Second Infantry Regiment

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Gerald O'Hare
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A long time ago I was in Quan Loi. Bravo Company 1st of the 2nd. I was Lt. O'Hare back in those days and left the Army when my time was up. Did anyone  here serve with me. Let me know in my email. I already heard from Capt. Hearn and Lt. Armstrong. Hope to hear from my old comrades and it doesn't matter what rank you were. I've been a civilian for forty plus years.
harold defibaugh
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i was at quan loi from dec 67-dec-68. b 1/2, platoon sgt was furbee, we had a medic by the name of dix. sgt lang was also in b 1/2, he was kia at loc ninh. i was transferred by to s-4 around aug 68.welcome home!!!!!

harold defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67- dec 68
mike ogden
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I served with HHC & C Co. of the 1/2 Black Scarves, I remember doing pointman for Bravo Co. while I was with Recon 29er, our platoon leader was A.C.Green, Welcome Home Gerald
 E-5 mike ogden 1/2 HHC BRO June'68'-Feb.'69'
Curtis Parker
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2nd Infantry Regiment "Fall IN", receive the report "Daring Bravo Bandit 31" is present for duty for the month of November 2012 and wishes everyone a solemn and peaceful Veterans Day and a delicious happy Thanksgiving Day. Thank God that all of my relatives are well who live in New York City, New Jersey, Norfolk, Virginia and North Carolina, and I hope the same for any of you Ramrods who may have relatives who reside in these areas or anywhere elses that was effected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Checking in for the month

B co 2/2 3rd Plt
Tracks 232 & 234
7-67  7-68
Joe Fair
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Reporting in for November. All is well.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
March 1969 - March 1970
Jim Clark
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Jim Clark checking in for the month of Nov.. Hope all you East coast guys are ok.
HHC 2-2, 67-68 
mike ogden
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Mike Ogden checking in for the month of November, praying for our troops and those suffering from the effects of sandy.
harold defibaugh
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checking for nov. 5 days left until d-day. a day that could change the direction of this country. i pray that it will change for the better. i also pray for those folks on the east coast that are dealing with the aftermath of sandy. unless we are there and had to go through what they have gone through we can only imagine what it is like.

harold defibaugh
Luther Patton
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Patton checking in from the Great State Of Oklahoma.  I to agree with Harold. We can only image what the New England States are going through.  They need alot of Prayer's, thats for sure.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
Juan Santiago
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Checking in from the great state of Florida--nice weather... I am sending help to those folks up north--I have family that are in N.J. N.Y. CT and MASS. they lost.. everything too..

John Kerins
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Just checking in to let you all know the 'Jersey Boys' are still kicking. Everything is back on line at my place and I just heard from Broz. He is without power and heat and today he's holded up at his mom's place. He sounded none the worse for the wear. Hopefully he'll have all his services back real soon.
Terry Skinner
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Checking in for the month of Nov. C 2/2 Apr66-Apr67.
Tom Malone
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Originally Posted by Mother
William, sorry, but names from that time frame seem to be lost to me. I don't even remember the Plt Sgt's name ? I do know that we cut a lot of jungle down from Aug'67 thru Oct '67 and I was out on a bunch of ambush patrols.Just don't recall a lot of contact with anyone from the 1st squad . I was the squad ldr on the 232 track . Norm

I was platoon leader of the third platoon from May to September 1967.  In September of '67 I was
rotated into batallion headquarters and stayed there until May of 68.  I am sorry that I have not been
able to put your real name with your sign in "Mother".  I check into the message board from time to
time and will try to add the names of the guys in our platoon as best as I can.  

When I came into the platoon, SFC Davis was the platoon sgt.  Carrier, Bill Black, Winchuk and then
Caudill were the squad leaders.  Grasso replaced Black, as best as I can recall.  The platoon
sgt. became SSG. Delbasque after Davis left and then he was replaced by Sgt Lynn who was the
sgt. when I left.   My RTO was  Barry Hunt, who was badly injured and the sole survivor when Cpt.
Rose's track hit a mine.  Our medic was Dave Berry who went on to make the army a career and
is now retired as a Lt. Col.  Some of the other names that I recall were Kleinberg and Blumberg,
Jeff Hahn, who died due to a short round at Lorraine II.  Also  hurt in that incident were Gibson
and Black  ( I was already in Hq by that time but remember that bad place still).  The other names
that come to mind are Kron (who was wounded in the same area during a fire fight) and Chief,
Lavon Salabee.   My driver of the 234 track was James Goldman.  I also recall Jodie Goodman,
another good guy. 

In addition to these great people, I fondly recall Jack Gallagher, company commander, whom I
understand retired as Brigadeer General  and his driver, David Stanley, who was killed with Rose,
and Sgt Murray, the acting first sgt.

Maybe these names will light a fuse to some added names from my time with the third platoon.
I still regard it as the best job that I ever had in a lot of respects.  Following Viet Nam I finished
up at Ft. Riley and then returned to Michigan where I began a life as a civilian.  I now live in

Drop me a line if any of this is at all helpful

Tom Malone

Dennis Sentelle
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Hello everyone. Just checking in for the month from the state of Maryland. We made it thur Sandy with only minor damage.hope all of you on the East coast are doing well and have recovered from Sandy. One hell of a storm.
HHC 2/2
William Evans
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C2/2, 68-69, Sqd. Ldr. track #312 
John (JJ) Adams
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Checking in from Kingwood, Texas for November. Finaaly got a little cool, down into the 40s.

B Co. 1/2 Sep 67  Jul 68
Luther Patton
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Patton checking in from the Great State Of Oklahoma for the month of December 2012.  I Pray everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  My was great, my son flew in from Florida. And I bought the new windows 8 HP computer all touch screen and I'm lovin it. The other fossil was bought in 98' i think.
Remember to keep our troops that are in harms way in our Prayer's and the Sandy Storm victims as well.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
Joe Fair
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All is well in Campbellsville, KY. Had a great Thanksgiving and looking forward to Christmas.

Ya'll take care and stay safe.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
April 1969 to March 1970 
harold defibaugh
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i am also checking in from the great state of ok. congragulations luther on jenks 6a win in football last night. we just have not quite caught up with the tulsa area schools in football. had a great thanksgiving with family. no plans for christmas, just me and the boss as far as i know, really looking to a quiet one. hope everyone has a great christmas and a happy new year.

harold defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
John (JJ) Adams
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Adams, John J. Jr., RA 15 841 582, reporting it is still hot and muggy in Houston, TX. Hope the rest of December cools off.

B Co. 1/2 Sep 67 - Jul 68
F.O. Section
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Checking in for the month

Bco 2/2 3rd Plt
Tracks 232 & 234
7-'67  7-'68
Curtis Parker
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2nd Infantry Regiment fall in..receive the report Daring Bravo Bandit 31" present for duty for the month of HO!, HO!, HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS..On 1o December next Monday I wiil be home from Vietnam for 44 years exact.  "I'll Be Home For Christmas".  I Wish all of you 2nd Infantry Regiment Brothers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..that goes double for you Mother......Tom Malone corresponded a few years ago once or twice, I think that you remember Ron Cron who was my squad leader in the first squad 3rd platoon, if not have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year anyway...Ho!, Ho!, Ho! 

Curtis Parker
Company B 2/2 INF, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
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Hello from a nice hospital in Florida. I was admited at the hospital about 0030 hrs this morning. My gull bladder have a quarry in it, I will have surgery tomorrow or wednesday--they will send a crew to dig it out. I should be out on thurday...
Thank you.
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