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John Kerins
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TF 2-2 was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation and Task Force Commander LTC Peter Newell awarded the Silver Star.



Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Thank you John for posting this link ..


 Reading this entire article makes me very honored to be associated with the brave soldiers who now carry on the tradition of our Regiment....

I hope many of them may read this now and in the future, as this fine message board will allow....

 We can see from this article what you of TF 2-2 (all of you Spc 4s ) and others  have done and rest assured we are proud, thankful and with you all the way in your home coming...  You all have my praise and gratitude for a job well done.


Roger Karcher/Spc 4

Bravo 1/2  68-69


John Kerins
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You guys didn't know I have all this power. I can edit, delete and pin threads. I didn't know either until our web guy explained it all to me a week or two back. So, I edited this tread and will add any articles I get on the 2-2 here. Whenever we get one I'll pin this thread at the top for a few days to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it.


Here is a good one:


1 ID Soldier presented three awards for heroism

A 3rd Brigade Combat Team Soldier from the 1st Infantry Division was awarded the Silver Star, the Soldier’s Medal and the Bronze Star with Valor this month for his actions on three separate occasions during Operation Iraqi Freedom at ceremonies held in Germany.

1LT Karl Gregory, of the Germany based 1st Infantry Division, was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor at a ceremony in Vilseck, Germany, for exceptional courage and conspicuous gallantry while serving as a Bradley fighting Vehicle Platoon Leader during combat action in Fallujah, Iraq, during Operation Phantom Fury in November 2005.

Just days later 1LT Gregory was awarded twice more for his actions on two other occasions.  

On 16 May 2005, the Soldier’s Medal was presented by 1 ID Division Commander, MG John R.S. Batiste.  The award cited 1LT Gregory’s dedication to his fellow Soldiers and complete disregard for his own safety when he swam across a canal to rescue four Soldiers trapped in a submerged vehicle.

In the afternoon of the 16th 1LT Gregory was presented is final award in front of the entire division.  During the 1st Infantry Division’s Welcome Home Ceremony LTG Ricardo Sanchez, Commanding General, V (US) Corps, presented 1LT Gregory the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in the face of superior enemy presence during an insurgent uprising in Baqubah, Iraq on 24 June 2004.

While attached to the 3 BCT Recon Troop during heavy fighting to regain control of key terrain in the city, 1LT Gregory’s heroic actions destroyed or dispersed the enemy’s presence in the western portion of the city.  In fight to regain control of a stadium occupied by more than 30 insurgents several of his soldiers were wounded. 1LT Gregory courageously stood his ground until his wounded were evacuated and both of his Bradleys’ turrets were disabled. Even after having been wounded in the face by an RPG and knocked unconscious by an IED, he returned without hesitation to make sure that no one was left behind.  Having repaired his vehicles, 1LT Gregory then led his men back into the fight.

“1LT Gregory’s actions in the face of a superior enemy presence is an example to all of what makes the United States Army the world’s premier fighting force, its soldiers.” Said Recon Troop Commander CPT Kirk Mayfield.

The Silver Star is an award designated solely for heroism in combat. Gregory is one of five Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion 2nd Infantry to receive the medal for their actions during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

John Kerins
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Fallen Ramrod SSG Victor A. Rosaleslomeli inspires the winning design for the 1st ID's memorial to those who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.



John Kerins
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Here is a 1st ID release on the dedication of the "Fallen Soldiers" memorial. As mentioned in the posting above, the design of this memorial was inspired by SSG Rosaleslomeli 2-2, KIA 13 April o4. Fittingly, in this article MG Baptiste quotes SGT Michael Carlson 2-2, who died in Iraq on 24 January 05.


1st ID remembers its fallen Soldiers

Memorial dedicated in ceremony on Leighton Barracks


WURZBURG, Germany – Soldiers with the 1st Infantry Division took time to honor and remember their fallen comrades June 6.

In between spurts of rainfall, 1st ID Soldiers and family members dedicated the Fallen Soldier Memorial in Victory Park on Leighton Barracks. The memorial stands in tribute to the 193 1st ID and Task Force Danger Soldiers, Marines and Airmen who died during OIF I and II. In attendance as guests of honor were family members of 28 fallen Soldiers. 

1st ID Chaplain LTC Mike Lembke read from the 91st Psalms, and three wreaths were placed at the memorial, including one by MG John R.S. Batiste and CSM John D. Fourhman, the 1st ID commanding general, and the division command sergeant major, respectively.

Batiste reflected on the sacrifices made by the service men and women are honored as part of the memorial.

