Second Infantry Regiment

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Glenn, could you please send me your address on the back mail, and I will send you a DVD. Juan.

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Checking for the month of Nov 2011...   All is well... Just returned from 12 day Colorado elk hunt with 4 friends and 3 out of 4 bulls tagged by the hunters.. I was the camp tramp/cook...  I be too old to sleep in a tent with a foot of snow and freezing temps...
Terry Skinner
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Last day of Oct. Had a heavy frost last night.I am not sure how this new thread works but i do not recieve other post in my email like i use too.Is there something i need to do. Thanks. Terry Skinner C2/2 Apr66-Apr67

Luther Patton
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I know that it is one day before November but Patton is checking in.  Nice weather here in Okie Country more rain to come we pray. The weather is fantastic.
I have two riks of hickory wood staked and ready to burn in the fireplace for this winter.  I hope that all of you Brother's are doing well.
Juan I would love to have one of your DVDS of your trip. So glad that you and Carmen had a safe and most memorable time there.  I will pay for the cost.
I would Love to go back, maybe one of these days, Good Lord Willin.
Thanks Juan
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon, RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68'  
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Luther my brother, the DVD is on the way already. Juan.

Luther Patton
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Thanks Juan I appericate it!!  Job Well done!
B.S. 1/2
Ace Azain
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C 1/2 Mar 68- Mar 69

Quan-Loi and Lai-Khe

III Corps

MACV Apr-Nov 1969

I Corps

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Checking in for the month.
B co 2/2 3rd Plt
Tracks 232 & 234
7-67  7-68
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Maj Azain, Welcome Home. Glad you found the web site..
B co 2/2 1964 to 1967.
Vietnam 1965 to 1970.
Checking in for the month of November..... It is going to be a busy one for me, I am involved with the recruiting command here in Florida. We have lot of programs for those young folks at the high schools....
mike ogden
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  Good for you Juan!!! It's so important to reach our young people, I consider you a god send, thank you for your hard work my friend.        mike ogden 1/2 BRO
                                    "NOLI ME TANGERE"

Eddie Oliver
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Checking in for November.


Eddie Oliver

C 1/2 6/68-3/69

John Venn
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Checking in from Knoxville.  Been chilly here and I have been staying close to home.  Be well!

harold defibaugh
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checking in. today is windy. expecting rain mon and tues.


harold defibaugh

Ray Williams
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Checking in for NOV.


Ray Williams

HHC 2/2 Aug 68 to Aug 69

harold defibaugh
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just had an earthquake here in central ok. don't know how strong it was, but it got my attention. seemed to have lasted about 15-20 seconds. had one earlier today. the center was around prague , ok. 4.7. i know you folks in ca. are used to stronger ones. this my first.


harold defibaugh

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In skydiving, every time you perform a "first" (freefall. stand up landing, lost ripcord, etc) you have to buy a case of beer.


You admitted this was your "first" earthquake.  I believe that calls for a case of beer!!!!  LOL

Curtis Parker
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2nd Infantry Regiment "Fall In"...Attention...Recieve The Report.....Curtis Parker "Daring Bravo Bandit 31" present for duty for November 2011 and he wishes all you brothers a very peaceful Veterans Day and don't forget to wear your military awards because you earned them..this day is OURS to celebrate and to remember in each of ours own special way, and also have a wonderful Thanksgiving DAY.
harold defibaugh
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i guess that means my wife has to buy a case of beer also, it was her first also. i can't speak about sky-diving. can't seem to wrap my arms around jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with an oversized bed sheet tied to my back.


harold defibaugh

mike ogden
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 BCC they should change from a case to maybe a keg,
would make everyone happier, ha' ha'
 I'm a native Californian and in my lifetime i've probly expierienced fewer than eight or so eartherquakes here in Ventura,Cal., about 60 miles north of L.A., don't recall ever having any damage here but does create more suds in the beer, he' haw'               mo
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But ya dive off a perfectly good diving board at the pool.


Always remember this.  99.9 % of all aircraft fatalaties occur when the aircraft makes contact with the ground.


BTW  Since September I have lost 3 friends to skydiving/sport aviation.  One was the pilot at the Reno Air race, one was the guy who taught me to jump 40 years ago (He had over 4000 jumps) and the other rode an ATV in on a test of a delivery system his company designed, at Yuma Proving Grounds.  (I am certain he had over 10,000 jumps)

harold defibaugh
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skydiving is just not for me, kinda like scuba diving, i tried it. took the diving course but just to confining. don't mind snorkling. i worked with a couple that just love skydiving, taught it and as far as i know they still do it. i'm sure like everything that you do, there is a bit of danger. i ride a motorcycle,and people just don't pay attention to motorcycle riders like they should. i layed one down in the mid 70's, didn't get hurt but did a couple thousand dollars damage to the bike.


harold defibaugh

Joe Fair
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report: all present and accounted for.

Standin tall and lookin good. I ought to be in Hollywood.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
Mar 69 - Mar 70 
Merle Hanson SP4
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Alpha Co. Dracula


Dec 66 to Dec67

Merle Hanson SP4
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Originally Posted by Merle Hanson SP4

Alpha Co. 1/2 Dracula


Dec 66 to Dec67

gary sheldon
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gary sheldon
B Co. 2/2
9/68 thru 2/69
Nov. check-in
All have a safe Veterans Day
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