Second Infantry Regiment

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rogerbeeman: traveling alot since retirement hey,  try visiting uppa da nort to the great north woods of Wisconsin, as we say, "GODs country" !!!

Curtis Parker
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Ho, Ho, Ho, 2nd Infantry Regiment Curtis Parker "Daring Bravo Bandit 31" reporting for duty to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year":  On 10 December was my 43rd anniversary from returning home for Xmas from Vietnam...May God keep you and bless you all.

Steve Fee
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Checking in from sunny Vung Tau. Have lived in Vietnam for 4+ years. First came back in 2000. Lived in Saigon 2 1/2 years, Nha Trang for 7 months and now settled in Vung Tau. Steve Fee, C 2/2, 1-1 Golf on Capt. Howards' track, 69-70.
Eddie Oliver
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Checking in for the month of Dec. to wish all my brothers a merry Christmas and happy new year. All is well and quite here on Gaston lake, NC. Great time of year.


Eddie (Andy) Oliver

Co C 1/2 68-69

Jim Clark
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Jim Clark checking in from Wofford Heights Ca. for the month of Dec. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.
Jim Clark
2/2 HHC 67-68
harold defibaugh
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checking for the month of dec. 2011. want to wish each and everyone a very "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR". i would also like to say we need to remember all those that are away from their families at this time of the year. pray that god will keep them safe until they return to their families.



harold w. defibaugh

b 1/2

dec 67-dec 68

Roger Beeman
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Wonderful sunny day here at Beautiful Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. Life is good and I'm feeling great.

Ron, I will certainly get in touch with you when we head that way. Going to Florida in February for a couple weeks maybe we can hook up with the Saint.

God Bless yoou all.  
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Roger, I am in Melbourne, FL near exit 191 on I-95. If you have my P# call me and we meet . Send me and e-mail and I will give you the number if you don't have it.
Roger Beeman
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Hi Juan, I have your numbers. Will get in touch when we come to sunny Fla.
lt ken tucker
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My name is ken tucker; I was with 1st plt Aco 2/2 68 & 69. I am very proud of that, Treasured memory. Take care my old friends. ken
Glenn Haring
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Checking in to get back in the thread.
Hope all had a wonderful Christmas or other celebration.
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Happy 2012 to all.
May this year bring you happiness, health and time to enjoy it.
Checking in from sunny Florida.
mike ogden
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 Thanks Juan, I also want to wish all my brothers in arms
 the best of health and a properous 2012 New Year!!!!!!
                                    mike ogden 1/2 BRO
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Checking in for the Month & Year of 2012......
B 2/2 3rd plt
Tracks 232 & 234
7-67 7-68
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BEST WISHES to all for 2012...  Just spent the last few weeks chasing around the country doing Xmas visits with our kids / my first grandson arrived just prior to Xmas, so that was a new experience... Now that the celebrations have ended, the wife and I are going into hibernation here in the north woods until spring and if we see our shadow, back in for another six weeks... Over the holidays I received notification of C&P exam / re-evaluation scheduled this week (ischemic heart disease & type II) due to my second by-pass surgery in July and then another heart catherization with a second stent placement in September...  I sometimes wonder if I should have went north across the border in 1967 instead of spending it with you guys on that tropical vacation!
ronziegler 2/2HHC 29erplatoonrecon1/68-2/69 BEWELLBROthers!!!
John Kerins
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HAPPY 2012!




I hope to see you all, especially a bunch of my Bravo Buddies at Pigeon Forge!


John Kerins

Jim Clark
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Checking in for the New Year. I wish all of you the best in the coming year. Enjoy the Rose Parade.
Jim Clark
HHC 67-68

Luther Patton
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Patton checking in for the New Year of 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR  to all of the Brother's on the board and especially to those who are in harms way. May you all have a blessed, safe, and prosperous one!
L. Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
Delta Company
Recon. 29er Platoon
Joe Fair
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All present or accounted for and all is well in Campbellsville, KY.
May all have a great and prosperous 2012.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
March 1969 to March 1970
Ray Williams
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Ray Williams, Checking in for Jan and 2012. Will be a year older 4 Jan. I'm trying to catch up with Juan. Best of 2012 to ALL BRO's.


HHC 2/2 Aug 68 to Aug 60

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Ray, Happy B-Day bro. I will be 73 on the 6 of February. Just another day.
Did you mean 68-70? check the post.
Jim Clark
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Happy Birthday to all the January Boys. I'll be 64 on the 8th. Me and Elvis all the way.
HHC 2/2 67-68
lt ken tucker
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Just checking in; hope everybody had a good holliday and are safe and sound. We are getting to old to get to carried away.I think about you guys often, and hope you are all doing well.
1st Plt Aco 2/2 68/69
Ray Williams
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Juan I meant Aug 68 to Aug 69.  I will be 72 tomorrow, Life has been GREAT and like you said just another day. 

Terry Skinner
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Just checking in for the New Year. Still having a mild winter here in upstate NY. Just a dusting of snow on the ground. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Terry Skinner, C 2/2 Apr66- Apr67

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