“It is indeed fitting that we dedicate this memorial on the anniversary of the day that the 1st Infantry Division stormed Omaha Beach,” Batiste said. “Today we honor the legacy of the heroes of Normandy, and we pay tribute to the Soldiers, Airmen and Marines who gave their full measure.”

The lives lost were part of a long struggle the United States and its allies are fighting against terrorism and tyranny, Batiste noted.

“Today we reflect on our incredible sacrifices and accomplishments,” the commanding general said. “Today, we reflect on our noble purpose and the urgency of winning the War on Terrorism. Today, we ask God to be with and comfort the families and loved ones of our fallen comrades. I could not be prouder of our collective accomplishments in Iraq. We truly made a difference. Our fallen comrades did not die in vain.”

Batiste acknowledged two Soldiers who were integral in the memorial becoming a reality:  SGT Carlos Arguello of the 106th Finance Battalion, who designed the memorial, and CPL Jared Luera of HHC, 1st ID, who led the fund-raising effort.

Turning to the family members present, Batiste told them, “It means a great deal to all of us that you all are with us today. Many of you traveled great distances to be here. You well understand what it means to lose a loved one. We grieve with you for your loss and at the same time are inspired by your indomitable spirit.”

Batiste reflected on what the struggle in Iraq will eventually lead to.

“Our comrades died for a great cause: freedom and liberty,” Batiste said. “They took a firm stand against tyranny and oppression. It all came together on 30 January 2005 when 64 percent of Iraqi registered voters … cast their vote. This majority defied the insurgency and proclaimed a desire for freedom and representative government. The Soldiers we honor today contributed in a major way to this watershed event. They made a difference. Each and every one of these American patriots died a hero.”

Batiste read from a high school writing by one of the fallen Soldiers, SGT Michael C. Carlson.

“He wrote, ‘I want to be known as the best of the best at my job. I want people to need me, to count on me. I want to help people. I want to fight for something, to be part of something, to be part of something that is greater than myself. I sometimes dream of being a Soldier in war. In this war, I am helping to liberate people from oppression. In the end, there is a big parade and a monument built to immortalize us in stone,’” Batiste said.

“I suspect that SGT Carlson’s prophetic words written before he entered the Army ring true for many,” Batiste continued. “He wanted to make a difference. He did. He served a higher calling. He did his duty. He died for a noble cause. He died for his country and the betterment of mankind.”

Affixed to the ground leading up to the memorial statue lay 193 engraved marble plaques. Each plaque is dedicated to a fallen Soldier, Marine, or Airman from Task Force Danger the 1st ID. Batiste noted that a memorial is more than the materials poured into it.

“The fallen Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division and Task Force Danger, and the thousands of other men and women who serve today in Iraq, have built their own memorial – a memorial far more meaningful than we could ever hope to build,” Batiste said. “Their memorial is in the hearts of 25 million Iraqis who now understand that freedom, liberty and representative government are within their grasp. Fallen Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division and Task Force Danger -- we will never forget you. Rest in the knowledge that you made a difference to the people of Iraq, the United States of America, and all of mankind. It was an honor to serve with you.”

Following a prayer for the fallen by Chaplain (COL) Rodney Coleman, attendees made their way across the street to the 1st Infantry Division museum.  There, they witnessed the opening of the museum’s OIF II exhibit. (Story by SGT W. Wayne Marlow, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)






MEMORIAL: On June 6, Soldiers with the 1st Infantry Division dedicated the 1st ID’s Fallen Soldier Memorial at Victory Park on Leighton Barracks. A walkway leading to the statue features 193 engraved marble plaques, one for each of the 193 1st ID and Task Force Danger Soldiers, Marines and Airmen who gave their lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom I and II.  (Photo by SGT W. Wayne Marlow, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)


SOLDIERS: 1st Infantry Division Soldiers look at engraved marble plaques that are part of the 1st ID’s Fallen Soldier Memorial. 1st ID Soldiers dedicated the memorial June 6 in Victory Park on Leighton Barracks, honoring the 193 1st ID and Task Force Danger Soldiers, Marines and Airmen who gave their lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom I and II.  (Photo by SGT W. Wayne Marlow, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)


1st Infantry Division
Public Affairs Office
COM 0931-889-6408
DSN 314-350-6408

gary sheldon
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John Kerins;

  Thanks for the Stars & Stripes post re: Silver Star et al.  Stars & Stripes is on favorites list w/ 2nd Inf Reg and Soc of the BRO.

   Best Regards

   g. sheldon Bco 2/2

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