Second Infantry Regiment

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Adam Sines
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I am seeking any information pertaining to my grandfather, Staff Sgt. Robert L. Wyar. He served in World War Two and that is all the information I have. I would appreciate any information.
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The above link is to a book shown on google.  It lists the roster of the unit, including your grand dad who lived on W 134th, Cleveland, Ohio.

It is a start.  Good luck.
David Ray
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You do one heck of a job there BCC, right on top of things. I think they should appoint you as historian for the regiment at the association business meeting at this year’s BRO Reunion.

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Naw!!!  Larry G does a top notch job at it, and I just get lucky at times and get a good google result.  If nominated, I shall not run.  If elected, I shall not serve.

Adam Sines
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Thank you very much for the link and the information! This has definitely helped me in my search for information about my grandfather!
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