a check.

Take care BRO, and again..."WELCOME HOME"

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Thank you Don, roger that.
I will be sending the registration forms for the reunion. at the end of Nov.
John Kerins
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I wanted to bump this above the old Roll Call thread so guys don't post there by mistake.


Some genius didn't believe that thread was screwed up and decided to test with "hello". All that did was move the tread back to the top

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John, thank you. You need to take over the board....
Gene D GED
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 Juan--Happy to have you and Carmen back safe and sound. I don't need to go back, I took the trip with you and could almost see it all-Thanks for all the updates you sent allowing all of us the experience of a lifetime. Get some well earned rest and when you get a chance to send a cd--I'll---- of course you know I want one--what coin do you have? I think I've received all the coins you have had, but if it's a new one and you haven't sent me one I'll take one of them also. Take care my friend and tell Carmen HELLO from her home state of IOWA!!
Be well and now have some good ole USA food.  You're brother in arms and mind--GED
Glenn Haring
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Juan glad you are back and thanks for the tour. It was great reading. Looking forward to the photos of a strange new place.

Glenn Haring

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