Second Infantry Regiment

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April showers bring MAY flowers, as the old saying goes...   Lots of rain in west central WI...  I am all ready for pigeon town... Got the Lienies packed, Tom Copeland... Jim Clark, from California you gotta straight shot across the good ole USA, with one right hand turn off I40 at Pigeon town, don't miss it !!!!
          Drive safe and BEWELLBROthers !!!     
     ronziegler2/2(mech)HHC29erRECONplatoon 2/68-2/69...
Jim Clark
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It's about 2250 miles to PF from here,almost straight with some bends.Don't have to worry about the flooded rivers this year.
harold defibaugh
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honk and flash your lights when ya fly through yukon, ok. be safe, keep it between the ditches and have a great time.


harold defibaugh

Curtis Parker
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Second Infantry Regiment fall in, Recieve the report..Daring Bravo Bandit 31 present for duty for May 2012..Have a pleasant Memorial Day this month and do not forget Mama and your Mother for this Mother's Day....

Steve Fee
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It's amazing what you run across on the internet. Here is a website of government archived photos that has many BRO pictures, check it out. http://www.fold3.com/ Just like everything the govt. touches it isn't easy to use. Well, still here in Vung Tau. The weather is getting wetter but still sunny mostly. My wife will be getting her US visa next month hopefully, after nearly 3 years, only the interview left. So we are outta here soon. Maybe next year I can be at the PF reunion. Hope all you guys had a great time! Best regards to all my brothers. Steve
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Been a long time since I have ck'ed this site.  I try to stay off the computer - too much stuff going on in the world that flat pisses me off.  Doc says I have to keep the blood pressure down.  I love you guys so I will try and stay in better contact but we cannot talk politics or religion. lol.  Sorry Janna and I missed the reunion this year.  Thank you Sammy and Al for sending the pics.  From reading the posts it sounds like it was a great one.  We will try for 2013.  This has been a big year for us.  Within the last 7 months two of our three children were married and our third will be married in December.  Our son graduated from BCT on May 10th in Ft Leonard Wood (he is now in OCS at Benning); and our youngest daughter graduated from Law School on May 19th in Portland.  I took the Road King to FLW, Janna and Rach (Lou's wife flew).  During my ride down I thought that they made the smarter choice.  Took me four days to get there.  I hit three or four snow squalls before I got out of MT, within 150 miles of home had a flat, and I had to use my heated vest and gloves until I got 1/2 through IA.  Ride home was fantastic however. Weather was in 70s to 80s.  Did it in three days and was only stopped for speeding once in WY.   It is currently raining and has been since we got back from Portland. 

Be safe.
Bruce Gobeo
A 2/2, June 1969 until the 1st was sent back to the World then the 101st until July 1970.
Curtis Parker
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Attention 2nd Infantry Regiment "Ramrods" Daring Bravo Bandit "31" present for duty for the month of June 2012. Hey Mother and or John Kerins did we (Bravo Company 2/2 Infantry) go to Song Be right after the Rome Plow operation we conducted throughout May 1968 or did we go to Thunder 3 then went to Song Be?

Luther Patton
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Patton Checking in for the month of June!! Present and accounted for!
We recieved some much needed rain here in OKIE COUNTRY. Need more.
May The Good Lord watch over our troop's that are in harms way.
L. Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68'
Joe Fair
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Reporting in for June 2012.


All is well in Campbellsville.


Since I started 10 months ago to contact my fellow 1969 Vietnam soldiers of Alpha Company 1/2 I am happy to say I have contacted 20 guys. It has been an absolute thrill in talking with these fine men after 43 years. Let's all keep the memories alive and never forget.


Joe Fair

A 1/2

March 1969 to March 1970

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Checking in for the month of June.. Curtis, at the end of May, we headed off to the Michelin plantation, there to around the 10th of June, from there back to Thunder III, then over to the Song Be. May be off by a few days, but that's how I remember it ?? Take care Bro, hope that helps !!


B co 2/2 3rd Plt

Tracks 232 & 234

7-67  7-68

harold defibaugh
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checking in from the great state of ok. we have had rain, wind, hail, tornados in the last week. i agree with luther, we need the rain and more of it. hope we get enough to keep the heat down from what it was last summer.


harold defibaugh

Terry Skinner
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Checking in for the month of June. Been playing a little golf and doing some fishing.Hope everyone doing well. Terry Skinner, C/2/2 Apr66-Apr67.

mike ogden
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 also checking in for mo of June, here on west coast we call this June glume because marine layer tends to linger in the mornings, also i'm facing neck disc surgery, alot of pain 24/7, the meds barely help at this point!!!
John Adams
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Checking in from Houston and it is already in the 90s. Sure liked the weather in PF.

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Lost touch when roll call got "full"
Just retired this week and now having to figure out what to do when I grow up.
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Glenn, don't loose touch, being retired is tough, it takes a lot of effort figuring out how to spend your day ?? After awhile I wondered why I waited so long ? Take care Bro, Norm

Ron Fichtner
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     Retirement is great.  Last week my wife asked me what I was going to do today, when I said I'm not going to do anything, she said that's what you did yesterday.  I told her I know, but I didn't get finished.

mike ogden
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  I have a card I hand out, it say's:
  I.M.RETIRED There's NO Business Like NO Business
John Erickson
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I just found this site and glad to talk to everyone. I was in the 2/2 from 6/69 and wounded 2/70 just before our unit went to get ready to bug out to germany. My memory of being in country is just bits and pieces (too much blood loss?) so I only remember bits and pieces of faces and places and no names. I only remember a hell of a nice guy from Blacky, Ky., A fellow grunt named Bud from Wi. (I think) and the medic that saved my life (I think his name was Weber). Also I heard that our CO and a guy nicknamed sweet pea (??) were killed in Dian in an accident (explosion) unloading a track. If anyone remembers me give me a shout on this forum as it would be really great to hear from you. Thanks to all involved with this site and I'll try to be there in 2013.

Curtis Parker
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2nd Infantry Regiment "ATTENTION" Daring Bravo Bandit 31 reporting for duty for the month of July 2012.

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Checking in for the month of July.

Bco 2/2 3rd plt
Tracks 232 & 234
7-67  7-68
Luther Patton
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Patton checking in for the month of July!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!
I will be spending the Fourth Of July with two of my Gran Kids and my Son in Orlando, Florida.
All be safe and have a Happy Fourth of July.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
Joe Fair
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Checking in for July 2012 from Campbellsville, KY.

All is well......

Joe Fair
A 1/2
March 1969 to March 1970
Eddie Oliver
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Checking in for July. Needing rain bad but other than that every thing is fine. Happy Birthday America.

Co "C" 1/2,  68-69
mike ogden
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checking in for the great month of July-"HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA"

 may everyone have a safe and sane 4th of July celebration and

 God Bless this Great Nation of Ours, stand beside her and guide her 

through these perilous times
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