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The VA is going "smoke-free campuses" on October 1, 2019. They are tearing down the designated smoke shacks, which had been in place for vets, employees and visitors for years. How many vers wiill stopo using the VA for their jhealth care? For many, it is their ONLY health care. Time for the VA to get its moral high horse.


Maybe it is time for ACTION instead of talk. Spread the word among ALL vets who are smokers and who use the VA. It is time for a SMOKE-IN at all VAMC across this country. Let us set Thursday, November 7. 2019 as the date. Four days before Veterans Day and the local media will be doing their tribute pieces on veterans. Get your vets together and go to your local VA and "smoke ’em if you got ’em" (outside the buildings, of course, in their soon to be done away with smoking areas). Alert the local media. Use your unit web pages, use Facebook. Use word of mouth. Get the word out. If they succeed, they will try for the guns next. And then your Bible or whatever Holy book you use.

Please pass this on and chime in.  We need some public discussion on this.

John E. Venn
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Smokers do not realize how bad the smoke smells or how irritating it is to others who have to breath in the smoke when going in or out of areas where smokers choose to smoke right adjacent to the building entrance.  

It is interesting that a package of smokes states right on the side of the package, "Caution: Cigarette Smoking May Be Hazardous to Your Health” .  So the manufacturer is telling the user that if you smoke, bad things are likely to happen.  Smoking is an addiction which is enjoyed by smokers because it feeds the addiction and cancels withdrawal symptoms.

I am a past smoker who quit and have no sympathy for those who cannot smoke in proximity to a hospital or clinic. (JMHO)
Juan Santiago
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Great it is time to get all that cigarettes smoke smell out of the area. If you want to smoke around a hospital or clinic move 500 feet away.
I support the Idea a 100%.
Just my opinion.
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