Second Infantry Regiment

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Larry G
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Kathy and I hope all goes well with the surgery.

She had hers removed just about a month ago, in and out with the surgery the same day.  AH, the wonders of modern medicine.

Take care Juan, God may the Lord watch over you.

Larry and Kathy G
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Hang tough Juan.  Keep those nurses on their toes.
Eddie Oliver
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Hope everything goes well with you. Prayers going your way. Remember be nice to the nurses. I know they won't be able to keep a good man down long.
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  Our prayers are with you, heard they use rusty bayonets for surgery, so it will be like old times, be safe my brother,  
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 Hope all goes well with the surgery/recovery.  Beware  DO NOT CHASE THOSE YOUNG NURSES.
                                                God Bless   Frank
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Dennis Sentelle
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Checking in for the month of December. Dennis Sentelle

I wanted to wish my brother in arms Juan a speedy recovery.And i will guard your ant hill while you are away.
          Last night was my wife and i's 36th wedding anniversity, We stayed home and had a very nice dinner together. and i was the chef. I served a rare New York strip ,with baked potato and a nice salad. We both enjoyed very much., and then we got to watch the Redskins scalp the New Your Giants. Hail to the Redskins.I hope everyone has a very enjoyable upcoming week and Got bless all of the second regiment.
Dennis Sentelle
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Sorry for the wrong spelling of God. I did a spell check i guess they missed it as did i.
Jim Clark
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Speedy recovery to you Juan.
Jim Clark
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If it is Micro-surgery, like if they gave most of these guys a vasectomy, I hear they use an old P-38.  They then use the same one to open their can of beans for lunch.
Luther Patton
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Get well soon Juan.  Your a tough Hombre.
Congrats to you and your wife Dennis. Sounds like you both had a very Romatic Dinner and thats what its all about.  I dont think God will hold it against you. What I hate is when someone takes His name in vain, I know he never takes ours in vain.
God Bless You Juan and Dennis.
Black Scarf Battalion
Nam June 67-68 
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Juan, wishing you a speedy recovery!

John Kerins
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Been away from the board for a few days and miss all the news. Juan's operation - glad that when well. Like wise Katy G., same ailment same happy results. Jr and Pat's good news. And the Regiment's Ramrod back in the Ramrods' hands. (I know Larry G. must have thought Christmas came early.)

I might give myself a birthday present,Jan 19th, same as my mother and the doctor who delivered me (I'm the youngest), and head down to Ft Knox for the unveiling on the 17th?

Anyone else thinking of showing up?
Larry G
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You're darn right I thought Christmas came early!  I can't wait to actually see it in person, yes that means we are going.

Larry G
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Well folks it happened, they got the gull-bladder out. They took me in at 1700 hrs and by 2300 hrs I was back in my room. My gull- bladder was swell-up, so they took thier time to make sure that all was ok...... Maybe I will be out of here tomorrow.
I want to say thank you to all for you concern..

I just recieved the invitation for the 19 th of January, 2013 for the ceremony at Ft Knox. Carmen and I will fly there rent a car and attend, we also will visit the recruiting command since we have some friend that work there..

Again thank you.

Bob Fulps
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Hola Juan, glad to hear that your surgery went well. wishing you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you at Ft. Knox in January. Take care. Hang tough. Bob
John Kerins
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If the invitation you got is for the 19th then that's the surprise birthday party the battalion was going to throw for me. Thanks for ruining the surprise

The unveiling ceremony, according to CPT Evrard's post is the 17 Jan!  But you can give me my birthday present whenever you see me. (I know I'll like whatever you get me, as long as it's expensive.)

El chico de cumpleaños
"Wild Bill"
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Glad everything turned out OK. How you have a fast recovery.

Bill and Carol Benson
Larry G
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Glad to hear that your surgery went well.

I just got off the phone with the folks at HQ 2/2 at Fort Knox concerning the ceremony, it is 17 January 2013 just as the invitation reads.

Larry G
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Sorry, about that when I read the invitation--I had a few shots of Dilaudis in my system--fell no pain.. Yes it is the 17th. JK sorry about ruining your surprise, don't worry I heard that Larry G is going to take you to dinner and pay for a big lobster and steak for you.... LOL..

I will be in the hospital for about 2 more days.... This place is nice the only thing that is bad that there is Vampires all over--looking to stick you for blood.. The nurses are very nice and good looking.....
Take care and we will see you at Ft Knox, KY.

Take Care and stay warm.
Juan reporting from Viera health care hospital Room 321 at Wickham Road.
Rafael Asencio
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[QUOTE=The Saint]Reporting from. Puerto Rico. All is well. Looking forward to see everyone at Pigeon Forge this year.

The registration forms will be ready very soon and will be mailed by January or sooner.

MI RESPETO A TODOS. Mi nombre es Rafael Asencio Pérez, hijo de un miembro de este Batallón,Rafael Asencio Lavezarri, SGT.  Mi padre no habla mucho de esto y solo quiero saber si alguien le conoce. Actualmente convalece en mi hogar víctima de un cáncer que le afecta hígado, pulmones y huesos, y a lo mejor le agrade saber de algun compañero. Salió de Viet-Nam el verano del '69. Fue Drill Sgt. en Ft. Jackson antes de ir a Viet Nam. Yo no se usar este foro (ni ningun otro) ya que esta es mi primera computadora en mi vida. Por eso escribo a usted. Disculpe la imprudencia.

 También leí el nombre de Puerto Rico en algo que usted escribió. ¿Es usted de la ISLA?


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Mr. Asencio, Lo ciento por lo que le esta pasando a su papa espero que las cosas le salgan bien en el futuro, yo soy Juan Santiago por favor preguntele a su papa cual era la unidad que su papa sirvio en Vietnam. Este foro es de el 2do Regimiento 2da Infanteria y perteniciamos a la 1ra division de infanteria ( Big Red One) en vietnam. Yo soy Puertorrique~o naci en P.R. y estube 23 a~os en el servicio militar con 5 a~os en combate en Vietnam. Usted se puede comunicar conmigo a esta direccion electronica. decoy64to70@aol.com. asi podemos communicarnos mejor ya que en este foro todo es en Ingles.
Juan Santiago
B co 2/2
1964 to 1967.
1965 to 1970.

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I just find out that Sgt Asencio was with D co 1st Bn 2nd Inf in Vietnam 1969 if any one out there recognized or remember him please contact me so I can talk to his son in Puerto Rico.
Thank you.
B2/2 1964 to 1967.
Vietnam 1965 to 1970.
Luther Patton
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Hi Juan,
No I did not know SGT. Asencio  that your referring about.  I had already came back to The World by that time.  Maybe someone else on the boaard might know him.
Sorry that I could not help.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
Luther Patton
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 Patton checking in this New Year Day of 2013 from The Great State Of Oklahoma.  I hope that everyone had a great New Years Eve.  And that we all will have a prosperous and Health New Year and the year's to come.
God Bless America, and Our Troop's that are in harms way.
Luther Patton 
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company November Platoon RTO
Recon. Platoon 29er RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67 June 68
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